How do you set behavioral expectations before an outing?

Whether it’s a trip to the zoo or a family outing to the beach or mall, there’s nothing more enjoyable than quality family time … and nothing quite as terrible as a public tantrum.  While an outburst or temper tantrum is normal for young children, here are tips to set expectations and ensure outings are

Is spanking really that effective?

  Maybe you spank your children for misbehaving, maybe you don’t. Maybe you were spanked as a child as a form of punishment, or perhaps you weren’t. Many people still believe that spanking has little to no effect on their children – after all, you turned out just fine, right? Well, maybe not. Research suggests

Back to School Tips for parents and kids

The holiday is finally over.  School fees! School Fees! Most parents must consider one of our biggest costs; the cost of education. Back to school season entails a lot of spending. Here are some back to school money tips as you prepare for the new term: Plan Ahead Ideally, parents should have started planning for

Weekend Family delight: Peppered Puff Puff

Peppered Puff Puff is the hot and spicy version of the classic Nigerian Puff Puff. If you want some zing in your Puff Puff, you will be able to do so using the recipe on this page For about 20 balls of Puff Puff, you will need: 200g (1½ cups) plain flour (all purpose flour)

Key Parenting Tips and Advice for 2018

As we brace ourselves for another year of change, take heart that there are constants in life. For one, the key to better parenting has always been kindness: being kinder to ourselves, to our children, and to those around us. To be a more effective parent in the new year, aim to develop good habits

Coping with Teen pregnancy and motherhood

Teen pregnancy is not new and will always occur back then and even now. What is important is either you  prevent it from happening or you manage the situation when it happens. This includes giving the necessary support to the young expecting mother  and nuturing the child after birth. Parents have the greatest responsibility of

Happiness and Overcoming issues of life

One of the things we should never take for granted in 2018 is happiness.  Happiness in your home, family, job, career and your general well being. Separation, divorce, Postnatal depression, suicidal thoughts, domestic and emotional abuse are real. The 2-year old marriage of popular blogger Emeh Achanga of Misspetite has crashed and she’s opened up on the

Helping kids with New Year Resolutions

2018 is here already so it’s time to discuss New Year’s Resolutions with your family. This year, step beyond the standard resolutions to conquer bad habits and improve health. Your kids are old enough to see that the world’s not perfect, and they’re compassionate enough to want to change it. Help them make resolutions that

Ten year old becomes a Sugar Daddy

What on earth is this world turning to? A rich 10-year-old boy has gone viral because he is dating a woman twice his age and feels comfortable flaunting the relationship. Nantapong Kidwapattana went viral when he took to Facebook to post about his girlfriend on Christmas eve. The woman he is dating is a famous

Reflections: What was the year 2017 like for you?

Self reflections for the year 2017. Twenty-Seventeen – As I sit here and reflect on the year that has been I am amused with the happenings.  For many it was a horrible year for others a good year. So before you rush into the New Year with great intentions of setting Resolutions take the time

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