A Mum’s Self Confidence Affects her Daughter’s

If you could give your daughter one quality that would most enhance her chance for leading a successful life–what would it be? Believe me, the greatest gift is positive self-belief. It turns out that a mum’s level of self-confidence and how she expresses herself enhances or sabotages her daughter’s

Taming children and toddler’s sweet tooth

If you’re parenting a child under age 12, you’ll probably be shocked to know that the average sugar consumption for children is more than 50grams. Your child’s passion for sugar isn’t something you can fix; babies are biologically hardwired to prefer sweet foods, although their tastes broaden

Reasons he doesn’t want to get married to you

Imagine this scenario. You’ve been with this man for years and anytime the topic of marriage comes up, he brushes it aside as if it’s a plague to be avoided. He doesn't even talk about you to his family or friends. Heck, he doesn't talk about settling down anytime soon. What do you do? Many women

WCW: life Style Blogger, Sisi Yemmie

Yemisi Odusanya nee Aiyedun, also known as Sisi Yemmie on her blog is a wife and mum to an adorable 6 month old son Titobi. She's a personal life style blogger, content creator and Editor of Cosmopolitan Nigeria. She got married in May 2014 to her man of 11 years. She is the first time winner of “my

Domestic Abuse: How to deal with this menace in relationships

Domestic violence is a criminal offense in Nigeria and other countries of the world, punishable by the law of the country. There is just absolutely no reason for any man or woman to abuse or be violent to any partner. Jealousy, pain anger and lack of confidence are some of the  causes of abuse and

Healthy foods that can help your child gain weight

Despite an obesity epidemic in this world, a number of children and teens are underweight. Being underweight is not the same as being thin or slender. Some children have a naturally slight build and maintain it with a well-balanced diet and physical activity. However, true underweight may be a sign

When your baby loves the maid more than you….

Sometime last week, I went to see an older friend who put to bed about 3 months ago. I hadn't seen her since she delivered the baby so I made up my mind to find time just to go see her. She has an 18-month-old toddler. When I got to the house, I met her breastfeeding the baby while her toddler was asleep.

Is being a ‘Mama’s Boy’ really all that bad?

Calling a little girl “Daddy’s girl” is often tied up with beautiful imagery of her cuddling up to her dad, going for walks or playing together, or, when she’s older, having her first dance with Daddy at her wedding. But how often do we hear people saying in the same tone, “Awww, he’s such

Is it okay to cry in front of your children?

There comes a time when all mums need a good cry. But many of them have become experts at suppressing their emotions, trying always to appear like they are positive and in control for their kids. But what happens when you go through a rough patch? Is it good for your children to see you cry, or is it

Parenting of then Versus parenting of now

Do you ever stop and think about how different the world that we live in today is, compared to when we were kids? You know, “the good old days?” While we are thankful for so much of the positive change that the past 20+ years has brought—parenting normalization, more open-mindedness, and the like—we