Woman Crush Wednesday : Adunni Ade

Adunni, a Yoruba-born of a Nigerian father and an American mother. Born in New York, USA, she grew up in Lagos where she attended Chrisland Schools and The Bells Secondary School, Ota, Ogun State. So, Adunni Ade (real name Adunni Adewale) was born on the 7th of June. After her secondary education, she moved to

What did you crave when you were pregnant?

Lots of women have food cravings during pregnancy. You have a food craving when you want a certain food really, really badly. You want pizza and you want it now! It’s usually okay to satisfy your food cravings, as long as what you eat is safe and you don’t eat too much of it. It’s

Drama as mother lied about her child’s paternity

There is no doubt that the paternity of every child in a family is important. Simply put, paternity means fatherhood. Establishing paternity gives a child a legal father. It also gives the father both rights and obligations related to helping  that child Mothers usually know who the fathered their child or children and in some cases

How mothers can create one-on-one time with their children

Whether your children are toddlers or teenagers, they receive tremendous value from one on one time with mum. But mums are busy, and time together can be difficult to find. When you do have it, this time together can be stressful because you may feel rushed. Here are some tips for better one on one

Common Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Women

Whenever the word “hormones” is uttered, menopausal women come to mind for most. That’s so sad. Hormonal changes affect everyone from birth to death, yet we seem to have a very negative association with that word. For women, the most pronounced changes come in their 40s and 50s, but can been  hormonal symptoms earlier, which

When a mother spoils her daughter with so many clothes

Is too much of everything not bad? An 8-year-old Jessica Allen is the poster child of little fashionistas and has the kind of wardrobe many adults can only dream of. The little girl has so many clothes, she never wears any outfit twice. Her mother, Tammie Allen, 25, is a single mum from Stirling, Scotland,

Price of ‘exciting’ self-injectable contraceptive cut

The price of an innovative device which allows women to give themselves a contraceptive jab has been cut. Sayana Press has mostly been used by women in developing countries, as part of a global push to expand access to modern contraception. Working in collaboration with donor organisations has enabled the drug company Pfizer to drop

Child safety: Toddler falls out of a moving car

As parents and guardians, we have full responsibility to ensure our kids are safe always, homes, schools or out. According to  CDC, Motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death among children in the United States. But many of these deaths can be prevented. In the United States, 663 children ages 12 years and

Shocking! Father beheads 6-year-old son for money ritual

Why is the love of money now more important to men than their own children. Its shocking and depressing what people and even parents do these days, the wickedness and gruesome acts  is condemned. How will a father kill and butcher his own son? A father and son relationship is one of the strongest bond

Four Strategies for Protecting Kids from Sexual Predators

A sexual predator is a person seen as obtaining or trying to obtainsexual contact with another person in a metaphorically “predatory” or abusive manner. Analogous to how a predator hunts down its prey, so the sexual predator is thought to “hunt” for his or her sexpartners. High-profile news stories about children and teens being sexually

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