Weight Loss After 40: How to Successfully Lose Weight

It’s no secret that losing weight after 40 can be difficult for some women. As you age, you begin to lose muscle mass, causing your metabolism to slow down. Add to the slow metabolism a dose of wildly fluctuating hormones and you have the perfect recipe for weight gain. Weight gain after 40 no longer translates into only a tight-fitting pair of pants. You are now at increased risks for a wide range of diseases, including depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes. If you are trying the same tricks and tips you used in your 20s and 30s, you will find they no longer work. Cutting back on junk food and spending an extra hour in the gym would result in a five kilogram weight loss. It seemed effortless, but why don’t those tricks work for you after forty? Your body doesn’t respond the same way it did as in your 20s. gj Here are steps required to successfully lose weight after age 40.

  1. Exercise
Why it works: As you age, you begin to lose muscle mass. Your metabolism, the rate you burn calories, is tied directly to muscle mass. By exercising, your muscles will tighten and you will achieve a slimmer appearance. Also, don’t be afraid to lift heavier weights. You do not need to stick with the little dumbbells. Don’t overlook the convenience of body weight exercises. Squats and lunges can be performed in your own living room without any special equipment. Push-ups and pull-ups are also good alternatives. officialowengee-1457255535196
  1. Eat Real Food
Why it works: It should come as no surprise that processed foods are generally higher in calories, unhealthy fats and sugar than whole foods. Eliminating processed foods can have one of the largest impacts on your weight. Skip the diets and simply eat whole foods. Whole foods are foods that have not been overly processed or have added additives or artificial ingredients. Typically, foods full of sugars and starches are often processed. Skip the soft and sugary drinks and stick to water. How to do it: Instead of thinking about cutting out foods, change your mindset so you are thinking about adding healthier foods into your diet. You may find that your cravings for carbohydrates and sugary foods wane as you opt for healthier alternatives. When you do make changes to your diet, do so gradually and in small increments. 3911 Remember, you are working on developing a lifelong habit of healthier food choices.
  1. Pay Attention to Portion Sizes
Why it works: Portion sizes have greatly increased, and in some cases, it has doubled and even tripled! As portion sizes increase, so do waistlines. However, as you age, you actually need fewer calories. As creatures of habit, you tend to eat the same foods in the same amount. How to do it: One of the easiest ways to limit your portion sizes at home is to use smaller dinner plates. Just like the growing portion sizes, dinner plates have grown. Slow down your eating. Take your time chewing your food. Sit around the table with family and friends and enjoy a leisurely meal. This will give your stomach more time to let your brain know when it is full. Also, avoiding the TV during meal times will help you consume less food. bimbo-akintola-2 (1)
  1. Take Long Walks
Why it works: It’s a common misconception that you have to be engaged in a high impact activity to get aerobic benefits. As a matter of fact, walking is one of the best exercises for you. It’s low impact so it is easy on the joints and it engages the major muscle groups in your body. Too much sitting is bad for you and contributes to weight gain. A good way to counteract all that sitting is by walking. Walking after your meals also aids in weight loss and helps control blood glucose levels. Furthermore, walking can help alleviate, or at least ease, body aches and pains. In particular for middle-aged women, walking is associated with less weight gain and even mitigates the effects of aging. How to do it: You already know how to walk, so this becomes a case of how to fit more walking into your already busy day. Start with the obvious and easiest tips: park farther away, take the stairs etc Monalisa-Chinda1
  1. Supplements
Why it works: For many reasons, you are not getting all the nutrients you need out of your food. Perhaps your diet isn’t as healthy as you would like. Maybe nutrients were lost during the ripening and delivery process. For whatever reason, supplementing your diet with vitamins can be a boost to your weight loss. How to do it: Vitamin supplements may include a general daily multi-vitamin, high quality Omega 3 Fatty Acid, and Vitamin D3 with Calcium
  1. Get Eight Hours of Sleep
Why it works: You may not be woken up by crying babies any longer, but women over 40 may still not getting the sleep they need. Sixty-one percent of menopausal women are afflicted with insomnia. Fluctuating hormones can interfere with sleep and even turn a morning person into a night owl. These changes in the sleep patterns lead to fatigue and low energy levels. Low energy levels translate into decreased physical activity and cravings for high carbohydrate foods. Simply not getting enough sleep can cause weight gain and lower your overall quality of life.   How to do it: Create a comfortable environment for sleeping. Select soft lighting, eliminate TV and other electronic screens, and turn down the thermostat for a cool room. Design a sleep schedule that works best for your lifestyle and stick to it. Going to bed and waking at the same time will help your body adjust to a natural sleep/wake cycle. Eat more protein throughout your day. It may seem strange to list food among tips for getting more sleep, but studies show that increasing your protein intake make for a better night’s sleep. Additionally, avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages before bed.  
  1. Manage Stress
Why it works: Individuals who are stressed lose less weight than non-stressed people. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, is released during times of stress. It regulates many of the body’s responses to stress, including blood sugar levels and metabolic rates. Too much cortisol makes it difficult to lose any weight. It is imperative that any attempts at weight loss include a stress management program. How to do it: Spend time in nature. Our brains seem to work better in nature. If you can’t get out in nature, research suggests that merely listening to the sounds of nature can reduce stress and cortisol. Losing weight after forty isn’t impossible, but it does take a more deliberate approach. Embrace the life experience and lessons you have learned to enhance your weight loss. Patience and persistence, both skills developed over a lifetime, turn these seven steps into healthy habits that will last your entire life.


