Celebrating Successful Career Woman: Mrs Olufunso Adegbola (Nee Ige)



Reasons Why You Should NEVER live With Your In-Laws

Being a newlywed is a blissful time for couples. In this stage, couples are still getting to know each other and are in the process of adjusting in this new phase of their relationship. Your in-laws may be great people but actually living with them may not be such a good idea. As Nigerians, we know

How To successfully Parent A Difficult Child?

Terrible, hyperactive, highly tempered are the most common words used by parents while parenting children whose behavior troubles parents and outsiders. You will say that parenting a difficult child can be hard, but you are not alone. Toddlers are especially strong willed and most of them will always

Children and Television: Controlling tips

According to pediatrics,  children aged above two years should watch not more than one to two hours daily. If your kid is spending much time in watching television, he can face different problems. The question of all parents is to what extent parents should control their children watching television.

Types of parents every teacher hates

Ask any teacher, they'll tell you that students are the best part of teaching and their parents are the worst part of teaching. Don't get me wrong. The vast majority of parents are fantastic, but a few archetype parents who are always at loggerheads with the teacher. Let's me introduce the top 10 parent

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