Teaching your teen the consequences of lateness

For Mrs Jola, it was especially tricky — 14-year-old Dolapo (now 16)  for her to be on time. Dolapo was a good kid most of the time but she was always late. Always. “I spent a lot of time fuming in the car, waiting for her to come sauntering out of the house at her

Birth order and traits: Sibling Stereotypes

What part does birth order play in determining the personality and characteristics of our children? I’ve often marveled about each of my  three siblings are and how completely different they are. Are their personalities bred deep inside them or does birth order have something to do with the way they act and react? Does it

I want to adopt how do i tell my husband?

How long can i continue like this? i have been waiting for so long after our marriage to be pregnant to no avail. Why is adopting a child such a big issue in Nigeria and some other African countries? What can be more fulfilling than giving life and a good family to a child ?

 Is Parenting stressing you? Read this!

Parenting has its good times as well. Over the years, there are plenty of ups and downs. Truth is this; parents don’t always enjoy children. Children can be disappointing, overwhelming, tedious etc. but as a parent, you have to get it together. Don’t feel alone, many other parents feel the exact same way. What can

For dads: Staying close to your daughter

For dads, one of the most important roles is to develop a close relationship with each of their children.  You need to work to get close to and stay close to your daughters as they grow up.  It might seem a little easier with  sons as you both tend to have more in common, but

What makes a good daycare for Kids?

It takes a village to raise a child but no one understands it more than a parent looking for quality daycare. From the caregivers to the administrators to the domestic staff, everyone involved in a daycare’s operation helps shape a child’s experience. It’s no surprise that finding a good daycare is a prime concern; for

HURRY! FAB Creative Writing Competition

To mark the first-year anniversary of Family affairs blog (FAB), we decided to focus on a short story creative writing competition for intrigued and emerging writers in 3 categories grouped by topical issue/genre: The Relevance of marriage in our modern society. Divorce 2.0 (Drama or Romance Fiction) Is sex before marriage a big deal? (Drama

Are family devotions important?

Family devotions are vital for moving our spiritual lives beyond the church walls and into an active, thriving faith. But what does it mean to have family devotions? Family devotions are a set time when husband and wife, or parents and kids, sit down, read the Bible, and pray together. It is a time designed

When your child doesn’t “fit in”

Every child feels like they don’t fit in at some point. Even adults feel that way occasionally: we all experience being “alone in a room full of people.” With kids, the need to be part of a group is instinctual; it’s survival. They want to fit in and be like everyone else because it gives

What your daughter must know when she’s 10

How adored she is. No matter what you disagree on and even though sometimes you may yell, she should know she is the center of your universe — always.   How to cook. She should be able to prepare small snacks such as eggs, noodles, toast, sandwiches etc. I started cooking little meals when I

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