How to even out an uneven skin tone

Everybody dreams of having super smooth and evenly-toned skin with a natural, sun kissed glow. Unfortunately, quite a few reasons can lead to uneven skin tone, which results in both an unhealthy and tired-looking complexion. The main causes for an uneven skin tone, also known as skin discoloration, are pigmentation, pimples, acne, injury or overexposure to sunlight. An individual can experience uneven skin tones (like dark or red spots) on legs, arms, back or even in their mouth area. Probably the most common case is the aftermath of a sun burn; if you stay in the sun unprotected for too long, your skin will be burned and even when it heals you will notice that your skin tone has become uneven. Even though there are countless skin products available for treatment, why not try your hand at some fantastic home remedies for uneven skin tone? Sometimes covering the effect with cream, foundation or makeup simply won’t help you treat the cause.   The ingredients for these do-it-yourself remedies are highly accessible and might already be in your refrigerator or pantry at home. No matter if you're light or dark skin or anywhere in between, we are certain that you will enjoy these neat home remedies. Learn how to apply them, try one out and make your own skin product to heal your uneven skin tone !

  1. Baking Soda
Our first recommendation for treating uneven skin tone is simple, yet extremely efficient. You are probably already familiar with the fact that baking soda is an excellent healthy solution for whitening teeth, so the fact that it helps you achieve gorgeous skin is almost natural. In the case of skin, baking soda acts as an exceptional bio exfoliator that does not damage your skin like other commercial products. It has the power to remove dry skin resulted by scarring or tanning and leaves you with a beautifully even skin tone. All you need is to make a paste of baking soda (approximately one teaspoon) and water and directly apply it to your body or face, leaving it for several minutes to set. Carefully rub the damaged area for around 3 minutes with the tips of your fingers and then wash the paste off with water.
  1. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera really is one of the founding fathers of home remedies. It’s a wonderful solution for a great number of problems and it heals the causes in a 100% natural way. As far as skin care is concerned, aloe vera is a wonderful moisturizer and can greatly aid you in getting rid of dark patches and obtaining a healthy and even skin tone. Particularly the gel extracted from leaves of aloe vera helps out, so you are going to need to extract it by cutting a leaf or more of aloe. After squeezing out the gel, you can directly apply it to the area you want to treat. Allow the gel to take action for around a half hour, rinsing it off with water afterwards. Repeating the process helps you achieve the best results, so make sure to use aloe vera gel often for an even skin tone.
  1. Orange
Aside from being a delightful source of Vitamin C and healthy to consume under numerous forms, oranges are also known for naturally lightening your skin tone. It comes packed with natural bleaching properties and can help you obtain the smooth and even skin you have been hoping for. To get this home remedy right, you are going to need some orange juice. You can obtain the juice by yourself by squeezing or juicing the orange. Cover the designated area with this juice right before going to sleep and let it set during the night. The following morning you normally wash it off, making sure to repeat the process.
  1. Oats
Baking soda is not the only natural ingredient you can use to exfoliate your skin in a healthy way. This will not only help you achieve a lovely and even skin tone, but it will also leave your skin silky smooth.  This home remedy works very well. Let it take action for around twenty minutes before rinsing with cold water. As you wash the oat. It is best to repeat this process every day until your skin tone becomes fully even.
  1. Honey
Honey is an awesome source of enzymes which allow you skin to have that healthy glow we were talking about in the introductory paragraph. This solution should work fine for sensitive skin, but if you want to use it as a pace pack, make sure you test it on a patch of skin beforehand. To nail this home remedy, take some honey and mix it with equal amounts of milk. Take the mixture and apply it to your face or body, allowing it to dry on its own. After it has fully dried, you can wash it off with lukewarm water. Practice makes perfect, so repeat often!
  1. Pawpaw
The fact that pawpaw is a delicious healthy treat is already well-known by most people. But did you know that it can help you solve your uneven skin tone problem? You might have guessed it as many skin care products contain pawpaw extract, but you should know that it’s fantastic for lightening skin, as well. Like in the case of oranges, pawpaw contains bleaching properties so you can enjoy glowing skin once again. You can either incorporate pawpaw into your diet for natural cleansing on a long-term period, or apply it directly to your skin. You can actually take a piece of raw pawpaw and rub the inside part on your skin, allowing it to dry on its own. Afterwards, wash the area with cool water and repeat every day for that natural glow.
  1. Sugar
Treat your skin to sweetness! Just like baking soda and oats, sugar acts as an incredible exfoliator for your skin, leaving you looking younger and better than ever. The possibilities are endless, so you can get creative, make your very own sugar scrub and enjoy velvety smooth skin afterwards. I guarantee you will absolutely love it.
  1. Cucumber
Isn’t it funny that almost all skincare product commercials or posters include a lovely lady with cucumbers over her eyes? Well you should know that there are plausible reasons behind it all! Cucumbers are amazing for skin, as they bind collagen and allow you to enjoy firmness and a light and even skin tone. You can use cucumbers to treat uneven skin tone, no matter what your skin type is.      

