What No One Tells You about Life After Marriage

Getting married is relatively easy when compared to working on it and making it work. You and the people around you spend a lot of time and effort planning the wedding that seldom do you get any advice or tips on what to expect in the days and years that follow the wedding. Even if

How To Maintain A Healthy Financial Relationship With Your Husband

It is not easy to live with a person and share almost everything with him, especially when you are married and living with your husband, you need to adjust and live with a lot of things. There will be a lot of fights in the house and sometimes, you can fight because of financial troubles.

Postnatal Loss! Mom dies during childbirth

A heartbroken new father is mourning the death of his soul mate who died during childbirth, leaving him with their newborn son. Ida and Mustafa were a popular social media couple with an impressive followership. They chronicled their pregnancy journey and YouTube and couldn’t wait to welcome their son. Sadly, Ida did not get to

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples

Valentine is just a few days away and couples are holding their breath. On this day, the uncontrollable blushing, the tears of joy, the overwhelming smile, the depth of gratitude and the gripping affection guarantees you a special place in the heart of the person you love. If you are searching for creative ways to

What Married People Don’t Miss About The Single Life

My single friends often complain about things like lonely Friday nights. My married friends (I have few married friends) often complain about how hard it is to be married. The grass is always greener on the other side they say. For those of you who are married, we thought we would remind you why you

Bad Attitude: Can It Kill Your Marriage?

Can a bad attitude really kill your marriage? Yes! Attitude affects the way we communicate with our husbands and wives; so if our attitude towards him is negative, then we will sound negative when we’re talking to him.  There are many attitudes that can easily destroy any Marriage if they are not changed. You need

How do you treat a disrespectful wife?

When confronted with disrespect, it’s easy to take it personally. This is a normal reaction from a passionate man. But it’s a colossal mistake, because when you take your wife’s misbehavior personally, you’re likely to react in ways that managing that woman much more difficult. Your leverage and influence will then plummet right along with

The Challenges Men Face in Marriage

Men are configured uniquely.The way a man reason is not the same with a woman.What might pose a challenge to a woman might be fun to a man, but as unique as every gender is, there are challenges peculiar to each gender. We present a list of challenges that will confront any man in marriage.

Fostering a happy successful relationship

When we think about relationships, we often think about #couplegoals or wedding bells. We think about kisses and little meaningful gifts. We often forget to stop and think about the worry, the tears, the sleepless nights and all the hard work. An American Wedding photographer Amber Robinson recently admitted rarely gets to “stop to think about

Couples Joint Account: A recipe for disaster?

  Amenze finally married the love of her life after dating for over 8 years recently. The wedding ceremony was the stuff of dreams and had everything she ever wished for. It was all over bellanaija and all other wedding blogs. She moved in with her husband in their new rented apartment in Lekki as

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