10 Surprising Things that Age your Skin

We all know that the sun causes so much damage to our skin and that we should always protect it. There are a few things that may surprise you that age your skin without you even knowing it. We do them every single day but with a few tweaks and stopping bad habits, your skin can look younger and healthier. Prevention is a great frugal beauty tip. Here are some things that make your skin age. Tech Neck Have you ever heard of the term “tech neck”? It is the sagging of the skin on your neck due to constantly checking your phone. Think of how many times a day you look down to check a text, email, or just surfing the web. On average, it is 150 times a day! It causes the skin around your neck to lose elasticity and become saggy. How to Fight it: When you check your phone, try to hold it at eye level so you aren’t constantly looking down. Using a Straw If you regularly drink from a straw you could be causing damage to your skin. By constantly pursing your lips you are creating lines and wrinkles around your mouth. This can age your mouth just like the constant motion of smoking cigarettes. How to Fight It: Drink from a glass as often as you. skooo High Heat Heat from a hot stove, hair dryer, and even from holding the phone against your face can all cause skin spots. This can cause the air in your home to lose moisture which causes you skin to become dry. How to Fight It: Don’t linger over the stove or any other heat source. jhghgjj Indoor Lighting We stay inside to get away from the sun’s harmful UV rays but LED lighbulbs can emit moderate levels of UV light. Some of the lighting used in stores and office buildings can even cause brown spots. How to Fight It: Switch to CFL bulbs and install a dimmer when you can. Excessive Drinking Having a drink every once in a while is perfectly fine and can even be good for you. Drinking too much can lead to aging skin as well as other health problems. Alcohol is a diuretic which means it dehydrates you and your skin. It also causes your liver to work harder to get out all of the toxins. How to Fight It: Stick to one or two drinks when you go out with the girls or on date night. de53f02dbefbe7e7917039d9afeb4064 Your Pillow If you are a stomach or side sleeper, your pillow could be giving you sleep lines. When we sleep on our face for a long period of time, it can cause little wrinkles around your face. How to Fight It: Invest in a satin or silk pillowcase. You don’t have to buy a full sheet set because that can get expensive, just get a smooth pillowcase that won’t cause wrinkles when you sleep. The Wrong Makeup The right kind of makeup can do wonders for your face. If you use a heavy foundation or powder it can make you look older. The heavy formulas can settle into wrinkles and fine lines, which can only accentuate the problem areas. How to Fight It: Switch to a lighter formula or moisturizer.   Not Removing Makeup Before Bed Speaking of makeup, leaving makeup on when you go to bed is really bad for your skin. Your face needs to “breathe” at night so that it can get the proper moisture it needs. This will give you younger and healthier looking skin. Plus, you don’t want all of that makeup and bacteria getting all over your pillow. How to Fight It: You know to use a facial cleanser before you go to bed but sometimes you are so exhausted. Keep a stash of makeup remover wipes on hand. Spot Treating Acne A lot of women suffer from the occasional breakout. If you use a spot treatment, you will usually end up with a dry and patchy area of skin. This makes the spot stand out and just makes it hard for makeup to cover it. How to Fight It: Use an acne fighting face wash everyday to help prevent breakouts. If your breakouts persist, talk to a dermatologist for other suggestions for your particular issue. Stress Stress can wreck havoc on our bodies, our skin is no exception. Stress can cause wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and many other problems. It is hard to reduce stress at work and even at home but if you take a few minutes for yourself everyday your body will thank you. How to Fight It: You can take a weekly rest, listen to soothing music, etc.