Two pilots suspended for letting a 10-year-old fly a plane

This is a good example of not mixing business with pleasure. Two pilots working for Algeria's national airline have been suspended because they allowed a 10-year-old orphan to fly a domestic passenger aircraft.

The report says the boy's adventure was funded by a charity and filmed by El Bilad TV, who show him dressed for the occasion in a pilot's uniform and pushing buttons in the cockpit under supervision. It's however not clear how many passengers were on board the Air Algerie flight from the capital Algiers to the easter city of Setif but Algerian media outlets confirms that the pilots were suspended on July 29, 201 pending further investigation "because the act was a breach of civil aviation regulations".

Banker found murdered in Uganda, boyfriend on the run

Police is hunting for one Andrew Okoth after they discovered the body of his girl friend Fahima Natoolo, an employee of Tropical Bank of Africa, Kampala, Uganda.

According to Police sources, Natoolo, pictured with Okoth at an event on Saturday, July 29, was murdered on Sunday morning.

Police say that Okoth had asked her to spend a night with him at his home in Mbalwa Nabwojjo, a Kampala suburb.

The discovery of Natoolo’s body follows a missing person querry posted by a friend on Facebook on Saturday.

"They were last seen together at Red i Bar in Lugogo UMA Showgrounds on Saturday, nobody has seen or heard from them since,” Natoolo’s friend said.

Okoth's neighbor who allegedly witnessed the two fighting on Sunday morning gave directions to Natoolo’s family members who went with Police and upon breaking the door to his house, discovered the body in the house.

A murder case has been reported at Mbalwa Police Station.

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by Linda Ikeji at 03/08/2017 12:16 PM
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US Bans Transgender People From The Military

Protests broke out on Wednesday night after Trump announced that transgender people will be banned from serving in the armed forces.
Hours following the announcement, hundreds of angry protesters took to the streets of New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco to show their displeasure. Crowds gathered at a plaza named after the late San Francisco gay rights activist Harvey Milk to protest Trump's ban. They also gathered at the Los Angeles LGBT Center in Hollywood, and also at the famed US Army Recruitment center in Times Square.
Demonstrators across the country held up signs bearing slogans. Words written on them include; "resist", "rise up", "Trans lives are not a burden". They can be heard chanting:  "Stand up! Fight back!" as they took to the streets.
Doug Thorogood and Nick Rondoletto, a gay couple from San Francisco, waved a rainbow flag and held a sign that read: "The only reason transgenders are being banned from the military is for bigotry."
"Haven't transgender people gone through enough? I'm over it!" Thorogood said.
Rondoletto added: "When (Trump) goes for the people with the least rights, I just can't sit back and let that happen."
Among the crowd gathered at the LGBT Center in Hollywood, Los Angeles, there was a US Army Reserve member and transgender man named Rudy Akbarian, 27. Rudy said at first he thought the news of the Trump's order was a joke. The five-year military veteran said he was "heartbroken" to learn it was real.
Another demonstrator, Yael Leberman, said transgender people "are completely adequate to serve" and combat is "not about physical, it's about mental" abilities.
Other protesters marched on foot outside the White House bearing signs which read: "We're here, we're queer, we hate the f****** president".
New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer was among those present at the protest on Wednesday. He addressed the crowd with a megaphone while poking fun at the president who he said had skipped enlisting to serve in the Vietnam war in the 1960s so that he could "hang out at Studio 54".
Actress Alyssa Milano was also among the protesters and she shared a photo from the demonstration on Instagram, telling her followers: "Trans rights are human rights. I was proud to support the LGBTQ community at the #NoTransBan rally."
Brenda Sue Falton, an Army veteran who was among the first women allowed entry to it and whose wedding at Cadet Chapel in 2012 was the first same sex marriage it has hosted, was also present.  Also at the protest was a transgender army veteran and Miss Peppermint, a famous New York City drag queen who appeared on the ninth series of RuPaul's Drag Race.
She addressed the crowd, saying: "It's not that they're afraid of us. You know what they're afraid of? That they're just like us."
Transgender veterans made direct appeals to the president to reconsider the controversial move.
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Rich man surprises wife with Range Rover as birthday gift

