A Mum’s Self Confidence Affects her Daughter’s

If you could give your daughter one quality that would most enhance her chance for leading a successful life–what would it be? Believe me, the greatest gift is positive self-belief. It turns out that a mum’s level of self-confidence and how she expresses herself enhances or sabotages her daughter’s self-beliefs. Children look up to their

Taming children and toddler’s sweet tooth

If you’re parenting a child under age 12, you’ll probably be shocked to know that the average sugar consumption for children is more than 50grams. Your child’s passion for sugar isn’t something you can fix; babies are biologically hardwired to prefer sweet foods, although their tastes broaden as they grow. That’s one reason so many

Is it okay to cry in front of your children?

There comes a time when all mums need a good cry. But many of them have become experts at suppressing their emotions, trying always to appear like they are positive and in control for their kids. But what happens when you go through a rough patch? Is it good for your children to see you

Parenting of then Versus parenting of now

Do you ever stop and think about how different the world that we live in today is, compared to when we were kids? You know, “the good old days?” While we are thankful for so much of the positive change that the past 20+ years has brought—parenting normalization, more open-mindedness, and the like—we can’t help

When do kids lose their baby/milk teeth?

A child’s growth milestone is very exciting for the child and parents. Today, my daughter was scared as she showed her first loose teeth. Which signifies that her milk teeth has started the journey of falling out to be replaced by permanent teeth. As a child i remember when my tooth falls off we were

Must do list to teach your girl child at early age

This is why the girl child topic is important These days we cannot but overemphasize the realities of a dangerous world we live in. With the increase of child abuse, sexual immorality, pornography, kidnap etc. Protecting our children especially the girl child should be a top priority. As parents, we cannot be with our children

Nigerian baby names and meanings

Nigerian baby names are as unique as the culture of this region, which is one of the many reasons behind the popularity of these names. Nigerian parents like to be descriptive when it comes to naming tradition, but the customs vary by ethnic group. Some families and tribes prefer anglicized names, while others don’t. But

Teaching your daughters about Breast Cancer

Worldwide, the month of October is dedicated to breast cancer. Millions of women around the world gather together to create awareness and tell their survival stories. Free screening is also made available. Although most women are at risk of the degenerative disease, young girls should be made aware of this too.  The incidence of breast

Building confidence in your teenage children

Many of today’s teenagers struggle with low self-esteem due to a variety of factors including peer pressure, changing bodies, and success in academics or sports.  A lot of teenagers in Nigeria and even the world have terribly low self esteem. They’re not confident about anything at all, rather they hide under a shell. As a

Pornography: Protecting your teens from the internet

Shock. Disbelief. Anger. Disappointment. Sad. These are just a few of the emotions you will experienced when you discovered that your child viewed pornography. Some decades ago, you had to go out of your way to obtain pornography. Today, it is accessible at the click of a button. More innocence is lost earlier and earlier