Tips on Wearing Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are a popular jewellery item and a quick way to spice up an outfit. They are often inexpensive and are easily paired with other bangles to create a nice look or worn alone for a more modern, sleek look. Bangles come in many shapes, sizes and colors, with designs and materials that fit every category of fashion. They also come in many different materials, including silver, gold, acrylic and stainless steel. There's a bangle bracelet for every occasion, and they're very simple to wear stylishly. I personally love gold bangles and I wear them from time to time bearing in mind not to look over-board by wearing too many at the same time on my wrist. So how do you wear a bangle? Avoid Wearing Too Many Bangle bracelets are often sold in multiples at very low prices. Because of this, it can be tempting to purchase many and pile them on. Remember, as with all other accessories, moderation is important. Too many bangles take away from each piece’s unique design and charm. Put on the ones you like, and then take one or two off before you leave the house. If you like wearing a lot of other jewelry items, then consider keeping them even more minimal to avoid overpowering the rest of your outfit. 311bbd257c54ba1d50b4cba8732cbc49--bracelet-set-bangle-bracelets Mix up Designs, Colors and Textiles Homogeneity is to be avoided when wearing bangles. These bracelets are an excellent opportunity to combine colors and designs for a unique look, so don’t go for perfect uniformity. However, try to stay in a common color family and temperature for best results. Cooler tones like silver look best with like colors, while gold looks great with red and deep jewel tones. Keep Size in Mind Bangles come in many different widths. Some bangles are smaller than others and can become lost if layered with larger bracelets. Of course, some bangles are so large that they should only be worn on their own. Before putting on bangle bracelets, take a moment to size them up. To speed up your dressing process, consider grouping your bangles in sets according to width. 9f3304e19c1bfa6448572ccf756407da--beaded-wrap-bracelets-leather-wrap-bracelets Wear Suitable Bangles for the Occasion As with all fashion choices, careful consideration should be given to the setting and time of day when selecting bangle bracelets. A board meeting isn’t an appropriate venue for a bunch of clanking aluminum ones similarly, a family outing isn’t the right place for diamond-studded jewellery. They are offered in a wide range of styles to suit practically any event, so select them carefully and group them accordingly. Be Careful of Fit Bangle bracelets can pose problems when it comes to sizing, due to all of our unique wrists. Bangles need to be large enough to slip over the hand but not so large that they are always falling off. If you are worried about fit, you should measure the hand at the widest point and order a bracelet with a diameter that is just right to slip over your wrist. If you have trouble finding a bracelet that fits, particularly if your wrists are larger than average, then you might consider shopping for bangle bracelets with cuff openings or hinged clasps. Finally, one last unique tip I use is wearing bangles on just one wrist, while leaving the other wrist bare or with a wristwatch. That way, you don't look too over-the-top. How do you wear your bangles?

Men’s Sock Rules – When, How to Wear Brightly Colored Socks

The basic rule of thumb for men’s socks is an easy one: The color of your sock should match the color of your trousers. That means wearing black socks with black trousers, dark gray socks with charcoal trousers, blue socks with your blue jeans, and so on. But that’s boring, don't you think? Don't get me wrong, it’s a good rule that keeps most men looking sharp and will always be appropriate for business settings — but for adventurous dressers, it gets dull after a while. So what about mixing it up a bit? There’s absolutely a place in men’s style for colored socks that do not match the trousers.It requires a little more care, because it’s not a simple, neutral choice, but if you take that care it can look great. Personally, I prefer when guys mix it up a bit with some brightly colored socks. socks When Not to Wear Bright Socks “Bright” socks can mean a lot of things: bold solid colors, classic patterns like on up to things that are bordering on novelty items. In general, none of those are going to cut it as part of a serious business outfit or an occasion like a funeral.  These situations are not about you expressing individuality – they are about you showing respect and fitting in. Now, there are exceptions to the rule. There are some powerful men out there who’ve worn custom-tailored suits with handmade Italian shoes — and a pair of red or purple socks. Those guys know what they’re doing. They’re making a bold statement, almost a challenge. The business suit with colored socks is a look that says “Yes, I know the rules, and I’m confident enough and care enough about how I look to break it anyway, because it’s more fun for me. Deal with it” When to Wear Bright Socks If you’re not in a suit-and-tie formality sort of situation, you generally have the option of wearing colored socks if you want to. It has to be done right as you  can’t just throw them on with anything but there’s usually a way to make it work. socks 4 There are a couple of times when you might specifically want colored socks, beyond just enjoying them for your own sake:

  • When you want to liven up a simple outfit. Got something basic going on for the day? A pair of unique socks turns something like a jeans/T-shirt or khakis/collared shirt combination into something that seems a little more deliberate. It tells people that you don’t look this way on accident. You put some thought into the outfit.
  • When you want extra color-coordination. Show off with some subtle matching. A colored sock that complements something else in the outfit is a nice, detailed touch. Work your sock into the same color scheme as your pocket square, your shirt, or even your jacket to get a coordinated look.
  • When you know you’ll be doing business in your stocking feet. Not every business culture keeps its shoes on all the time. In some places, shoes are often removed when you want to enter someone's house. When you have a reason to believe your socks will be on display, go ahead and make it fun.
socks 2 Remember the reason for the “rule” about matching socks to trousers: it’s neutral. Socks that don’t match the trousers, by definition, are not neutral. They’re a contrast, whether you planned it or not. (That means you want to plan it.) If you’ve never worn socks that don’t match your trousers before (or, worse, if you’ve been wearing white crew socks no matter what your trousers look like), start now. From there, head over to the internet and start indulging your own tastes. Be thinking in terms of the outfits you’re likely to be pairing your socks with — look for colors to complement your favorite shirts and jackets, for example, or some pocket squares that you’ve been wanting to work into outfits.   And above all, have fun. Life’s too short to never enjoy a colorful sock.

Amazing photos of Ugwu seller with the golden eyes

The life and destiny of anyone can change within a twinkle of an eye. The case of Olajumoke the bread seller is one of such. Realizing the potentials in the bread seller, TY Bello went off in search of Olajumoke, who was busy minding her own business when she was accidentally discovered. The case of Peace the ugwu seller with the lovely eyes maybe another life hanging scenario. Peace Omana is an ugwu seller at mile 12 market came into limelight after photos of her unique eyes went viral online.
The photographer who found Peace and took the photos recently shared these stunning new makeup photos of her. See more below..


Top Ways to Fight Stress on Your Face

Stress manifests itself in many different ways. From fatigue and irritability to physical symptoms such as dark circles under the eyes and sudden breakouts, stress can lead to a lot of complications. While de-stressing and relaxing is the only way to combat the psychological effects of stress, there are some simple things that you can do to fight its physical manifestations.
  1. Night Cream
First and foremost, know the difference between night cream and day cream. Invest in a good anti-aging night cream. Sleep is the time when your body re-boots itself. The seven to eight hours of sleep you get is the best time to help your skin fight any signs of stress. So make it a habit to apply a good anti-aging cream on your face before you go to bed. The cream will work its magic through the night and will help you keep your skin in a good condition. c7f0c811109ad056c079bdff2b179836--short-relaxed-hairstyles-long-relaxed-hair
  1. Use A Concealer
Stress causes dark circles and breakouts. The only way to hide these signs is to use a good concealer. Dab the concealer onto the affected areas to cover up and follow it up with a compact powder or foundation to set.
  1. Drink A Lot Of Water
One of the side effects of stress is dehydration. When you are stressed there is a high chance that you will forget to drink the necessary amount of water that your body needs. This in turn will lead to dehydration which will then result in parched, dry skin. So drinking a lot of water is an essential step in fighting against the signs of stress. Always carry a bottle of water with you and sip from it every now and then to keep your body hydrated.
  1. Use A Blush
An immediate way to brighten up your face is to use a blush. Brush it on sparingly to give your face a heathy flush of colour. Just be sure to pick a blush that suits your complexion. If you are fair skinned then a pink or peach blush would work well on you and if you are dusky skinned then a bronze or brown blush would be your best options.
  1. Use A Lash Curler
Using a lash curler will help to open up your eyes and make you look more bright and energetic as opposed to tired and stressed out. Follow it up with a thick coat of mascara to complete the illusion.
  1. Use Eye Drops
If your eyes are looking tired or bloodshot, try putting in a few drops of soothing eye drops to get rid of the redness. Make sure to consult with your doctor as to which eye drops are best suited for soothing the eyes. There is nothing worse than bloodshot eyes to let the world know that you are stressed out. So have eye drops handy to get rid of that symptom. Apart from the above mentioned points, staying away from caffeinated drinks and alcohol will also help you a lot in fighting stress. Anytime you crave coffee, try eating an apple instead. Not only will it help control your craving but the intake of fruits will also help keep your skin in a very good condition.

