Marilyn Monroe’s marriage certificate to be sold for $75K

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe's marriage certificate to be sold for $75K

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio’s 1954 marriage license is the headline item up for grabs in Goldin Auction’s Spring collection according to TMZ According to the company’s site, the document, which is dated January 14, 1954, features both of their legal names, Norma Jeane Dougherty and Joseph DiMaggio, along with the signatures of California Municipal Court Judge Charles S. Peery and witnesses Rene Barsocchini and Tom DiMaggio. Bidding for the marriage license starts at $25,000, though the item is expected to go for upwards of $75,000. Perhaps because of the intense public attention that met their union, the Hollywood legend filed for divorce from the Yankee Clipper just nine months after they eloped — shortly after the filming the iconic “Seven Year Itch” subway grate scene — reportedly due to his jealously and controlling nature. Seven years later in 1961, the former couple reconnected as Monroe’s marriage to playwright Arthur Miller came to an end. Despite their closeness in the last year-and-a-half of the actress’ life, they did not remarry before her death at 36 from a Barbiturate overdose on August 5, 1962. DiMaggio remained devoted to Monroe in the decades following her death, even going as far as to have half-dozen roses delivered to her grave three times a week for 20 years following her passing. After his death at age 84, Vanity Fair reported that the slugger’s last words were, “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.” The couple’s marriage license can be bid on until Saturday, May 20.
The pair who got married on January 14, 1954, lasted only 9 months due to Joe's alleged jealousy.
Marilyn died in 1962 from an overdose of sedative drugs while her ex-husband, Joe DiMaggio died of Lung cancer in 1999.

Domestic Violence: Mercy Aigbe’s marriage crashes?

Domestic and Family Violence

There are many types of domestic and family violence. It is violent, abusive or intimidating behaviour by a partner, carer or family member to control, dominate or cause fear. It doesn’t have to be physical abuse. It can be emotional, psychological, financial, sexual or other types of abuse. It can affect anyone in the community, regardless of gender, sexual identity, race, age, culture, ethnicity, religion, disability, economic status or location. Popular actress Mercy Aigbe's marriage has reportedly crashed - According to various sources, allegations of adultery on both parts is responsible - Her husband beat her so much that she had to go to the hospital Reports  indicate that popular actress Mercy Aigbe and her husband have called it quits on their 7 year marriage. Allegations of adultery on both sides is reportedly responsible.  Lanre Gentry, Mercy’s husband is said to have beaten her up to the extent that she was hospitalized. She is reportedly still in the hospital. a (4) Meanwhile, photos have emerged of her battered face. See them below: mercy Mercy Aigbe’s photos showing how she was allegedly beaten by her husband. Also, Mercy’s husband is said to have a fair skinned woman named Opemititi who is allegedly responsible for his change in attitude. Mercy had taken to her Instagram page to post a message saying say no to domestic violence. Her husband responded with a post that read: “Say no to the promiscuous and irresponsible women.” it reached out to a source on her team who revealed that she doesn't know anything about the situation.

Couple married for 69 years die minutes apart holding hands

The power of love in a couples relationship

For Isaac Vatkin, 91, and his wife, Teresa Vatkin, 89, even death would not do them part, as Isaac followed minutes after his wife gave up the ghost last weekend.
After 69 years of marriage, Teresa died at 12:10 a.m. on Saturday after years of suffering from Alzheimer's disease, while Isaac died minutes later, with their hands intertwined.
They were both in Highland Park Hospital in Skokie, Illinois, where Isaac sat by Teresa and watched her die, but when their entwined fingers were separated at 12:50 a.m., it was noticed that Isaac had passed away too. The couple, Isaac and Teresa met in their native Argentina, and eventually, they married and moved to Skokie. Together they raised their three children; Clara, Daniel and Leonardo. During a joint funeral held Monday for the couple, their daughter, Clara Gesklin said her parents’ "love for each other was so strong they simply could not live without each other."
The couple’s son, Leonardo Vatkin, said his father "never wanted to do anything apart" from his wife. Their grandson William Vatkin said: "You didn’t want to see them go, but you couldn’t ask for anything more."

Celebrating couples: birthdays, wedding anniversary

Marriage Relationships is never easy whether you have been happily married for the past 5, 10, 20, 50 years.

The journey can be smooth, rough, ups and downs and it takes a lot from both couples to still be together.

Ufuoma McDermott celebrates 7th wedding anniversary

"There were times we wanted to give up but we remember why we first fell in love"
Actress, Ufuoma McDermott took to her Instagram page to celebrate her 7th wedding anniversary with her husband, Steven McDermott. She reminisced on ups and down of being married and also revealed there were times they wanted to give but managed to work through it. She wrote;
"I wore this top 7 years ago at my traditional wedding. As I reminisce on my wedding today, I thank God for the ups and downs: the lessons learnt and the goals attained. It hasn't been a bed of roses but we've sure smelled the petals. We've had differences, but we've decided to iron them. There were times we wanted to give up but we remember why we first fell in love. #HappyWeddingAnniversary to us @mc.wes I love you today more than I loved you yesterday.