  A flamboyant business has left Nairobi residents amazed after gifting his wife with a brand-new Range Rover. Simon Kabu gifted his wife, Sarah, with the car as a birthday gift that was brought by a double cabin pick up which caused a standoff in town. Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah are the founder of the thriving company Bonfire Adventures which they started almost a decade ago to quench their desire for adventure. saf (photo) Facebook/Rooney Dan Muhuni The two have seen the company grow into a multi million company. The couple's aim at the time was to change the perception that only foreign tourists can tour the country and enjoy its beauty. car gift Facebook/Rooney Dan Muhuni Simon Kabu and wife Sarah. sargg saraj Photos: Facebook/Rooney Dan Muhuni "But before we set up Bonfire, we had to experience every hotel and all the major tourist attraction sites in Kenya before selling them to our clients. We also visit at least five countries in one year to discover and experience new holiday destinations for our clients. Simon Kabu and wife Sarah. "Being strong believers of happy marriages, we are passionate about romantic getaways, honeymoon packages, wedding anniversaries, unique engagement proposals, and glamorous wedding destinations. P "We usually go out of our way to ensure that couples get experiences that are out of this world to spice up their marriages," said Kabu in an old interview. Kabu’s post has evoked emotions on social media as many awed their life. Sarah also got a lovely party from her husband. The wife was then escorted in her Range Rover.

Nigerian fraudsters jailed in the UK for £1m fraud

A gang of Nigerian fraudsters who posed as bankers, financial gurus and potential love interests have been jailed after swindling people out of £1m.

Peters Akanno Obi, Soloman Adanegbe and Prince Braimah-Oboh preyed on victims across the world, conning them out of cash, which was laundered and stored in accounts in Greater Manchester.

The trio were jailed at Manchester Crown Court after being found guilty by a jury following a four-week trial. The court heard that between May 2013 and July 2014, the gang posed as bank employees, potential love interests and financial advisers, attempting to con hundreds of thousands of people across Europe, the USA and Asia into depositing money into bogus accounts. The cash was laundered, stashed in accounts in our region, before being funnelled offshore. Detectives from GMP’s Fraud Investigation Team arrested the men in July 2014. They seized blueprints for a house in Nigeria, fake cheques and high value receipts for international bank transfers.
When officers arrested Akanno-Obi, his laptop was switched on and he was logged on to a spoof banking website. He had been sending emails to people in Hong Kong, using multiple identities, trying to romance them into wiring him money. Analysis of computers unearthed personal data of victims, template letters to convince victims they were looking for love and documents claiming recipients had pocketed large sums following the death of a long lost family member.
Peters Akanno Obi, 42, of Stillwater Drive, Clayton, was jailed for seven years for conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering and possession of articles for use in fraud. Soloman Adanegbe, 38, of Rowan Court, Salford, was jailed for seven years for conspiracy to commit fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Prince Braimah-Oboh, 49, of Powell Street, Clayton, was jailed for seven years conspiracy to commit fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Detective Sergeant Phil Larratt, of GMP’s Fraud Investigation Team, said the sophisticated crime group utilised specialist software to contact hundreds of thousands of victims at once.
"This series of high value international frauds was perpetrated by the offenders from the comfort of their own homes in Manchester. Luckily the majority of people don’t fall for these types of scams, but due to the volume of attempts, even a success rate of one per cent can be extremely lucrative for these criminals. “This was their full-time job. Money was being deposited and withdrawn from their bank accounts on a daily basis." he said.
"We know that other crime groups are committing similar types of scams across the UK and I’d urge the public not to send money to people they have never met or place investments in schemes that have not been verified. “These criminals often try and prey on people’s good nature so please be vigilant. The likelihood is that the vast majority of people have received phishing emails, make sure your spam filter is on and don’t click on any links or attachments contained in suspicious emails"
Source: Manchester Evening News

