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20-year-old girl educates and protects children in Lagos

Adetokunbo Adetola Abigail is a 20-year-old Nigerian girl who is striving hard to see that children’s rights in Nigeria are protected. The NCE holder has not allowed her educational qualification to affect the good she has to offer the nation and children at large 20 y The young girl after getting to know she recently organized a walk in Alapere area of Lagos. gv The walk was to sensitize children and parents on the need to protect the young ones from all sorts of abuses. The rate at which children are being molested and abused has become a major point of concern to people who are ardent lovers of children. Abigail runs an NGO which she calls Kiyeseni; a weird choice of name. Adetokunbo Adetola Abigail, the 20-year-old Nigerian girl working wonders. She is passionate about children and her drive is intriguing. It is intriguing to know that this young girl has achieved so much with little or no financial support. KIYESENI foundation has to do with everything that deals with children. We help put out-of-school children back to Schools, provide relief materials to them and their families, create awareness on issues dealing with children, organize educative programmes in the communities and a whole lot of other activities.


Inspiring! 9-year-old boy of the youngest boxing champion

The youngest ever to be inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame is a 9-year-old British boy - At the age of 9, he earned enough money to buy his own house - The boy won 64 gold medals just in 2016! The youngest boy to be inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame has already managed to earn enough income to buy a home of his own.. This boy is a kickboxing star! 9-year-old Tyler Ford has been developing a career in martial arts, especially in the area of kickboxing. Up until now, he has won every single competition! BOY Only in 2016 he earned 64 gold medals, beating everyone at the Dutch and German Opens, and at the most recent World Martial Arts games. Tyler in front of his newly-bought house. Tyler’s story is so remarkable, that Hollywood has already offered him a movie deal. But he does not need those future earnings in order to already be on the right track economically speaking. The house he bought with his own money last year, has been rented out in order for him to get a regular income.   BBBB3 Tyler, who lives in Grovesend, UK, started his kickboxing career in 2015. He used to practice football beforehand, but his success in the new sport he chose to pursue is so amazing, that he never looked back. “When he was smaller all he wanted to do was boxing as I was a world champion myself,” Tyler’s dad, Anthony Ford, commented. The training schedule for this young lad starts at 6am every day for a couple of hours, before heading to school. His father describes him as “incredibly dedicated to fighting and being the best he can. He trains like a professional fighter.” The film director who came up to Tyler’s family to offer a deal is no other than Tom Delmar, who directed Star Wars II and T2 Trainspotting. “His first movie is going to be called Ying Yang and he is so excited to be in it,” his father said.

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Suicide prank: 11 Year old boy commits suicide

Pranks or jokes can be harmful and can result into a serious issue especially where emotions are concerned.

It is recommended that kids, teenagers or adults should not get involved, start or participate in any expensive joke or prank.
An 11 year old boy, Tysen Benz, was at home when he saw social media posts indicating that his 13-year-old girlfriend had committed suicide. The posts were a prank, but the 11-year-old boy apparently believed them and thought his girlfriend had really died. Using a cellphone he had bought without his mother's knowledge, Tysen on March 14, read texts and other messages about the fake suicide of his and decided he would end his life too, his mother Katrina Goss said.
After seeing the posts about his girlfriend, Tysen replied over social media that he was going to kill himself, yet no one involved in the prank told an adult or even told Benz that it was a joke, not even the supposed girlfriend, Goss said. Moments later, his mother found him hanging by his neck in his room in Marquette, Michigan. Now a prosecutor is pursuing criminal charges against one of the juveniles accused of being involved in the prank, which Goss described as "a twisted, sick joke." Goss described her son as appearing "fine" just 40 minutes before she found him.
"I just want it be exposed and be addressed," Goss said of school bullying in general and cyberbullying in particular. "I don't want it be ignored."
Authorities would not release the age of the juvenile charged or comment on what relationship the person had with Tysen. The juvenile is being charged with malicious use of telecommunication services and using a computer to commit a crime. After Goss found her son hanging, she cut the rope and immediately called 911. They were able to resuscitate him and rushed him to a Detroit hospital where he was placed on a life support. Doctors informed his parents that he was brain damaged and most likely would never recover from the coma. His parents decided to take him off life support. The boy died Tuesday at a Detroit-area hospital. The girlfriend whose death was faked and friends who were in on the prank attended the same school as Tysen, Goss said. Even though the prank occurred outside of school, she said, the school should have done more to protect her son. She said:
"The principal, the assistant principal — that's their job, especially for little kids," she said. "Kids take things to heart."
In a statement released Thursday, Marquette Area Public Schools Superintendent William Saunders agreed with Goss's concerns about the dangers of social media. He said the district has been educating students and parents through its health curriculum, health fairs, community forums and other efforts.
"After the gut-wrenching loss of a student, we ask ourselves, 'How can we do more?'" Saunders wrote.
Most states in the US, including Michigan, have enacted legislation designed to protect children from bullies. Michigan's anti-bullying act, signed in 2011 by Gov. Rick Snyder, requires school districts to have anti-bullying policies on the books. It was known as "Matt's Safe School Law" after Matt Epling, a 14-year-old who killed himself after a 2002 hazing incident. The law was updated two years ago to direct school districts to add language to those policies that address cyberbullying. Former Republican state Rep. Phil Potvin, who sponsored the original bill, said schools have a responsibility to do more than include anti-cyberbullying rules in their written policies.
"They have to have a person — spelled out — to make sure that policy is followed," said Potvin, of Cadillac in northern Michigan. "Some schools have failed to do that. They may have put something in, but there is no follow-up. There is no checking up on these things."
Source: AP