Skincare Pamper: Weekend tips for the skin

During the week it is hard to find the time to dedicate to looking after your skin beyond a basic cleansing routine. Long working hours, busy social lives and general daily tasks push pampering yourself to the bottom of your to-do list. When the weekend arrives it often means you have more time to do what you want, making it the perfect opportunity to switch up your skin care routine and try something different. Luckily for us, this weekend is very long due to the Muslim holiday as the Federal Government declared Monday and Tuesday as public holidays. This means you can pay extra time to your skin. black-skincare There are two ways you can approach weekend skin care; you can choose to revive and re-balance the skin ready for the week ahead or you can experiment with a new product or treatment. How your skin has survived the past week and what you want to improve on will help you to decide which road you want to go down. If you have a very stressful job or have had a particularly busy week, your skin may feel dry and look tired or irritated. In this case using calming and re-balancing products will rid the skin of any nasties while getting it back to normal before starting the whole cycle again. It is important for skin to recharge for it to stay healthy, so use the weekend to your advantage. Try a detoxifying scrub on a Friday or Saturday night to remove the dead skin cells that have built up during the week. 579b98e387d478c22347c84f10dce10f--natural-makeup-tips-natural-bridal-makeup Something like a rejuvenating body scrub is perfect as it thoroughly exfoliates dead skin cells and adds essential antioxidants back into the skin. Take this idea further and use it to smooth uneven skin texture and make it glow. Try a Body Polish which works like a microdermabrasion treatment for the body, simply massage it over the skin following a bath or shower and your skin will feel as smooth as silk. Alternatively, you can use a face mask to rid the skin of impurities and re-balance oil production, preparing your skin for the coming week. These are especially great if you have oily or acne prone skin as they calm inflammation and unclog pores for a clearer looking complexion. Masks are great for this, so try the them as they purifiy the skin. You can also use a face mask to hydrate dry skin or boost the radiance of dull skin. A hectic week can make dry skin worse, so a hydrating face mask is an easy way to replenish lost moisture and prevent irritation. 795c532e1f1822b219bbf1fd8d311693--black-is-beautiful-beautiful-women Weekends are also the perfect time to experiment with your skin care and try something a little more intensive. Try body peels on clean skin once a week to renew and revitalise using a combination of a microdermabrasion treatment and an acid peel. The main purpose of this tool is to create tiny holes in the skin to enhance the penetration of the active ingredients in your skin care products, so they can go deeper into the epidermis and give you better results. It can help with a wide range of skin conditions and is a great weekend skin treatment, for both beginners and skin care aficionados. Finally, ensure the skin is hydrated properly with overnight moisturisers and serums following any of these treatments. Face scrubs, peels and masks all benefit the skin, but they don’t offer any aftercare ingredients which is where a moisturiser comes in. Hydrating the skin following a treatment will help maintain the results and keep the skin healthy. What skin care treat are you trying this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.    


Benefits of African Black Soap for the Skin

Joelle-Kayembe1-1024x581 There are useful components of the soap include antibiotics and retinoid. The soap helps in the prevention and treatment of rosacea a condition that dermatologists still find difficulties treating.  It stops the burning and stinging sensation caused by the weather. African black soap is also good for sensitive skin and as a standard acne treatment. The inclusion of coconut in its manufacture makes it very helpful for those with a dry and sensitive skin. Individuals with skin allergies and irritations can comfortably use the soap. tumblr_m1ll4x60nl1rqy5xoo1_500 Individuals with skin allergies and irritations can comfortably use the soap. Anyone who is keen in maintaining a healthy skin knows that the best way to do so is avoiding skin irritants. African black soap does not contain any skin irritants. There are indeed many benefits when one used black soap for skin. These include:

  • African black soap is gentle, fragrance-free and alcohol-free. Human skin is daily bombarded with various influences such as biting cold weather, drying wind, scorching sun bacteria or other forms of dirt.
  • The black soap has been tested over many centuries as capable of insulating the skin against environmental and biological factors.
  • The African black soap has gone through several upgrades with many other natural additives being included in its making to gather for wider varieties of skin and different kinds of skin sensitivities. Those harmed with soap making knowledge can also choose to add fragrances of their choice.
  • It lathers easily, thus allowing it to easily spread across your skin and evenly get rid of any dirt or unwanted oils that may have accumulated in the skin over time.
  • It does a much better job compared to other soaps in removing makeup and any impurities on the skin surface.
  • Unlike other soaps black soap draws moisture instead of stripping the skin of much-needed moisture. The PH level of black soap is compatible with most skin types.
Also, African black soap lightens skin while at the same time retaining its natural beauty. However, it should be noted that black soap is not designed specifically to lighten skin. It achieves this effect by removing dead cells on the skin surface and allowing important nutrients such as vitamin E and A to be conveniently supplied. Its ability to prevent the effects of scorching sun or cold conditions also makes it possible for the skin to remain lighter compared to the skins of those who do not use it. When you use black soap for skin, you may experience several effects depending on how you use it. However, in general, the side effects are less common. The major positive effects of the soap are:  
  • Black soap does not have any negative effects on the skin. The soap is useful in removing dead cells hence allowing new cells to grow. Unlike other soaps, black soap does not contain animal fat, petroleum, fillers, detergents or other chemicals common in the manufacture of synthetic or unnatural soaps.
  • The soap is good for all different skin types because all its ingredients are carefully chosen. The cold process method is used in the making of the black soap. This, therefore, ensures that there is no adverse alteration of the natural ingredients in the soap. The process also ensures that the ingredients have time to evenly mix thus ensuring that all parts of the soap have all the required sizes and quantities of necessary components.
  • The process also ensures that the ingredients have time to evenly mix thus ensuring that all parts of the soap have all the required sizes and quantities of necessary components.
  • Vital ingredients, for example, glycerin, are not removed from the natural ingredients, therefore, making it retain its moisturizing, cleansing and healing ability.
  Most commercial soap manufacturers extract some of these ingredients to enable them to make more soaps. This, therefore, makes the soaps less effective compared to black soap. The black soap is relatively cheap(depending on your location) but you can get it between #500 and #2,000 which also depends on the size. Why don't you try African Black soap today?

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What is the #TontoDikehChallenge?

Nigerians are not willing to let Tonto Dikeh just walk away after her latest antics - Many have decided to mock her - Via their social media pages with the #TontoDikehChallenge When Tonto Dikeh posted a photo of herself dressed like a man to visit her son’s school, Nigerians took to social media to share their reactions to her action. While some praised her, others lambasted her saying she should stop behaving like her son’s father is dead. This is coming as the #Halleluyahchallenge is getting bigger and bigger with each coming day. 0 (5) Tonto Dikeh dressed like a man to celebrate 2017 Father's Day at her son's school Not done with Tonto, Nigerians took to their social media pages to start the #TontoDikehChallenge. A challenge aimed at mocking the popular actress. See some photos below: TONTO D C     GBBB TOC


How do you get rid of garlic breath?

Garlic is part of many dishes and recipes. People all over the world love garlic for its health benefits and unique flavor. However, the sulphuric compounds found in garlic are not just responsible for its unique flavor and many health benefits, but also for its unpleasant odor. This odour is commonly referred to as “garlic breath”. Here are some tips on how to get rid of the foul garlic breath.

