Sex before Marriage by Priscilla Johnson

It was only a day to Ese’s eighteenth birthday, sparks of excitement filled her whole body, she was finally going to be an adult. ‘now I get to make decisions for myself, in a few hours I’ll be an adult’ she thought to herself sitting in the hostel room of a renowned university

Monday Man Crush: Desmond Elliot

Desmond Oluwashola Elliot is a Nigerian actor, director, and politician born on the 4th of February 1974 to a Yoruba father from Olowogbowo in Lagos Island, Lagos State and an Igbo mother from Illah in Oshimili North, Delta State, Elliot has described himself as being a Pan-African. He was born into

Sex: How big a deal is it to Females By Akinsemoyin Balikis

Sex: How big a deal is it to Females?? By Akinsemoyin Balikis As a lady in the university, I know lots of girls with different perspectives on the issue of sex. To some set of girls; I like to call them the "Types A". They see sex as a sacred thing, romantic by heart.They want the whole

Writer’s Competition: Wife of my husband by Ajayi Shola

Wife of my husband by Ajayi Shola

They say there's no such grief as denying the truth until it's too late, but 7 years is a long time to lie to oneself that all was well when it really wasn’t. Each morning, I say to myself, “I am fine, I love my home”, when in fact, living with my husband

What’s My Gain In Marriage?  By Mariam Seme

What's My Gain In Marriage by Mariam Seme They say life isn’t a bed of roses, so then marriage isn’t also a bed of roses. I thought women were created from the rib of men. It was supposed to be one man for a woman and a woman for a man right? I think I’m confused, maybe someone

Writers Competition: Relevance of marriage in modern Society

RELEVANCE OF MARRIAGE IN MODERN SOCIETY BY PLEASURE OKEREUKWU Marriage is more than living happily together. In our present-day culture, the institution of marriage is teetering on the brink of disaster. Still, amid millions of floundering and ruined marriages, God's love stands eternal

Writer’s Competition: Why trust is the foundation of all relationships

Writer's Competition: Why trust is the foundation of all relationships by Aishatu Babakura The 21st century has brought with it a lot of remarkable changes like enhancing our technology and generally making life better. But with all of these benefits, our divorce rates have also rapidly

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