couple welcome their first child after 32 years of childlessness  

It takes a lot to wait to have a child for 5, 10 years not to talk of over 30 years.
It really  takes

Train knocks down teenager chatting on phone

Please lets not get carried away with her mobile gadgets at home or out on the street.

A 19-year-old lady who was chatting on the phone, oblivious to the fact that she was walking before an oncoming train, has miraculously

Basic Signs of teething in babies to watch for

From the time your child's first tooth emerges to how much pain it causes, teething is a different experience for every child. Here's how to spot teething so you know how to treat the discomfort that comes with it. Symptoms can last for just a few days, right around the time a new tooth is emerging,

Basic Simple things teenage boys need from their parents

  Your teenage boys need you. It's not about buying a game console for them anytime it's their birthday. It's about the love and support you show them every time. It's about showing the love every day in every way possible. How can you achieve that? What do you need to do? 0 105

Reasons Talkative Kids Are More Likely To Succeed (Backed By Science)

Talkative kids can sometimes be a nuisance for parents and guardians, but they should remember that it comes with its share of advantages. The willingness to speak loud and often is largely considered a positive trait. Research even shows that these categories of kids do better in primary school. The

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