Nigeria’s first set of quintuplets turn 17 years

Quintuplets are a set of five offspring born at one birth. An individual that is part of such a set is called a quintuplet and sometimes referred to as a quint. Quintuplets occur naturally in 1 in 55,000,000 births. The first set of quintuplets born in the United States were reported to be the Kanouse quints in Watertown, Wisconsin in 1875.

Ethiopia has banned adoption of children by foreigners

Ethiopia’s parliament has passed legislation banning the adoption of children by foreigners. The country is a popular destination for families seeking to adopt, with celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie among those who have adopted children from there.   The adoption of Ethiopian children has caused heated debate in the country since 2013, when a

What you should know about Cervical Cancer

January is the month of Cervical Cancer Awareness. We hear all about the symptoms of breast cancer on a regular basis, but there’s another type of cancer that is common in women: cervical cancer. , Cervical cancer begins when healthy cells on the surface of the cervix change and grow out of control, forming a

Couples Joint Account: A recipe for disaster?

  Amenze finally married the love of her life after dating for over 8 years recently. The wedding ceremony was the stuff of dreams and had everything she ever wished for. It was all over bellanaija and all other wedding blogs. She moved in with her husband in their new rented apartment in Lekki as

How do you know if your child has vision problems?

It can be difficult to know if your child has vision problems. A Johns Hopkins eye expert provides tips to help you recognize if your child may need glasses. Undetected vision problems can impact your child’s performance both in and out of the classroom. Therefore, it’s important to understand eye health so you can recognize

Family fun weekend photo collection

Hi Folks, Hope your first week in the new year was wonderful, fulfilling and relaxing after the holiday season! Every weekend we will share the highlights (photos) of inspiring, exciting, fun and interesting photos for the week. So do nOt miss out, look out for now and follow us on FAB Facebook  and Instagram pages

Nigerian bride ties the knot in a wheelchair

Heartwarming!  Bride involved in an accident few weeks before her wedding The wedding must have been an emotional one because it almost didn’t happen. According to Ojims Michael, executive officer at Headline Newspaper, the lady was involved in an accident a week after the pre-wedding photos were taken…(below) Michael posted photos of the bride in

Weekend Family delight: Peppered Puff Puff

Peppered Puff Puff is the hot and spicy version of the classic Nigerian Puff Puff. If you want some zing in your Puff Puff, you will be able to do so using the recipe on this page For about 20 balls of Puff Puff, you will need: 200g (1½ cups) plain flour (all purpose flour)

Forgiveness is Divine, a true life story

A Young lady forgives best friend who attacked her with acid 5 years ago  Forgiveness is a powerful antidote and sometimes solution to a lot of life issues. As much as it may be painful to forgive sometimes due to the magnitude of the issue, its really the best decision no matter what. I was

Things you should never say to a MOM with a screaming child

Have you ever wondered what to say to the mum with the screaming toddler in the middle of the supermarket? Well, you might not know what to say to help, but here are 10 things NOT to say. The other day, I was in a bus on my way home. A toddler was throwing tantrums

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