How can you find your identity?

Most humans spend their lives trying to discover their true identity; follow these 5 steps to find yours.  Discovering your true identity can feel impossible. Maybe you're like Simba from Disney's "The Lion King" ... running from your true identity or confused about who you really are. How do you know

Do you get offended when called “Mrs.”

How do you feel when someone calls you a "Mrs." when you're still single? Do you get offended? How do you feel? It's only women that have this dilemma. Men in the other hand have a neutral title of “Mr.” if he is married or not.   Here's the story from a woman I know personally. 0 12

Ways a wife needs respect from her husband

There’s been a lot of recent discussion about how “men need respect” and “women need love.” This view has gained more attention because some people have missed the point of his book (and my previous post on 7 ways a husband needs respect from his wife) by thinking that men only need respect

Women Crush Wednesday- Nigeria’s Bobsled Team.

When you are the first person to do something, there is no blueprint. Thirty years after a few men from Jamaica made bobsledding history, a new geographical barrier will fall for the sport at the 2018 Winter Olympics. No African country has represented the sport of bobsled at the Winter Olympics, but

Is It Nagging or Giving Advice?

So when does giving advice to your husband turn into nagging? Let me give a hall of shame example from someone I know . She was just trying to help her husband by giving him her opinion about a staff change at the office. So she shared it with him.  Then she's hared it again…and again. And then the

Danger Signs Your Child is Your Idol

Children require a lot of time and attention. And because their needs are often immediate, we have to meet those needs at the expense of other tasks or relationships. As in most things, however, there is a balance between caring for our children responsibly, and making our whole world revolve around

12-year-old  becomes the youngest person on Forbes 30 

 A 12-year-old feminist and author has become the youngest person to make it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Marley Dias, an African-American activist and feminist has always been outspoken and passionately goes after what she believes in, which is equality of the sexes and

Reasons to Make and Keep Holiday Traditions

As soon as the calendar turns to December, my family starts craving Christmas meals, so we set aside one night when everyone’s home to prepare all we'll need for our Christmas dishes. We use the same recipe my grandmother used when we were all growing up. December is full of these kinds of family

Benefits of prenatal and postnatal massage therapy

If you are expecting your first child and you are unsure whether you should get a massage, here is how you can greatly benefit from it. Whether it is a woman's first pregnancy or she has already been through the process, prenatal and postnatal massage therapy is quite helpful for pregnant women. Massage

Harmattan Essentials for EVERY Family

When the air is dusty, the sun is scorching and getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle because of the cold, then you know for sure that the Harmattan season is back! The dry season is slowly creeping back in (although most northern and eastern states in Nigeria have started to experience harmattan

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