  1. Brush and Floss Your Teeth
Brushing your teeth is very important for a good oral hygiene and health. Also, don’t forget to floss your teeth regularly as it will help eliminate any food particles, debris, and bacteria which can’t be reached with a toothbrush. Brushing and flossing the teeth after eating garlic will help you get rid of garlic breath.
  1. Use Mouthwash
Mouthwashes are recommended for good oral hygiene and health as well. Those containing chlorine dioxide are especially helpful when trying to get rid of garlic breath. It is recommended to use mouthwash after brushing and flossing your teeth.
  1. Use Tongue Cleaners
The mouth is a great place for bacteria to live and multiply, often contributing to bad breath. This is especially true in cases of a poor oral hygiene. Tongue cleaners are a great way of eliminating bacteria and dead cells. You can use a tongue scraper or a tongue brush after eating garlic in order to eliminate garlic breath. images (1)
  1. Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh vegetables like cucumber, lettucce or even apples are great for getting rid of bad breath, especially garlic breath. Eating these fresh fruits and vegetables will help eliminate the unpleasant odor of garlic that no one wants.
  1. Drink Green Tea
Green tea is healthy and refreshing. It is well known that green tea has many health benefits, especially known for its antioxidant benefits. It can also help you eliminate the garlic odour until you brush your teeth, as normally it is impossible to brush your teeth immediately after having a meal.
  1. Spearmint Gum for Garlic Breath
Garlic breath can be temporarily neutralized by chewing spearmint gum. Spearmint gum is also great for the reduction of acid reflux which can make your breath get even worse. Chew a spearmint gum after every meal, especially after eating garlic. Spearmint is available in several brands in the market.
  1. Drink Milk
Yes, milk is very helpful when trying to eliminate the bad smell that comes after eating garlic. Drinking milk significantly reduces the concentration of odorous compounds produced normally by garlic in the mouth. Whole milk is better for this purpose than fat-free milk.
  1. Try Lemon
Lemon has many great health properties, including anti-bacterial properties which will help eliminate any bacteria in the mouth. It also helps neutralize and eliminate the garlic odor. Suck a lemon wedge after eating garlic and your bad breath will disappear. If you can’t stand to garlic odor on your hands as well, try washing them with lemon juice.
  1. Try Mustard
How to get rid of garlic breath? Mustard is great for eliminating garlic smell. First, take one teaspoon of mustard and roll it around your mouth for about one minute. Spit it. Secondly, take another half of teaspoon with mustard and swallow it. This will do its effect and eliminate the bad breath after eating garlic.


The goodness of Egusi SOUP for the family

Egusi (Melon seeds) us the seed obtained from Citrullus  lantus (Egusi Melon), the biological ancestor of the watermelon as we know it today. This melon has its root in West Africa and unlike the juicy, red and sweet water melon we all know, this is pale yellow or green on the inside and quite bitter. This melon is therefore grown mainly for its seeds which is grounded into a flour and used in making Egusi Soup. download (4) The nutritional benefits of Egusi are numerous and some of them are as follows: Protein – The crude protein composition of Egusi stands at 23.4% making it comparable to other plant proteins food sources such as soybean, cowpeas and pumpkin seeds. Fat (Oil) – The fat content is 45.7% which makes it comparable to pumpkin seeds in terms of its oil content. Now, before you decide to stop eating Egusi because of its fat content, it might interest you to know that the fats in Egusi comprise mainly of mono-unsaturated omega 9 fatty acids (15.9%) and polyunsaturated omega 6 fatty acids (62.8%). Omega 6 fatty acids are known as ‘essential fatty acids’ because the human body needs them for healthy functioning but cannot make them by combining other food components; it therefore needs to be obtained from food and/or through supplements. The body needs this kind of fat. Fibre – The fibre content from the research stood at 12% which is high compared to other legumes. Carbohydrate – The carbohydrate content is quite low at 10.6% compared to other legumes which tend to have anywhere between 20-60% carbohydrate content; but this isn’t really a problem as Egusi soup is traditionally eaten with a carbohydrate rich food. Essential Amino acids – Egusi is rich in Arginine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Threonine, Phenylalaline, Valine, Histidine and Methionine. Other Amino acids – Cystine, Tyrosine, Proline, Glutamic acid, Aspartic acid, Serine, Glycine and Alanine. Minerals – Egusi is richest in the mineral Phosphorous, followed by Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium.  Other minerals include Iron, zinc, manganese and copper. Instead of boring yourself trying to understand all this scientific terms, why not make Egusi soup for lunch today?  