Discolouration in a child’s teeth

Primary teeth, which happens to be baby teeth are typically whiter than adult permanent teeth because they are more filled with calcium. So when a kid has discoloured teeth, it might be because of the following reasons;

  • Medication use. Infant medications containing iron, such as supplemental vitamins, might cause stains on baby teeth. Taking the antibiotic tetracycline during pregnancy or breast-feeding can cause a child to have discolored baby teeth, too.
  • Tooth injury. A single dark tooth could be the result of bleeding within the tooth due to dental trauma.
  • Inadequate brushing. If baby teeth aren't brushed properly, bacteria (plaque) might form on the teeth — which can lead to tooth discolouration.
  • teeth
  • Weak enamel. A genetic problem with enamel formation might lead to discolored baby teeth.
  • Excessive fluoride. Regularly mixing powdered or liquid concentrate infant formula with fluoridated water might increase your child's risk of developing faint white lines or streaks on the teeth (fluorosis) if these kinds of formula are your child's main source of food.
  • Illness. Some children might develop baby teeth with a green or yellow hue if they are born with a condition in which there is too much bilirubin in the blood (hyperbilirubinemia).
  • Can-You-Whiten-Childrens-Teeth-With-Whitening-Strips
If the discoloration is caused by poor dental hygiene, more thorough brushing might help. Until your child learns to spit — at about age 3 — use a smear of fluoride toothpaste. To keep your child's mouth healthy, avoid filling your child's bottle with liquids such as sugar water, juice or soft drinks and don't put him or her to bed with a bottle. Also, don't share eating utensils with your child. This can spread cavity-causing bacteria. If your child uses a pacifier, never dip it in honey or sugar. Discuss your concerns about your child's baby teeth with his or her doctor. He or she might refer you to a paediatric dentist. After addressing any underlying issues, the dentist might recommend bleaching the discolored teeth later on or simply watching the teeth for signs of other problems.      

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Inspiring! 11yr old Boy is Britain’s youngest orchestra conductor

Achieve great things at a young age

Matthew Smith may be a pint-sized 11yr old but don't judge him by his stature, the kid is a legend in the making. He became Britain's youngest ever orchestra conductor leading a 75-strong orchestra through a faultless rendition of the overture to Johann Strauss II’s Die Fledermaus. What's more, he conducted the nine-minute piece entirely from memory and wasn't fazed by the 1,300 crowd at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. Proud mum, Beverlyn Riley, 40 was all smiles as she watched her son.
His genius was unlocked four years ago when he saw two violinists performing at the Pentecostal church he attends with his mother and told her that he wanted to be ‘just like them’. Mrs Riley who works as a catering assistant at Nottingham High School, approached the school’s senior string teacher Derek Williams who set Matthew up with an old violin.
Instinctively, Matthew placed his fingers in the correct place on the instrument and a star was born. Mr Williams said that Matthew had ‘music coming out of his pores’. He said the boy had ‘an inherent natural ability the like of which I have not seen for 30 years’. Mrs Riley, who is divorced from Matthew’s father Cordova Smith and has since remarried, said that she had no idea where Matthew gets his musical ability from, although his father does play the saxophone.
She added: ‘I’m so proud of what Matthew has done.’


