Pancakes: Quick And Easy Breakfast

This is a simple recipe for the thin, delicious Nigerian-style pancakes. It is made with those ingredients that we always have in our kitchen. So you do not have any excuse for not making this recipe right away. It’s an amazing choice for breakfast for the family and it’s quick and easy. Most Nigerians think

Sunday Family Lunch: Ewa Agoyin

This meal is basically plain boiled beans eaten with a pepper sauce. It is the perfect way for those who do not like beans to enjoy it. The softness of the beans and the peppered sauce served with it tastes so sumptuous. After trying this, you’ll never eat the basic beans again, you will not

Weekend Family Recipe: Catfish Pepper Soup

It is almost that time of the year again, for those of us Christians that observe the Christmas Season. During this period we live to eat, drink and just be merry. There’s always lots and lots to eat and drink and some of such foods popular around Christmas is Pepper Soup. This soup is widely

Weekend Family Recipe: Non-sliimy okro soup

Do you want to prepare Okra Soup but you naturally hate draw soups? Some people don’t like draw soups because it’s a bit nauseating to them. But here’s the perk about okro soup; it’s very cheap procure the ingredients you’ll use.  But what do you do when you actually want to eat okro soup but

Weekend Delight: Chicken Suya Salad

Nigerian Salads can be substantial meals on their own. Some of them are also used as the perfect side dish to all recipes. But how about adding a twist to your salad by including suya in it? It’s simply adding all the vegetables that go well with suya right in one plate. The good thing

Weekend Family Recipe: Moi Moi (Beans Pudding)

Moi moi (beans pudding) is one of such Nigerian foods that are loved by every Nigerian. You can hardly go to any Nigerian party without it being served. It is made of beans and some other ingredients. To some people, the process of making moi moi is a little bit complicating and time consuming, that’s

How to Extend Money Without Extending Your Time in the Kitchen

I have a constant struggle between my desire to make delicious and nutritious meals, my need to remain within a given budget, and the limited amount of time I want to spend in the kitchen (none).  This usually means sacrificing the quality of the food I eat, and spending much more money on food than

Weekend Recipe Delight: Potato Pepper Soup

Potato Pepper soup is one of the ways to use potatoes in preparing the family’s meals. As the name implies, it contains pepper soup ingredients so it is spicy hot hence great for  any day. It’s very easy to prepare if you follow the instructions. What you’ll need Medium Irish Potatoes(you can use sweet potatoes

Tips on becoming a better cook

Everyone wants to become better in any skill they have. Cooking is no exception. Even if you think you are hopeless in the kitchen; like everything else, practice and increasing your knowledge makes perfect. Just relax and pretend that you are playing with the ingredients and you will realize that cooking is not such a

Weekend Healthy Family and Kids Smoothie

Do you find it difficult sometimes to have your regular fruit portion especially for the kids.  We all know the importance of fruits for a healthy lifestyle. Well, you may need to try doing fruit smoothies and enjoy it while sipping its goody and yummy sweetness on a weekend like this. Why dont you try

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