Amazing! Honey and lemon for weight loss

  These days, people do not mind trying all sorts of fad diets and fitness programs to help lose weight. There are many ways to lose weight, but trying anything to lose weight drastically can prove extremely bad for your health. Your goal should not just be to lose weight, but to maintain a balanced diet with proper exercise so as to have a healthy weight. But what about lemon and honey for weight loss? Is it a good option? It is true that both lemon and honey do not directly offer any weight loss benefits, but they can be part of your weight loss diet because they do not add to your calorie count and still provide you with important minerals and vitamins that you may not be getting while dieting. Moreover, these vitamins and minerals can help improve digestion, which in turn plays a big role in keeping you slim. When combined with nutritious diet and exercise, the lemon and honey tonic works amazingly well to dissolve fat deposits in your body. You have to understand that there is no magic pill to lose weight overnight. You have gained all those extra pounds over the course of several years, so you are never going to get amazing results in a week or two. Your focus should be on cutting calories and eating nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods to lose weight in a healthy way. len To use lemon and honey for weight loss, you need to learn how to make the honey-lemon drink. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Take a cup of water and boil it.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey (organic and unprocessed) once the water is just warm to touch.
  • Dissolve the honey first and then take half a lemon and squeeze it into the cup.
  • Your lemon-honey drink is ready!
Keep in mind that you should drink this tonic immediately after making it, and it is even better to drink it on an empty stomach. Never try to heat the mixture once you have dissolved honey in it because heating can make it toxic. There are many reasons why using lemon and honey for weight loss is a good idea, but you may want to include it in your diet to reap some other amazing benefits as well. Those benefits indirectly help with weight loss. Here are some of the benefits of drinking this tonic.
  1. It Improves Digestive System
The tonic helps improve digestion by stimulating the production of stomach acids. It also increases bile secretion and facilitates the absorption of nutrients. In the absence of undigested materials in your digestive tract, you are less likely to feel bloated, which is going to make you look slimmer.  
  1. It Reduces Water Retention
You are going to look fat when your body retains excess water. The tonic helps you in this regard because it works as a diuretic and increases the production of urine. Your body may retain water and fluid in tissues when there is inflammation in the body. You are likely to have facial edema and swelling of the feet when your body is retaining excess water. Regular intake of lemon-honey tonic can help eliminate excess fluid and make you feel better.
  1. It Triggers Detoxification Process
Eating food contaminated with fertilizers and chemical pesticides can create a toxic environment in your body. Your skin may also absorb environmental pollutants that accumulate in tissues, in the kidneys and liver and affect your overall health. The lemon-honey tonic can help detoxify your body and eliminate these toxic substances in a healthy way. The tonic is especially beneficial for your liver and improves its function so that it could neutralize toxins more efficiently.
  1. It Clears Skin Blemishes
The mixture of lemon and honey is equally beneficial for your skin. Taking it in the morning can really help put acne to rest. Both lemon and honey have antioxidants that are good for your skin. Your skin clears within a couple of weeks of drinking this tonic. Some people believe that applying lemon juice directly to skin can help reduce acne, but the remedy is not suitable for all, especially if you have highly sensitive skin. You will be better off drinking lemon juice with honey to prevent irritation and still get its benefits.
  1. It Boosts Your Immune System
Regular intake of lemon-honey tonic can significantly boost your immune system and protect you from seasonal allergies and infections. Keep taking this drink and you will notice a reduction in colds and flu. The addition of honey makes this tonic especially beneficial for people with allergies because honey usually has very small concentration of those allergens and helps desensitize your body.
  1. It Treats Throat Infection
Drinking lemon and honey for weight loss makes great sense, but you can enjoy the same to help treat throat infections. Simply make a drink by dissolving honey and lemon in warm water and drink it for instant relief. Honey has disinfectants such as the peroxides that can help clear the bacterial load in the infected area. The tonic also proves effective against inflammation and pain.
  1. It Relieves Chest Congestion
When you are dealing with a cough or chest congestion, you can again resort to lemon and honey drink. You can find honey and lemon lozenges to help relieve a cough, but they are not as effective as freshly prepared lemon-honey tonic. Honey helps expel excessive phlegm and at the same time reduces mucus production. Lemon makes it easier to cough up mucus, which in turn reduces any congestion in the chest.


How to remove a fish bone stuck in your throat

Fish is a healthy source of protein as well as Omega-3 fatty acids, excessive care has to be taken while consuming fish. This is because of the narrow and thin bones that line the meat. Often, fish bones can get stuck in the consumer’s throat, piercing the throat in a manner that needs to be dealt with immediately. Since the bone is quite thin, it will not pass along the throat easily, and can cause irritation as well as swelling to the region. This is why immediate attention is necessary in this situation. Here, we will go over the steps of removing the fish bone when it is stuck in the throat. There are some at-home remedies you can try in order to alleviate the throat irritation and pain brought about by a fish bone that gets stuck. You should try these remedies as soon as the bone gets stuck, and if none of these treatments work, go see a doctor. fish