Tips for maintaining a shaved head

Men with shaved heads are seen as more dominant, stronger, and taller, some studies show. That's good news if you're thinking of shaving your head. But before you dive in head-first, here are some things to consider. You may be considering shaving your head because it makes balding less obvious. If you've still got some hair to work with, you may not want to rush into it. Talk to your barber or stylist and get an honest opinion of what you'll look like, because you'll look like a completely different person. Your barber can help you decide if the shape of your head and scalp are right for a shaved head. On the other hand, if half or more of your hair is already gone and you want to shave off the rest, go for it. You already know what you're going to look like. shave_original_13140 If you’ve never done it yourself, go to your barber and get it done there. IIt’s much easier to maintain after it’s already been shaved. If you want to do it yourself, buy a set of hair clippers and cut your hair really short first. Then bring in a razor to remove the last bit of stubble. Try these tips for a better shave:

  • Use a new, multi-blade razor. It will give a closer shave and require fewer passes over sensitive scalp skin. (Make sure your barber uses a new blade, too, if you have it done professionally.)
  • You can use the same kind of shaving cream or gel that you use to shave your face. To avoid irritation, though, it should be one made for sensitive skin. You want something gentle, without a lot of additives or fragrance.
  • Work with a mirror, especially if you're a novice. Atart in an area you can see and that you have better control over, like the front or sides, as you get the feel of the razor. Your scalp will have curves and bumps that may not conform exactly to the razor, and you’re doing it blind in some areas, so you really have to get comfortable.
  • Don't rush. Some men never seem to get the hang of head shaving. If you don't, don't sweat it. If you’re always getting nicks and cuts, head shaving with a razor may not be for you,” Day says. “That’s one situation where an electric razor would really be good.
head Now that your hair is gone, you may be tempted to get rid of your hair care products. Don't. Shampoo your scalp daily to get rid of oils and keep it clean. These tips will also keep your scalp healthy:
  • Moisturize right after shaving and as needed between shaves. It will help soothe any irritation you might have.
  • If you break out right after shaving your head, relieve the redness and any discomfort with a benzoyl peroxide cleanser. (Breaking out is normal, especially if you have thick, curly hair.) Day recommends using it once a day, either right before you shave or in the evenings between shaves.
  • Protect your bare scalp from the sun and wear a hat in the sun
  How often should you shave your head? See how quickly it grows. Some men do it every day to keep it smooth.

Parents kill children at least 500 times a year in the US

A new study in the journal of Forensic Science International looked at three decades worth of filicide (the killing of one's son or daughter) cases between 1976 and 2007 and found they occurred about 500 times a year in the US.

The study also found out that almost 72% of those killed by their own parents were 6 years old or younger. And one-third of the victims were just babies under 1 year of age.

Also, more than 13% of the victims were adults, specifically people in ages running from 18 to 40 years old. So the threat of filicide doesn't go away when people get old enough to move out on their own.
However, only 10% of the victims were killed by their stepparents, which means that 90% of the victims were the biological sons or daughters of the killer.
And sons (52%) were more likely to be killed than daughters (38%). Parents used what the study called "personal weapons" to beat, choke or drown victims in the majority of cases involving underage kids. If the victims were adults, parents used guns in 72% of such killings.
The study also went on to analyse why these killings happen and Dr. Timothy Mariano, the study's lead author, offered up three theories: the parents are often mentally ill, they usually have higher levels of testosterone and the offspring that they kill may be considered unwanted.