Twin sisters conquering fashion world with their stunning looks

Albinos are  people with pale skin, light hair, pinkish eyes, and visual abnormalities resulting from a hereditary inability to produce the pigment melanin.
In Africa today numerous challenges continually confront millions of people living with albinism first as individuals and as a demographic group within the continent. Across African countries including Nigeria, Albinos are classified amongst the vulnerable groups of society, which includes people living with various kinds of physical disabilities.
According to Albino foundation,  statistics show that over 600,000 Nigerians living with albinism suffer discrimination from their families, schoolmates and peers.  Young kids and adults should always look beyond any challenge and instead use it to their advantage like the story of these two amazing 11 year old Abino girls from Brazil.
A beautiful pair of albino twins from Brazil is becoming famous - Their exotic looks have landed them several modelling jobs - They also work with their equally gorgeous older sister.
ALBINO Meet these rare and gorgeous twins from Brazil. They are quickly becoming famous due to their exotic albino looks, which have caught the attention of world-wide famous photographers, such as Vinicius Terranova, who cast them for a project called Flores Raras (Rare Flowers). They have also posed for brands such as Nike, and magazines, like Bazaar Kids. The 11-year-old twins Lara and Mara Bawar, who live in São Paulo, Brazil, have the rare albinism condition, where melanin production is halted by the body, affecting around 1 in 17,000 people worldwide. ALBINO 2 Besides their own contracts, they have also done some interesting model shoots with their beautiful older sister, Sheila, whose perfect raven-colored skin has landed her some modelling jobs. The images speak for themselves. This trio is definitely impacting! The even have their own Instagram account, which boasts around 5,000 followers. ALBINO 3 “They are incredibly beautiful and talented and that's why I wanted to work with them. They are self-confident, intelligent and work very well. A beauty that is not that uncommon but rather rarely perceived while out there every day, ready to be noticed and given its deserved spotlight. A plea to the power of diversity, it represents the encounter of their sublime beauty,” Terranova has said of the girls. Lara feels “albinism is pretty, we love our hair, eye color and skin tone… We also love to read the beautiful comments on our pictures.” On her part, her sister Mara comments that “growing up like this was amazing, we love being different and are happy with our unique beauty. This is definitely confidence in one’s self, kudos to them! Albino in many parts of the world suffer from persecution and even death. These other sisters luckily managed to have asylum granted.

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6-year-old gives up birthday presents to feed homeless

While other 6-year-olds start making demands for birthday presents days before their big day, a little girl did the unusual by voluntarily forfeiting her birthday presents so the homeless could have a meal. Armani Crews told her parents she was going to forego a birthday present in exchange for feeding the homeless in her local park in Chicago.
Armani asked that they should not be fed just anything, but should be given the same things she would have at a party. At first, her parents thought she could not be serious. To make her understand the full import of her request, they told her that meant she would get no single present this year and she agreed. They finally agreed after she kept insisting for months.
To fulfil the child's request that the homeless be fed only the best, Armani's parents spent on chicken, fish, spaghetti, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, cake, cookies, fruit and water.
In addition to what they prepared for the homeless, their local church also pitched in and donated items like toothbrushes, toothpastes, deodorant, hand sanitizer and a snack for each homeless person. A total of 125 people were fed in East Garfield Park. Armani's mother, Artesha, said that her daughter was really excited that everyone was fed. The little girl, speaking of her unusual birthday request said; ‘it's nice to be nice’

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How to teach children about current affairs

