Tips for Better Communication Among Family Members

Gone are the days when we lived together with our grandparents and other family members in the same house. The fast paced city life and hectic work schedule have not only reduced the size of the family that we are staying with, but have also led to a huge gap among each member of the

Why you should Believe in God (at your worst times)

Even though all of us strive to be happy and content all through our lives, it is the one thing that is quite impossible to do. Being happy and content with life is relative and it is a fact that none of us can be happy at all times. There are bound to be problems

How To Strike A Balance Between Work And Family

In today’s world, it is extremely difficult to create a position in the corporate world given the cut-throat competition that is prevalent everywhere. To add to this, a woman has to juggle between work as well as her family life. It becomes really difficult to strike a balance and at times, it happens that one

Praactical Ways To Overcome Job Stress

Stress is all around us, and we cannot get away from it. The symptoms of stress include, tension, anxiety, lack of concentration, anger, mood swings, negative thinking, smoking or eating in excess and feeling overwhelmed by one’s circumstances. Whereas the common causes of stress include: divorce or separation, death of a spouse-family member-close friend, sickness

Story Series! A Child’s Faith By Chinyere Uwechi

Charly stood behind the curtains holding his breath, afraid that his parents would hear him. They were fighting again, like they had been doing for the past five days. Every day, their arguments grew more heated and emotional. Mum always ended up crying when they were done fighting and dad always went to his room

Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

In the rush to make your Valentine’s Day special, you need not shortlist exotic places and waste your money. Be a little creative and spend the day of love at your home. After all, more than the cherries and flowers, it’s all about spending quality time with your beloved. Here are 4 ways to celebrate

Happy Love Day: Show Love Today and Everyday

Showing Love today and everyday to everyone you come across is what makes a difference. Love is kind and selfless… Live a life filled with love…… Share with someone if you agree! . #Showlovetodayandeveryday Happy Valentine’s Day from FAB 00

Tips For Women To Understand Men Better

Men will be men; they have their own way of thinking. Women often find it difficult to understand men. And, this can also be a topic of debate for both men and women? Do you easily understand a man? Listed are some tips for women to understand men better. Read on to know more on

February Weekend Family happenings and celebrations

February is indeed a special month apart from being celebrted world wide as a season and month of love its also a month for various celebrations of weddings, engagements and birthdays … So here is wishing and congratulation everyone with a special day in February Here is some of our beautiful collections over the weekend.

Valentine’s Gift For A Nigerian Lady

Nigeria i would always say is a wonderful country with of course wonderful people. Getting a gift for your Nigerian Girlfriend for Valentine is no easy task . Nigerian ladies , most of them do not buy the Flowers , chocolates ad ice creme treats . So to our lovely male readers , if you

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