Daniel Ademinokan celebrates wife, Stella Damasus

Actress, Stella Damasus is a year older today, April 24. Her husband, Daniel Ademinokan took to Instagram minutes ago to celebrate her with lovely words. He wrote;
"I can never have enough words to express what I feel for you or what you mean to me. My best friend, confidant, prayer partner, co-conspirator, baby mama, wifey, personal motivator and leader of my cheerleading squad. Stellz, as you celebrate this new age, the heavens are definitely rejoicing with you because they are fully aware you're stepping closer to that divine destiny mapped out for you from our Creator
Check out these lovely photo of couples celebrating the 53rd wedding anniversary
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Mother of Abuja quintuplets: I wanted twins

An Abuja-based civil servant, Mrs. Oluwakemi Uduehi,  who gave birth to quintuplets at the National Hospital, Abuja last week, shares her labour experience

What is your name and age?
My name is Oluwakemi Uduehi. I am 30 years old.
Where do you work? I work with the National Population Commission. What position are you in your family? I am the third child. When did you marry? I got married in 2015. How did you meet your husband? We met at the University of Ilorin where we both studied Computer Science. We were in the same class. When did you discover you were pregnant? It was in the first trimester. 2a (12) Did you at anytime know you would give birth to more than one child at a time? Yes, because I asked God for twins. I prayed and when it was time, I didn’t rush it. I told God when I wanted to get pregnant. It’s just like when one goes to a camp in a church and the pastor asks one to make a prayer request. I prayed to have a set of twins, rest for a while and later have the rest of my children. What was your experience like in the last month of your pregnancy? It was eight months actually because nobody can carry such pregnancy for nine months. Anything God does, He doesn’t add sorrow. Though it was stressful but with the help of God, I didn’t have any complication. I could move freely to wherever I wanted, except when my time of delivery drew near. Did you do any scan? I wasn’t expecting pregnancy and I didn’t experience vomiting or any other form of early morning sickness. But I was having abdominal pains. I thus decided to come to the hospital because I don’t use any drugs without doctor’s prescription. That is the kind of person my husband is. When they told me in the hospital that it was morning sickness, I said I wasn’t sick but they insisted I should run a test. It was the test that revealed that I was pregnant. I did not know that I was until after the test. It was when I started ante-natal that we ran the scan. It was in the second trimester that I knew I would have quintuplets. How did your husband react to your delivery of five babies at once? He was happy because even when I asked for the sex of the babies, the scan didn’t show it. When I asked that we should run another scan, he said ‘for what? You don’t need it. I have handed everything to God.’ It was that day that we believed that the babies were five. We thought it might not be so because scan can give anything. I only believed they could be twins because that was what I asked from God. What is the sex of the babies? They are all beautiful girls. What names did you give them? They all have three names each; Yoruba, Esan and English names. They are Oluwanifemi, Oluwafemifayo, Oluwafifehanmi, Oluwaferanmi, Oluwafirefunmi. We also call them Ainose, Esose, Osejade, Obehi, Omose, which are their Esan names. Their English names are Grace, Peace, Blessing, Goodness and Mercy. God showed me how much He loves me and my family. Did you have a normal delivery? No, it was through Caesarian Section. The National Hospital prepared my mind for it. What plans have you and your husband put in place to cater for them considering the numerous needs of children and the country’s economic situation? The truth is that God has been faithful since we got married. If you get to our house today, you will  understand. I have not for once thought about what they will eat because I know God is there for them. Whenever He does anything, He always does something extra to back it up. I have not for once worried myself because God does what pleases Him. Before I put to bed, He has been faithful and He can send what He wants to take care of them. We don’t know how but we believe in Him. As a Christian or a Muslim, one must always leave all situations to God to handle. How has it been taking care of them? If anyone of them cries, I call her name and tell her I am coming. I think she listens because she will keep quiet immediately. But since I am still in the hospital, the nurses have been assisting. I  do my best and God has been helping us. How do you feel now? I am getting better. I will soon leave the hospital. I should be discharged this week hopefully. How did your parents react to the news of the quintuplets? They were happy to be grandparents of five children. What is your advice to women who also want to have children? They should look unto God and trust Him.  They should tell God what they want. Even doctors often say  that they only treat but only God heals. If God says it is time, it is time even when one is not ready for it. I was not in haste to have children. I wanted to enjoy my husband first before the children start coming. What fertility drug did you take? I hate drugs. Even when I came to the National Hospital, they asked me what drugs I reacted to and I said I did not take any drugs. I would not know which drugs I might have reacted to because I don’t take drugs except if I am feeling very ill. How do you feel being the mother of quintuplets? I am happy because even when they told me, I just looked at myself. I asked myself if it was possible because I can still carry myself to wherever I want. When they came out, they were fine and beautiful. It is the blessing of God and my case is different. How many more children do you want to have? Before we got married, I told my husband that after having twins, I want only one child more. Are you going to breastfeed them for six months? I will try my best since I am not going anywhere. It is just to eat and sleep. Thank God we have mothers and sisters that will come and do the job. I believe God will see us through. Is there a case of multiple births in your family and your husband’s? Yes, there are twins in both families. My father is a twin. In my husband’s family, they have people who have given birth to twins about two or three times. Source:Punch

