Motivation: Things you should say to your kids every day

Of all the things you can say to your children, here are just a few that may have the greatest positive impact on their lives. There are an infinite number of ways that we can express love to our children. Here are a few phrases that I’ve found are the best ones to use in

Love, compassion! The reasons for this season!

A life without love and compassion exhibited to mankind, neighbours, people around you, young or old is a life without meaning. At this time of the year as we all look forward to the holiday season and wishing for a better new year , it is important to reflect on the few months that have

How can you find your identity?

Most humans spend their lives trying to discover their true identity; follow these 5 steps to find yours.  Discovering your true identity can feel impossible. Maybe you’re like Simba from Disney’s “The Lion King” … running from your true identity or confused about who you really are. How do you know who you are? How

Ways a wife needs respect from her husband

There’s been a lot of recent discussion about how “men need respect” and “women need love.” This view has gained more attention because some people have missed the point of his book (and my previous post on 7 ways a husband needs respect from his wife) by thinking that men only need respect (not love)

Danger Signs Your Child is Your Idol

Children require a lot of time and attention. And because their needs are often immediate, we have to meet those needs at the expense of other tasks or relationships. As in most things, however, there is a balance between caring for our children responsibly, and making our whole world revolve around them at the expense

12-year-old  becomes the youngest person on Forbes 30 

 A 12-year-old feminist and author has become the youngest person to make it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Marley Dias, an African-American activist and feminist has always been outspoken and passionately goes after what she believes in, which is equality of the sexes and races. She launched a campaign called #1000BlackGirlBooks in November 2015,

Career or kids? Why you can’t have them both!

We all wish we could have 48 hours in one day so we could spend it working, taking care of the family, cleaning the house and still having time to binge watch T.V. We all have those long to-do lists, and we all ask the big question: How do we do it all? Then we

Top Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh

Are you having problems in making your babies laugh? Worry not! We polled out ways mothers make their children laugh and here’s what we came up with. Bounce a soft rubber ball off of my head and make a sound like an otter. Put blocks on our heads or on his head, and then pretend

Real Reasons Children Hate their Fathers

Irrespective of their age, a child or adult who associates hate with their father has a real problem. Whether that problem is abuse, abandonment, or some other issue, the child who hates their father deserves to be heard. The ideal emotions associated with fathers include love and respect. When a child says ‘I hate my

Miracle or Negligence? Baby Pronounced Dead Wakes Up On Way To Funeral

Wonders they say, shall never end. This scenario happened in India earlier in the week. After a high-risk pregnancy, twins were born after only five months of gestation. The second twin, a girl, was stillborn; the first, a boy, was declared “dead” shortly after his sister’s birth.   Each baby was placed in a plastic

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