How to accessorize a floral dress

A floral dress is a reminder of cool breeze and weather blossom. A cute floral dress or a floral skirt or even a floral jacket is enough to make you look beautiful. Floral print outfits are on its own so attractive that accessorizing a floral dress is a bit difficult. If you choose a lot of floral and colourful accessories, you can end up looking a big flower pot. Floral dress accessories should be very subtle and simple. The whole idea is to let the dress do all the talking. y Floral dresses are essence of feminine charm. If not many but at least there will be one floral outfit in a woman’s wardrobe. From what kind of jewellery to wear with a floral dress to the right kind of shoes, it is necessary to know it all. What Jewelry to Wear With a Floral Dress – The Jewellery: Floral dresses are often very colourful and opting for colourful jewellery will overload your look. The definition for jewellery in case of a floral dress should be cute and delicate. Don’t even think of wearing a statement jewellery piece, it will take away all the appeal of your wonderful dress. A simple chain with a pendant, which is again very delicate, looks wonderful. In most cases, silver colour will look alluring. For earrings also choose studs or small tops to complete the look. You can add bracelets which are subtle and complementing the look. You might also decide on giving a miss to necklace or bracelet and simply wear drop earrings. The simpler your jewellery the more beautiful you look. Taylor-Swift-in-Floral-Print-Dress-037c0906caca9b19388e29c2ee5ab8091a--african-dress-african-style for u The Footwear When you choose shoes for your floral dress refrain from wearing floral print shoes. Matching your shoes and your outfit is not a good idea altogether. We suggest you to opt for nude sandals, stilettos or wedges. If there is any colour in your outfit you want to match it with then choose a sober colour. Even a black or white shoe can also look good. When your floral outfit has light designs and colour, you can opt for similar kind of shoes but make sure that they are not too big or over covering your legs. The Belt and The Bag Belt is an excellent accessory for short and medium length floral dresses. The belts need to be thin and striking. Mostly, the colour of your belt should be same as the prominent colour of your dress and the one which is used less in your dress. However, when your dress has only two colours you can opt for a totally different colour. For instance, a black and white floral dress can have a bold red belt. The same formula applies to your handbags, clutches and purse. Go contrast till it does not make you look colourful. When you are confused regarding the colour of your dress then it makes sense to go for solid neutral colours like beige, black or blue. Even white is a perennial solution for any handbag conundrum. dc9305f6f4578b8aea4a18f289255595--cute-dresses-floral-dressesb800ab306ac5b5e4ef5e4e4c986fdf0f--african-prints-african-print-dresses These will be some of the best accessories to wear with a floral dress. A floral dress and a hat are like made for each other pair. Truly a beautiful ivory or light coloured hat looks fabulous on your floral dress. Apart from making a style statement, your hat will help you to shunt the harsh sun. When you wear a floral dress in the cold, scarf becomes your must-have accessory. Be careful while choosing a scarf; scarf with a design or flower print is a big no-no. Opt for plain or self-designed ones for that elegant and chic look. Improve your floral dress fashion quotient with these accessory ideas. Keep blooming and shinning in your floral dress. How have you previously rocked your flowery dress?