The question of whether or not to inform your young children about current affairs is a very personal question and one that you should always ask your self when it comes to your children. Initially, your reaction might be that you want your “kids to be kids,” meaning you want them to live in innocence and remain blissfully ignorant to the realities of society and not burden them with knowledge they are not prepared nor mature enough to process and understand.
The main reason you should decide to talk to them about current affairs was because you should be the one to help guide them in their understanding of what’s going on. You need to be the one to principally shape their ideas about the world around them rather than strangers who do not necessarily share the same value system or beliefs as my family. Approaching these conversations is not always easy, because if you are  a “deep thinker”, you might have to do some probing to get the conversation going.
Here are a few ways to approach current affairs conversations with young children;
Practice the Conversation
Think about what you want to say before you actually speak to your children.  Talk to close friends with children about what you want to say and even “practice” the conversation with your friends before speaking to the kids.
Find the Right Time
This might be after dinner, during bath time or while making the next day’s lunch.  The “right-time” is a time and place where your children can be the centre of your attention and where outside distractions are limited.
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Ask Them What They Know Already
For example, when the police shoot another innocent person, a bomb is set off in another town or a politician makes another abhorrent remark, ask them “What have you heard about this?  What do you think about this?” Then listen fully before jumping in.
Tell the Truth
Explain the facts as you understand them. With young children, you do not need to go into graphic detail just give enough information so they understand the message you are trying to convey. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know.” Sometimes the best and only answer to the question is “I don’t know.”
Share Your Feelings with Your Child
Don’t be fooled and think your children don’t know what is going on with you. They are constantly watching you and taking their cues from you. Therefore, it is okay, and good even, to acknowledge your feelings with your children.  By sharing your feelings with them, your children get a chance to see that even though upset, you can pull yourself together and continue on. This is an important lesson for them in facing upsets and disappointments in their own lives.
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Reassure Them
When the conversation ends, reassure your children that you will do everything you can to keep them safe and informed.  Reassure them that you are always there and open to answer any questions or to talk about this topic (and others) again in the future.  Finally and most importantly, reassure them that they are loved.
Through discussion of these topics, children develop an awareness of local and global events. It aids in critical thinking where they exercise competencies to become reflective learners. They may also surprise you with their sensitivity and compassion in approaching different topics. The discussion about current affairs provides children with opportunities to share their feelings, thoughts and impression about events happening around them. It also nurtures a proactive sense of responsibility that their small act of let’s say recycling will contribute to a positive change in the environment. Current affairs is a wonderful platform to nurture a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world they live in, while at the same time develop an appreciation for language.
However, some children are too young to understand. Children develop at different rates and they may exhibit different levels of understanding and participation during Current Affairs. 4 year olds are capable of appreciating simple news on celebrations and straightforward topics. Older children are able to handle more difficult and negative news that border destruction and death, be it natural and man-made.
When handled with sensitivity, children will not react adversely to such stories. It brings out their innate feelings of kindness, helpfulness and righteousness.


The cruel reality of Child brides, violence against girls

Over Irish 100 girls were present at an original, yet thoroughly impacting, protest, which looked to attract attention to the plight of young female refugees, many of which face the prospect of becoming child brides. violen The girls dressed as child brides, in order to perform a mannequin challenge with a bizarre twist. The video with all the participants standing still, became an important token of activism for thse young demonstrators. viole The video has a voice-over which says “girl refugees have their lives on hold," going on to state how -among refugees- girls are more likely to be caught in a vacuum of violence, early marriage and denial of education. "Refugee girls are too often invisible. Their voices lost,” it adds. viol The mannequin challenge was performed in the city of Dublin, at South King Street, with many of the “child brides” also accompanied by older boys and men, which tried to pinpoint their terrible fate at the hands of male captors or future husbands. vio violence The demonstration was organised by a child rights association called Plan International Ireland. They aim to bring support and raise awareness for globally displaced girls, a number which has been estimated in around 16.5 million nowadays.     

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World Bank to grant Nigeria $500m loan to assist out-of-school children

The World Bank has offered to give Nigeria a $500 million-loan to mop up out -of-school children, according to an official of the bank.

World Bank to grant Nigeria $500m loan to assist out- of-school children

For all kids that are out of school in Nigeria, the World Bank has offered a $500million loan to tackle the challenge.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Dr Olatunde Adekola, a Senior Education Specialist with the bank, disclosed this in Sokoto state on Sunday, February 26.

Adekola, who led a five-man team of the bank on a courtesy call on Gov. Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State, added that the loan would be given under its `Better Education-For-All (BEDA)’ Project.

He said that the project would, specifically, focus on the northern parts of Nigeria, specifically to bolster the girl-child education.

Adekola said: “The project will be results oriented, ensure that children are able to read and write,

“This is to help the government to strengthen its service delivery mechanisms to children, girls, women and other vulnerable groups.

“Most of the challenges in the country are education related and the five-year project is aimed at reversing the ugly trend.”

The World Bank official, however, expressed satisfaction with the efforts so far made by Tambuwal to move the education sector forward in the state.

Adekola lauded the state for allocating about 27 per cent of its annual budget to education in 2016 and 2017 fiscal years.

He said: “The state government also deserves a pat on the back for ensuring the prompt payment of teachers’ salaries.

“We have also noted an unlimited appetite by parents in the state for the education of their children.”

Responding, Governor Tambuwal promised to sustain the existing partnership between the bank and the state government.

We will continue to honour our own side of commitments to such agreements in terms of finances and other issues.

“We have begun the process of creating an agency to be in charge of the education of the girl-child.

“We will ensure the effective utilization of the funds, to avoid any infractions,” the governor said.

Source: NAN