Nigerian man and Indian wife arrested for duping man on Facebook

Police on Good Friday, April 14, arrested a Nigerian national identified as Nagbu Orajuka and his Indian wife outside a church in Bhandup, Mumba, India for allegedly cheating a resident into paying them close to Rs. 14 lakh using a honey trap.
The complainant, Sandeep Singh, an IT professional received a friend request on Facebook from the female accused, who had set up an account in the name of Mercy John, in October last year. The profile had a picture of a Causasian woman, and she identified herself as a London-based businesswoman while chatting with Mr. Singh.
Mr. Singh exchanged numbers with her and they started chatting on WhatsApp. The woman then told him that her husband named Valentine was running a herbal seeds import business and had recently lost his supplier, and that Mr. Singh could make a fast buck by supplying the seeds to her husband.
Confirming the arrest, Deputy police commissioner (zone 7) Sachin Patil said:
"We have arrested a Nigerian national and his Indian wife who had made a Facebook account in the name of Mercy John and duped an IT professional from Bhandup."
"He lost at least Rs 11 lakh that he transferred to them under various pretexts. We suspect their involvement in more cases and have got their custody."
"The incident took place in November 2016, when the Bhandup resident received a friend request from one Mercy John, who claimed to be a UK national, " he added.
He accepted the friend request and soon started chatting with her on WhatsApp.
"She told him she worked for a UK-based pharmaceutical company which used to get herbal seeds from the US, but was no longer sourcing it from there. She told him that India had a supply of these herbal seeds used in medicines, and if he took up the supply, he would make a profit,” said Avinash Kanade, inspector, Bhandup police station.
The victim took the bait and went to the ‘Indian supplier’, buying seeds worth Rs 2.5 lakh. He gave these to a representative of the ‘pharmaceutical company’, who met him at BKC, the police said. The representative, a Nigerian national, told him the quality of seeds was excellent and placed an order for more seeds, for double the amount. The IT professional then paid another Rs 6.5 lakh and purchased more seeds, officers said. Thus under various pretexts, the accused got over Rs 11 lakh from him. He got suspicious after John stopped answering calls. The victim then approached the Bhandup police, which found out that some of these calls were made from Delhi. A police team led by police sub-inspector Jalinder Lembhe went to Delhi and found the address of the Nigerian national who had met the victim at BKC. Eventually a constable pretended to be a courier employee reached Orajuka, who had been identified as the accused by then, officers said. His arrest led the police to his wife Niharika Deep, who had been running the fake Facebook account, said the police. Deep has also been arrest. Their laptops have been seized and are being analysed. The Bhandup police had obtained CCTV footage of the area where Mr. Singh had met Valentine and retraced his movements to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, where they established that he had come to Mumbai from Delhi," said Mr Patil.
"With the help of some local informants in Delhi, we traced the two accused posing as Valentine and Mercy John. They were picked up outside a church on Good Friday, after which we brought them to Mumbai and arrested them. We are trying to apprehend the person who posed as the supplier,"

