Why Fathers are the Most Important Part of the Family

No matter what kind of a relationship one has with one’s father, a father is undoubtedly one of the important members of the family. You might not be close to him, but he is one of the very first persons whom you have known ever since you came into this world. Fathers also teach the

The mixed feelings in the birth of conjoined babies

The birth of a baby or babies brings immense joy to families with the welcome of a little additional family member. The mother is most relieved after 9 months of whirlwind of pregnancy. It’s definitely not easy and one of the greatest miracles of God especially when the baby is hale and hearty. However, when

Comparison In Marriages: 3 Tips On How To Deal With It

It’s easy to always think someone is having it better than you are. In a world of glitz and glamour well articulated by the social media, we are often tempted to compare our entire journey with someone’s snapshot. Like Steven Furtick once said “we’re comparing our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.” We fail

Nigerian couple welcome their first child after 10 years

Mr and Mrs Andrew Omosimua from Delta state welcomed their first child after ten years of marriage. Their family and friends announced the good news on social media. Congrats to them! 00

Divorce: Wife snoops on husbands phone

Divorce cases are getting weird by the day. Please avoid snooping through your spouse phone. A 54-year-old husband, Adekunle Bakare, on Wednesday asked an Ikorodu Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his six-year marriage to his wife, Ajarat, for alleged threat to life and stubbornness. Bakare, a civil servant, who resides at Philips Nwokwe Street,

Nigerian woman welcomes triplets after six years of marriage

Children are blessings from God, whether they are boys or girls, single, twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets etc. Every home and family should have children according to the promises of God.  Sometimes couples experience various length of delays from medical issues to unexplained. But one thing is sure it cannot be denied when you believe and

17 years after US-based Nigerian couple welcome sextuplets 

VCU Medical Centre in Richmond, Virginia, US on Wednesday, May 24th, announced that their staff has successfully delivered sextuplets, three boys and three girls. The Nigerian parents, Ajibola Taiwo and Adeboye Taiwo had been trying to conceive for 17 years. The babies were born on May 11 and are in good condition in the Neonatal

Whao! 63-year-old woman delivers first baby in Jos

For married couples in Africa, children are seen as necessity and most marriages are not complete without children. In fact, women take pride in the number of children they have while most men feel inadequate without children.   However, in our society, women are generally the first suspect in the event of childless marriages. They are

IVF CASE: Clients suspect doctor used own sperm

A group of Dutch people born through IVF treatment petitioned a court on Friday seeking DNA tests on the late head of a sperm clinic to determine if he was their father. The 23 parents and children claim that Jan Karbaat, who died last month, may have used his own sperm instead of that of

What happens to your body when you stop having sex?

Sex is not only pleasurable, it is also therapeutic. That’s what experts say. Experts warn that if you’ve had sex before and now you are refraining from it, there would be trouble! Hence the need to wait when you are married. The following are some of the risks involved… • Unhealthy heart: Experts say it

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