Things you do that make mosquitoes bite you

New research has revealed that mosquitoes prey on their victims due to a number of factors. They also say that the species of mosquitoes you are exposed to can determine whether or not you are going to be bitten. So, why do mosquitoes bite you? These reasons… • Beer. Some studies reveal that mosquitoes are attracted

Make exercise regular discipline, doctor advises

Dr Ahmed Attah, a Clinical Hematologist, on Saturday, urged Nigerians to make exercise a regular discipline to continue to be physically fit and mentally strong. Attah, who is also the Special Adviser to Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi on Health Matters, gave the advice in an interview with Newsmen  after a Health Walk to Mount

Do you want to hide your not-so-flat tummy? Read this!

This is a common problem among us ladies regardless of what body shape or type we have – belly fat. There have been countless days when we’ve sucked our tummy in in front of the mirror and wished it stayed that way. Wearing a tummy tucker does work sometimes, especially when you are wearing a

What counts as Vitamin C overdose?

Vitamin C is commonly found in many fruits and vegetables. It is a water-soluble vitamin with a great impact on the human’s body. Vitamin C boosts the immune system, has great antioxidant properties, takes part in the process of collagen production, helps the absorption of iron in the gastrointestinal system, etc. The only problem with

Tired or fatigue! Are you always tired?

Getting a perfect night’s sleep every night is impossible. But if you’re sleeping pretty well and still wake up finding yourself out of sorts and tired most days of the week, there may be underlying problems. There is a difference between typical sleepiness and the bone-weariness that is fatigue. Everyone can feel simply exhausted on

Shocking Habits That Seriously Damage Your Kidneys

  The rising cases of kidney failure in the last 5 – 10 years has been alarming. This was not common back in the days as not even young and middle aged are not speared these days. Our kidneys are super important for our health. They filter our blood, produce hormones, absorb minerals, produce urine,

Heart myths you need to stop believing

Heart disease is one of the number one killers in the world.  But despite that stat, a new survey shows that almost 75 percent of people aren’t worried about dying from it. What’s more, more than one-quarter of Nigerians with a family history of the disease don’t take any preventative steps to protect their heart,

What Can a Swollen Face and Rash Indicate?

If you woke up with a swollen, puffy face, it might be the result of excess pressure on your face when sleeping. But what if you look in the mirror and realize that you have rash at the same time? It should raise an alarm. The combination of swelling and a rash can indicate that

Drinking at early age raises death risk by 47%

PHOTO: Alcohicthinkagain *Strokes may cause increased preference for alcohol, researchers find Getting drunk before your 15th birthday nearly doubles your risk of an early death, new research reveals. Those who get inebriated at a young age are 47 percent more likely to die prematurely, a study found. Researchers believe early drinking may increase a person’s

Eating red onions destroys cancer tumours

A new study has confirmed that eating red onion, a common, vegetable used in cooking around the world, may help to fight cancer. According to the study, which was presented at the ‘Food Research International’ forum, the tasty vegetable is full of powerful compounds that help to kill tumours. One type of the red onion

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