18-year-old girl to sell her virginity to pay for education

An 18-year-old woman has put her virginity for sale to buy a house for her parents and pay for her education - She advertised her first sex experience on an online escort agency and a businessman has offered N679,260,000 - Despite her parents' fury and promises to disown her the bikini model plans

The horrors and damage of an abusive relationship

An abusive relationship can be physical, emotional, physiological, sexual  and mental  and it can happen in both dating relationships and friendships.
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Why you should eat Mangoes everyday

Mangoes are so delicious that they may seem like more of a dessert than a health food. However, mangoes are actually one of the healthiest fruits out there! Here are simply amazing reasons why mangoes remain beneficial to our health. They improve eye health Mangoes may help ward off

When do toddlers stop needing a nap?

Most children under the age of 1 take two naps a day; usually one in the morning and another in the afternoon. By 18 months, most have given up the morning nap but still need an afternoon snooze to make it through dinner without a meltdown. Even when you're not sleeping, your toddler's likely to continue

Baby care: Basics for the second month of birth

After the first month of birth, you must have gotten so used to your baby. If you feel as if you’re investing a lot of energy with very little return, the second month may turn the tide a little. The early weeks of parenting can be a very one sided affair, with lots of input and not much feedback

Conception tactics: Woman enslaved a woman for two years

A Florida woman enslaved a woman for two years and tried to impregnate her with boyfriend's sperm. Esthela Clark, 47, paid $3,000 to bring another woman, 22, from Mexico, she held her captive in her home in Jacksonville, Florida and then tried to impregnate her with her boyfriend's sperm. The Mexican

JEALOUSY: 41-year-old wife kills cheating husband

A 41-year-old wife kills husband after finding him with another woman in surprise visit to his workplace The woman is facing murder charges for shooting dead her husband of 20 years. The couple allegedly had some unresolved marital issues - The killer woman, who reportedly gave her husband a surprise

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