Simple grooming essentials for every man

Like women, even men need to look and smell fabulous. Look beyond your shaving kit to be well-groomed. Here's a list of grooming products for men: Facial cleanser Cleansers especially designed for men should be used to extract the excess oil while moisturising also. Shaving kit It must consist of a gentle shaving gel or foam or cream which softens the facial hair. After shave is important for men as it not only works as an anti-inflammatory product but also helps in healing the micro-scars caused due to shaving. A good quality razor may save them from a lot of cuts. c5bc3161571221919780d4545f5d66e8 Moisturiser In addition to all this, men should not forget to use a moisturiser. A man’s skin needs to be moisturised on a regular basis as the moisture of their skin gets depleted with every shave. If they want to save time and product usage, they may opt for moisturisers which have sunblock too. grtttt Hair products Hair care products like oil or hair nourishing creams or gels are essential to make their hair look neat, stylish and healthy. Deodorants Men have highly active sweat glands, so a deodorant or body fragrance is a must. These products will control body odour and make you feel fresh throughout the day. What other products do you think should be included here?

Fashion Statement: How to rock a Kimono

The kimono is a definite must-have. It’s easy, comfortable and can add the perfect dose of chic to your look. The traditional kimono usually comes in soft fabrics and a big & thick belt that looks quite uncomfortable. But that isn’t the case. The modern twist on the kimono is quite the opposite. Coming in mostly light fabrics, the new and improved kimono can go from the beach to a casual day without the wardrobe change hassle. We absolutely love this trend and that’s why we are here with a few tips to help you rock the trend well into the days ahead.

  1. Keep your outfit items to a minimum
One way the kimono is proving to be worth buying is its ability to add some spice to your outfit. It comes in a number of lengths, colours, patterns and prints, so your outfit takes on a life of its own. With this kind of addition, you don’t need to do too much underneath so as not to overwhelm your look. You can rock anything from a tank top to a sleeveless jumpsuit under your kimono and still look great. The key is minimalism. kimolll
  1. When hitting the beach, a shorter length is best
They come in different lengths, and this can help vary your outfit options for any occasion. But when it comes to hitting the beach, we suggest a short kimono. As fabulous as this fashion item may seem, the kimono can be overwhelming too. With all that sun, sand and water, the last thing you want is to drag around wet sandy fabric. So keep it short for ease and comfort.
  1. Get creative with colours
Even though kimonos usually come in prints and patterns, that should not be a limitation to what colours or prints you rock it on. You can add a pop of colour and look hot! kimono
  1. For a chic look, the longer the better
We all have different looks we love – so when it comes to pulling off the chic look, it is better to go for length and accents. The wide/long kimono will most likely fall down your shoulders which will give off a layered look; and a long skirt finishes the look. You can also achieve this by adding accessories like a wide-rimmed sun hat for that Indie vibe.
  1. When it comes to jewelry, make a statement
Your kimono isn’t the only thing allowed to stand out. Make an even longer lasting impression with a bold statement necklace or some dainty jewelry that pack a punch to add more fab to your look. The jewelry will balance out your look making your look complete.
  1. Cover up some more with a kimono
You know those times you want to show some skin but not too much? Well, the kimono is great for that. You can use it to reduce the parts of skin shown when rocking a cropped top or short skirt. How do you rock your own Kimono?

Fashion tips for plus-size women

If you're a plus-sized person, you don’t have to feel down or think about not wearing any stylish attire. Many people believe that being thin is being beautiful. But it is no longer a secret that you can actually be big and still look bold, trendy, stunning and beautiful. You can look attractive, if you know how to adjust your curves well with your dressing. Your curves can also make you look great and you can get some of the best clothing concepts to look tremendous. It is important to take pride on being healthy and looking respectable. Plus-size-style-and-fashion-by-African-Black-and-African-American-Women-Zumi-Magazine.22-jpeg-1024x576 Beautiful women come in all sizes and shapes.