Oral sex is producing unstoppable bacteria – WHO warns

The World Health Organization has warned the public to cultivate the use of condoms during sex as it's becoming dangerous for those who take part in oral sex.
It warns that if someone contracts gonorrhea through oral sex, it's now much harder to treat, and in some cases impossible.
Experts say the situation was “fairly grim” with few new drugs on the horizon as the sexually transmitted infection is rapidly developing resistance to antibiotics.
According to WHO, about 78 million people pick up the STI each year risking infertility, while analysed data from 77 countries have shown gonorrhea's resistance to antibiotics was widespread.
Dr. Teodora Wi, from the WHO, said there had even been three cases – in Japan, France, and Spain – where the infection was completely untreatable.
She said: “Gonorrhea is a very smart bug, every time you introduce a new class of antibiotics to treat gonorrhea, the bug becomes resistant.”
 Worryingly, the vast majority of gonorrhea infections are in poor countries where resistance is harder to detect. “These cases may just be the tip of the iceberg,” she added.
According to her, Gonorrhea can infect the genitals, rectum, and throat, but it is the last that is most concerning health officials.
Dr. Wi said antibiotics could lead to bacteria in the back of the throat, including relatives of gonorrhea, developing resistance.
She said: “When you use antibiotics to treat infections like a normal sore throat, this mixes with the Neisseria species in your throat and this results in resistance.” Adding that 'In the US, resistance [to an antibiotic] came from men having sex with men because of pharyngeal infection.
The Organization also warned that thrusting gonorrhea bacteria into this environment through oral sex can lead to super-gonorrhea if there is a decline in condom use.
They are now calling on countries to monitor the spread of resistant gonorrhea and to invest in new drugs.
In the report, Dr. Manica Balasegaram, from the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership, said: “The situation is fairly grim. “There are only three drug candidates in the entire drug [development] pipeline and no guarantee any will make it out.”
But ultimately, the WHO said vaccines would be needed to stop gonorrhea.
Reacting to the report, Prof Richard Stabler, from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said:
“Ever since the introduction of penicillin, hailed as a reliable and quick cure, gonorrhea has developed resistance to all therapeutic antibiotics.
“In the past 15 years, therapy has had to change three times following increasing rates of resistance worldwide.
“We are now at a point where we are using the drugs of last resort, but there are worrying signs of treatment failure due to resistant strains has been documented.”

Zimbabwean man kills his 68-year-old employer on love proposal

A 25-year-old domestic worker has been arrested for allegedly killing and burning the body of his 68-year-old employer after she turned down his love proposal in Zimbabwe.
Emmanuel Sibanda on Monday, June 26, appeared before Gweru magistrate Mr Musaiona Shortgame on a charge of murder.
He was not asked to plead and remanded in custody to July 7 for confirmation of his warned and cautioned statement. Sibanda was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.
Prosecuting, Mr Daniel Tapfuma told the court that on June 21, Sibanda had a misunderstanding with his employer Mrs Jerina Chipato after she turned down his love proposal.
“Sibanda went on to attack the now deceased by striking her once on her head with a dry log and she fell on the ground unconscious. The accused went on to drag the deceased into her kitchen hut and set alight the thatched roof,” he said.
The woman was burnt to death. Sibanda then called out for help claiming that Mrs Chipato had accidentally been burnt to death in her kitchen hut. He said suspicious neighbours who responded searched the accused’s bedroom hut for some clues on what could have happened.
“The matter came to light when the accused’s bedroom hut was searched, leading to the recovery of Sibanda’s clothes which were stained with blood. The deceased’s cellphone was also found hidden in his clothes,” said Mr Tapfuma.
Sibanda, in his statement, confessed to murdering his boss. He said on the day in question, he had proposed love to Mrs Chipato and she turned him down.
“She then asked me to go and fetch water at night and we had a misunderstanding and I struck her with a log on the head. I then dragged her body to her kitchen hut and lit it to cover up the offence since it wasn’t my intention to kill her,” Sibanda said.
Source: The Chronicle