The story I never told anyone

When I turned three, my parents got divorced. My parents had a huge argument one day although so much had happened before that day, that was the day my mother packed her clothes and left the house when she suspected our dad would be out, she came back for us. You see, when you are three years of age,


Yellow Sunflower By Ajani Oyindamola

Papa jam packed us into his bettle car, mama sat in front with my junior brother has he sat chewing mama's nipples, i and Adana and chukuemeka my junior brother hugged tightly to the belt of the rusty crippled car. I sat in my favourite ball gown with silver lining which fell on my toes, i cringed at


The relevance of Marriage in our modern society by Tawakalitu Onabule

Marriage,they say is the legally or formally,socially or ritually recognised union between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them.The act of marriage usually creates normative or legal obligations between the individuals involved and any offspring they may produce or adopt.Marriage

Sex before Marriage by Esther Samuel

All through Miriam's teenage, she dreams of getting married as a virgin. Never has she been in a position to choose whether or not to have sex. On her twentieth birthday, life just started for her unknown to her. Miriam was in the hostel where things are different form home. here in the University where



ADDICTED TO LOVING HIM Once upon a time...wait a minute,this isn't a children's bedtime story so I can't possibly start like that. My name is Annie, When I was in university I met a handsome man (Victor) who was everything I prayed for, he was tall, light and handsome(TLH). I was in my first year then

HURRY! FAB Creative Writing Competition

To mark the first-year anniversary of Family affairs blog (FAB), we decided to focus on a short story creative writing competition for intrigued and emerging writers in 3 categories grouped by topical issue/genre:

  • The Relevance of marriage in our modern society.
  • Divorce 2.0 (Drama

Keeping Your Home Germ-Free daily

All year round, it is particularly important to make sure your home is germ-free. Not only will your home be cleaner and smell nicer, these tricks for keeping your home germ-free will keep you in work or school and out of the doctor's office. How often you clean the house is important. Everyday cleaning

Throw Back Thursday: Does beating truly help the child?

[gallery ids="17661,17663,17662"] I really don't know how we do it but it kinda seems like we Nigerian parents go through a "Beating 101" class just before that first born child comes through. And I must say, the top-notch teaching accounts for the sublime way with which they handle the belt, baby,

Ways Your Kids Can Develop Healthy lifestyle

As a parent, your lifestyle affects your children. They pay attention to almost everything you do, either consciously or unconsciously. How you talk, walk, pray, dress, laugh and even to what you eat, how you eat and when you eat. So when you want them to imbibe a particular habit, start it yourself

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