  • Dress for your body shape: One of the most important style tips for plus size women is to know your body shape.
  • Go for colourful statement necklace if you want to emphasize your neckline.
  • Choose the accessories and jewellery complementing with your body size.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear fitted outfits, as these can often emphasise your figure.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing as this will make you emerge fatter and the clothes will become graceless to the body parts.
  • Give your breast good support: Wear perfect bra giving your bust correct support and lifts it from your abdomen region.
  • Balance your body cuts in such a way that your curves appear attractive and you will look less bulky. Don’t wear taper shaped clothes if you have large bust or hips.
  • Feel fabulous in a pair of bold shoes; wear heels to increase length of your legs. It will make viewers to look at you from top to bottom.
17e2ceac7f235f5328bd8d6bf6bf76cf--plus-size-model-black-models Dressing plus-sized women is no longer an issue. So many top brands, designers and even affordable designers are creating amazing line of clothes for them. Looking frumpy because you don’t know/have what to wear is no longer an acceptable excuse now. This has opened up opportunities for plus size women to look equally chic and glamorous as their size 0-10 counterparts. So what are you waiting for? Use this tips, get a good stylist; either a fashion forward friend or family member and get ready to slay

Tips for wearing off-shoulder tops and dresses

Off shoulder tops are all the rage right now. The trend started last year and it’s definitely here to stay. If you’re a trendsetter and want to stay ahead in fashion, this one’s for you! Here are  tips to style off shoulder tops and ace the trend.

  1. Keep the top from riding up your shoulder
Whoever has tried the off shoulder trend must be familiar with this problem. If you raise your arm, the top rides up on your shoulders. It’s an annoying little malfunction in its own way. To prevent this from happening and to keep your top in place, all you need is a couple of safety pins and rubber bands.
  1. Body Type
Dressing for your body type is key. If you’re blessed with broad shoulders, you possibly can’t take style inspiration from women with a narrow torso. Similarly, you must pick a top that’ll best suit your built. For girls with broad shoulders, floaty tops and something streamlined that highlights your curves will work. Off shoulder tops with an overlay fabric will give your torso more shape. For girls with a narrow torso, anything streamlined will flatter your body. Steer clear from tops that are too long or have too much fabric as they might make your frame look broader. There are quite a few streamlined styles out there that’ll best suit your figure. You can go for body hugging tops and pair them with high waisted bottoms to draw all the attention on your waist! 2017-African-Fashion-Long-Prom-Dresses-Off-The-Shoulder-Short-Sleeve-Sexy-White-Mermaid-Prom-Dress.jpg_640x640
  1. Pair it with the right bottom
There are no hard and fast rules about pairing an off shoulder top with bottoms. You can pair an off shoulder top with a maxi skirt, jeans or even shorts. Depending on the style and fit of the top, you should choose a bottom that’ll best flatter your body and add structure to your look. If you’re wearing a well fitted top, pair it with something flowy, like a maxi skirt. If your top is floaty, wearing it with high waisted jeans and tucking it in would make a great outfit!
  1. Wear proper underwear
It might sound obvious, but you have to admit that finding the ‘perfect’ strapless bra to wear is the toughest thing ever! Try going up by a size or try the sister bra size. Bra sizes vary from brand to brand and you will never find the ideal strapless bra unless you try several! A bra that keeps slipping down is the last thing you want when you’re wearing an off shoulder top. off n
  1. Fabric matters
Always go for flowy, flimsy fabrics as they add a feminine silhouette to the look. Avoid anything too stiff as it’ll look boxy and add unnecessary volume.
  1. Accessorize smartly
Again, there are no ‘rules’ about accessorizing off shoulder tops, but there are a few things you must keep in mind. Dainty accessories like a minimal chain, choker necklace or layered necklaces will look great with the top and complement your look. On the other hand, anything that’s too chunky and ends right at the neck itself, may not look great with an off shoulder top. 90f2acc95d19582c4d3548ca180eb47d
  1. The right hairdo will always help!
Baring the shoulders completely can feel be a bit too bold for some women. If you aren’t too comfortable showing your shoulders or feel conscious, part your hair and bring them to the front. It’s a hairstyle that suits every girl and trust us, it’ll add a dash of glam to your look. If you want to flaunt your collar bones, there’s nothing sexier than a top knot!  
  1. Experiment with sleeves
Since you’ll see SO many people flaunt the trend right now, there might be a style that’s more commonly worn. Don’t let that limit you from trying off shoulder tops with different type of sleeves. Off shoulder tops with an overlay fabric is most commonly seen on bloggers, but there are tops with bell sleeves and layered sleeves which are absolutely worth a try! Try a style that fascinates you. It might just become a wardrobe staple!   Off shoulder tops can be styled for formal events as well, but if you want to make sure that your bare neck looks flattering, you can use body glitter or try contouring. Since you’re going to bare those shoulders, you might as well dress them up too.    

