Couple donates multimillion reception to homeless

Wedding ceremonies are one of the most exciting moment in the life of any young man or woman. Weddings bring families together and its one of the last financial 

The Table manners all kids must know

Parents often wonder how important it is to teach good table manners to kids. In fact most of the parents assume that kids would learn table manners by themselves as they grow up. But this assumption is completely wrong as it is not possible for the kids to learn table manners by themselves. It's definitely

Living with Parents after marriage: Smooth Transition

If you think living with your parents was difficult the first time around, it's going to be a lot harder as an adult, living in your parents' home with your children. People move back to their parents house for several reasons but the most common reason has to do with marital problems. In most cases,

TBT: 5 Facts about “My Book of Bible Stories”

If you were born in the late 80’s or early 90’s, you must have seen or read this book. I read this book to my younger ones all the time. It is a book of true stories taken from the Bible illustrated to suit children’s understanding.  The stories of this book gave me a history of the world from


7 ways to help your kids become self-reliant

"The most beautiful sight in the world is a child going confidently down the road of life after you have shown the way.” - Confucius It's really appalling when one sees University students not being self-relaint. As parents, it's important you are able to teach your kids to be self-reliant, to be

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