  1. Cough
The very first thing you can try is coughing. In some cases, heavy coughing can help dislodge the stuck bone.
  1. Drink Salty Water
If coughing does not work, you should take a glass of lukewarm water, add a pinch of salt to it, and then drink the mixture. If the fish bone is small enough, it will be dislodged by the salt water and be taken down the alimentary canal to your stomach.
  1. Ingest Eba or Bread
You can also try the ingestion of Eba as a remedy. Fill your mouth with just enough Eba to make chewing possible. For more effectiveness, don't chew the Eba. Just swallow it straight up. The lump of marshmallows once swallowed might be enough to take the bone down to the stomach. Make sure you drink water after this. Similarly, you can rely on a piece of bread and butter to provide stickiness that is similar to that provided by Eba. Alternatively, if there is sticky rice available to you, take a spoonful of it and swallow it without chewing. Be careful not to ingest too much of it, or you might risk choking. fish 2
  1. Drink Olive Oil
Another thing you can try is to soften the fish bone stuck in throat. In a glass of water, boil a handful of olives. Drink the liquid while it is warm, so that the bone can be softened and possibly taken down the esophagus. You can also try drinking warm olive oil to provide lubrication.
  1. Try Banana
Take some banana and keep it in your mouth for a few minutes until it moistens. Make sure you do not chew it! Once it is moist enough, slowly swallow it. The stickiness of the banana may attract the fish bone and if it does, the bone will easily be taken down to the stomach.
  1. Drink Vinegar
Some people suggest drinking diluted vinegar to soften and even dissolve the bone. The success of this method has yet to be reported widely, but this is still worth trying.
  1. Medical Treatment
Medical treatment to remove fish bone stuck in throat works through a series of steps. Firstly, to determine the exact location of the fish bone stuck in your throat, the medical care provider may carry out an X-ray that involves ingesting a barium-based liquid. Other methods include a laryngoscopy to have a look at the back of your throat, a CT scan in extreme cases, and an endoscopy to determine the level of damage that the fish bone has caused to your digestive tract. When the location is determined, using forceps will usually be the first method to remove the fish bone. Endoscopy may also be used to remove the bone in cases where forceps fail to retrieve the bone. In very rare cases, surgery may be required. Once the object has been taken out, some medications may be prescribed, depending on the severity of the lodging of the fish bone in your throat. If the home remedies fail and your condition is accompanied by the following symptoms, you should seek immediate help from a doctor: Pain when swallowing or even a sore throat vomiting blood, Difficulty breathing or breathing that is accompanied by coughs, choking or gagging, Pain in chest and abdomen and Fever. Even when the home remedies do help you remove the fish bone stuck in throat, you'd better pay close attention to the above symptoms and see your doctor if you have similar discomfort.


Tips to have beautiful and strong nails

Would you like to have beautiful, strong nails that don’t chip or break? Find out how to take good care of them using these tips. Ladies love their nails. They make our hands look elegant and feminine and we would like them to be strong and pretty. However, a lot of girls out there have problems with their nails. Get rid of those problems today!

  1. Rubber Gloves Are Your Friends
Do not EVER do the dishes or clean your home without wearing rubber gloves. The chemicals you use for cleaning are very strong and can really damage your hands and your nails. Not only that they will make your nails weaker, they could also give you nasty burns. Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning. nails
  1. Calcium Gels and Nail Hardeners
Nail hardeners can really make your nails stronger. However, you can’t expect results right away, you need to give it some time and use the product regularly.
  1. Nail Creams
Your regular hand cream is sometimes not enough. In order to take good care of your nails, you need to get special nail creams. They are usually not expensive, and there’s a bunch of them on the market. Try a couple until you find the one that suits you best. menS NAIL
  1. Cuticle Removing
One of the biggest mistakes many girls do when it comes to their nails is cutting the cuticles. This should never be done. Instead, apply cuticle remover gel or cream and gently push your cuticles with a cuticle stick.
  1. Regular Clipping
You really have no reason to have super long nails. Not only that it’s unpractical, but it makes you look a bit slutty. Keep your nails at length that doesn’t come in a way of your every day chores and clip them regularly. Nails that are too long are also much more prone to breaking.
  1. Filing and Polishing
First and foremost, invest in a good nail file. Every time you clip your nails, file them. Do this by moving the file in one direction only. When you move it left and right you’re actually creating tiny cracks that weaken your nails. Polish your nails not more often than once a month. If you do it too often, you can make your nails thinner and weaker.
  1. Easy on Nail Polish
Although colorful nails are quite cool, nail polish actually does a lot of damage to your nails. The reason is that nail polishes contain acetone, which makes your nails soft. Don’t manicure your nails more often than once a week and buy only high quality nail polishes. If your nail polish has passed its expiration date, throw it right away. No treatment or special care will help you if you don’t know how to keep your nails healthy. . What do you think? Are these tips helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below