Do’s and Dont’s for bridal hair

Is there any beauty slips worse than the classic bad-hair day? Smudged makeup can be fixed with relative ease, but frizzy, flat or flyaway hair? That’s a different story, and it’s certainly a scenario you want to avoid on your wedding day. So be prepared. Be very prepared. Here are some guidelines. Dos For Hair

  1. Have a hair trial! The session should allow enough time for you to try three different hairstyles. Be sure to bring your headpiece (or photo of it) along. Book your stylist four to six months ahead of time, and have your trial four to six weeks prior to the wedding.
  1. Speak up! Explain the style of your wedding and reception to your stylist, and bring a photo or sketch of your gown. Ask him or her to suggest looks that will harmonize with the overall feel of your wedding.
  1. Be open to suggestions. You may think you want a cascade of rolling waves, but don’t pass on the opportunity to try, say, a low, loose chignon, or some clip-on extensions. Go on—it’s only a hair trial and you may be pleasantly surprised.
bri 2
  1. Take pictures as you go. Bring a friend to your trial, and have her take photos of all your options from every angle. Be sure to capture the front, profile, back, even how your hair looks from above. The goal is to have every side be your “best side,” since you’re sure to be photographed from every angle on the big day.
  1. When scheduling your hair appointments for your actual wedding day, add a cushion of time so no one (you or your bridesmaids) will be “fashionably late.”
  1. Do wear a button-front shirt or dress for your day-of styling. That way, when you change into your wedding dress, there is no pulling of shirts over your finished hairdo.
bridal 6 Don'ts for Hair
  1. Don’t assume your regular stylist is best for your wedding. The hair pro that makes it every six weeks may not be well versed in wedding ’do’s. If this is the case, get referrals from recently married friends.
  1. Don’t assume anything when it comes to the language of hair. Bringing in images will help your stylist identify what you want. Terms like “big bun,” “soft waves,” “sophisticated,” and “chic” mean different things to different people, so comparing visuals can be the best way to communicate.
  1. Beware of tendril-overload. A few flirty tendrils around your face can look romantic as long as there are only a few and they are not too long. Too many strands can cast unflattering shadows on your beautiful face.
  1. Don’t neglect the neckline of your gown. Whether it’s strapless, one-shoulder or sweetheart, the top of your gown is a key shape to keep in mind when it comes to choosing your hairstyle. A full-on updo may feel (and look) too bare with a strapless dress.
  1. Don’t hide your highlights. When highlighted hair is pinned into an updo, a chunk of dark hair is revealed beneath. Break up the solid color by having extra highlights applied at the under layers of your hair if you plan to go with an upswept style.
Follow these tips and be sure to look like a princess on your big day!