Nigerian couple jailed for 21 years in the US for online fraud

A Nigerian couple have reportedly been sentenced to 252 months in a US jail for jointly defrauding unsuspecting victims of millions of dollars. It was gathered that 58-year-old Gbenga Benson Ogundele and his wife, 42-year-old Mojisola Oluwakemi Popoola, were recently arraigned and sentenced to a joint prison term of 252 months (21 years). The couple who live in Laurel, Maryland, were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering arising from a scheme to defraud unsuspecting victims. While Ogundele was also charged with aggravated identity theft and sentenced to 234 months (19.5 years) in jail, his wife Moji, was sentenced to 18 months, after which they'll both have 3 years of supervised release. couple 9 Mr Ogundele and Mrs Popoola received a jail sentence totalling 21 years, for defrauding people of millions of Dollars The verdict was handed down to them on November 18, 2016, after a 17-day trial presided over by Judge Grimm. Mojisola's brother, Babatunde Emmanuel Popoola, was also given a 34 to 12 years prison sentence on the same charges of fraud. Judge Grimm also presided over his case, and sentenced him on March 20, 2017. The trio were indicted by a federal grand jury in 2015, alongside some Nigerian men identified as Mukhtar Danjuma Haruna, aka “Mukky”, 41-year-old Victor Oyewumi Oloyede, 58-year-old Olusegun Charles Ogunseye, aka “Charles O”, 33-year-old Adeyinka Olubunmi Awolaja Jr., 48-year-old Olusola Olla, and 26-year-old Olufemi Wilfred Williams. From the evidence presented at their trial, they had browsed through several online dating websites where they met their unsuspecting victims and entered into romantic relationships with them. They exchanged calls, emails, internet chat messages with their victims all around the United States They had gone to the extent of using false stories and promises to convince their victims to part with their hard-earned money. They used fake hospital bills, fake foreign taxes, false problems with overseas businesses and even asked for plane trips to visit their victims. They opened bank accounts used in depositing the millions of Dollars received from their victims. They asked for amounts ranging from $1,720 to $30,000, from their victims. While Awolaja, Ogunseye and Williams pleaded guilty and are awaiting their own sentence, Oloyede received a 234 months prison sentence. Ogundele was asked to forfeit $2,195,103.36, while his wife Mojisola, was asked to forfeit $165,000 and pay restitution of $34,100. Emmanuel was also asked to pay restitution of $465,170.76.

Couple who has 3 sets of twins who share same birthday

  Carrie and Craig Kosinki have three sets of twins sharing same birthday - The lovely couple thought they could not have children and ended up adopting the first set of twins Carrie and Craig Kosinki are simply adorable; twins galore The adorable family with three sets of twins that share birthday. The birthday of the first set of twins they adopted is February 28. A year after the adoption of the twins, the birth mother of the twins gave birth to a second set and asked if the Kosinki’s if they would be interested in having them as well. twins 2 She thought it would be nice for the children to grow up together. The second set was also born on the same day like the first. The foundation who helped the couple with the adoption for the second set told them about the birthday of the babies. The adorable sets of twins belonging to the Kosinkis. Carrie found out she was pregnant shortly after that and gave birth to their own set of twins on February 28 too. The couple’s story is a sweet one that has touched the lives of many people. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Angry husband fills wife’s car with cement on surname 

It was gathered that an angry husband in Russia filled his wife's car with cement after she changed her surname when they quarrelled - According to the man, he did it because his wife loved the car very much and always kept it clean. His wife reportedly changed her surname to that of a local supermarket chain's branch where she works, in a bid to promote it An angry husband in St Petersburg, Russia, filled his wife's car with cement after she changed her surname during what he termed as "a rough patch" in their marriage. cement The husband was not amused by his wife's decision to change her surname The man, whose name is not yet known, reportedly wanted to punish his wife for changing her surname to that of a local supermarket chain's branch where she works, in a bid to promote it. He said that he targeted her car specifically because she loved it "very much" and always kept it clean both on the inside and outside. The man directed the construction truck to put the cement in the car According to reports, the supermarket chain had pledged a reward of 50,000 RUB (N268,000) per month to employees who were prepared to legally change their surnames to that of the supermarket. When his wife chose to drop her husband's surname in favor of the supermarket's, the man was not amused. The hilarious incident was caught on video by an onlooker, who then shared it online where it has gone viral.

Man donates kidney to save his beautiful wife from dying

A husband stayed true to his marriage vows and selflessly donated his kidney to save his wife's life - His wife was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2003 but could not find a donor - The husband overcame opposition from his own family A 50-year-old man in Chingola, Zambia stayed true to his marriage vows and selflessly donated his kidney to save his wife's life. Elalious Chileshe and his wife Irene In 2003, Elalious Chileshe's wife Irene, 43, experienced unexplained symptoms including vomiting and headaches. When James Chabu, a nephrologist at Konkola Copper Mines where the couple worked, conducted tests, Irene was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and she was told that she needed a kidney transplant to survive. However, finding a kidney donor was not easy, and Irene's blood sister reportedly declined to help despite being a match. This prompted Elalious to declare to his wife that he was ''ready to donate his kidney because they are one''. WIFFY Elalious meant every word of his marriage vows Further tests confirmed that the couple had the same blood type and Elalious could therefore donate his kidney. However, he encountered opposition from his family, who feared for his life if he lived with one kidney. Elalious was nevertheless determined: “I knew that if I did not donate the kidney she would eventually die and I would remain alone and guilty for the rest of my life. I could not think of what I could have told our children if my wife died because I refused to donate a kidney." Konkola Copper Mines sponsored their trip to India as well as their medical expenses, to enable them carry out the transplant which they eventually completed in August 2016. Both husband and wife are now healthy. Elalious is indeed an inspiration for couples to take their marriage vows seriously.