Divorce, Separation: How to Raise Kids Between Two Homes

Raising children when you've separated from your partner could be very tricky. I know a family that has been co-parenting for 16 years. Communication is key when raising kids between two homes. It's important to never let your children overhear you argue or carry the burden of adult conversations; instead,

Warning Signs Your Child is Headed for Trouble

When I look back at my childhood, I'm happy about the decisions I made when I came into my adolescence. The early years were perfectly happy and normal, but the later years were a bit of a struggle for me and luckily, I came out fine. Not to brag, I can pinpoint the triggers that caused the good and

Ways to Establish Clear Boundaries for Children

Setting boundaries is very important when it comes to parenting. In a permissive environment, kids rebel. They rebel because they feel anger and hatred toward their parents for a lack of guidelines and limit setting. My mum set boundaries with my siblings and I at a very young age. A very important

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