Couple watched how their twin girls kissing in ultrasound

The young couple couldn’t hide their joy when ultrasound showed their twin girls kissing in the mother’s womb – Ultrasound photos of the adorable twin girls and their parents were first posted on Fetal Vision’s Instagram page – The couple has since named the cute little babies Isabella and Callie. What they have to say

Obese baby baffles doctors: 17kg at 8 months old

An obese baby in India has baffled doctors by her extreme weight gain – At just eight months old, she weighs a whooping 17kg, the same weight as a four-year-old child – Her parents say she has an insatiable appetite for food An eight-month-old obese baby in Punjab, India has baffled her parents and doctors

Baby care: Basics for the second month of birth

After the first month of birth, you must have gotten so used to your baby. If you feel as if you’re investing a lot of energy with very little return, the second month may turn the tide a little. The early weeks of parenting can be a very one sided affair, with lots of input

Baby Care: Basics for the first month of BABY birth

Many are still fairly sleepy and apart from short wakeful periods of feeding and being alert, they sleep for at least a couple of hours between their feeds. Here are some basics to keep in mind; Feeding Expect your baby to need to feed at least 6 times/24 hours at 1 month of age. If

Woman, 35, gives birth to baby weighing 6.7 kg

If you think you have seen a heavy child before, then you will be totally shocked to see this baby. A 35 year old Chinese woman has given birth to a child weighing 6.7 Kilograms, which is twice the average weight of a normal newborn. A woman gives birth to a baby weighing 14.7 pounds.

Motherhood:Top tips for weaning a baby

Weaning is the period of transition from milk to solid foods and usually starts around six months of age. This is an important time for a baby to be introduced to solid food, as they will require additional nutrients, which will not be available in breast milk or formula. The Nigerian Medical Association suggests exclusive

Keeping your child’s teeth in shape

Brushing baby’s teeth is vital to your baby’s dental care, but their teeth need more than just cleanings to stay healthy. Here are eight ways to keep your child’s teeth in shape for life. Dish up foods rich in vitamins and minerals:  Your baby needs the right building blocks to construct their teeth, and that

Cute! Biracial Twins: black and white baby girls

– Kalani and Jarani Dean were born with different skin colors, making them biracial twins – Their parents are a couple conformed by a Caucasian woman and an African-American man – There is a 1 in 500 chance that interracial couples expecting twins will have children with different skin colors When Whitney Meyer tells strangers

Eczema in babies: What you should know

Skin rashes in babies are quite common. They can suddenly appear out of nowhere and then be gone again. As a parent, though, it can be quite disconcerting to see skin rashes on your baby. One of the most common skin rashes in babies is eczema, or otherwise known as atopic dermatitis. Eczema occurs in

Doctors checks 50 times before cancer diagnosis

Jessie Stocks remains in hospital, battling infections and viruses (Photo: Michelle Rawlins) A mother’s intuition is always right most times especially when it comes to their kids. Mums should always follow their heart, No one knows a child than the mother. A mum claims she took her poorly baby girl to medics more than 50 times

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