couple welcome their first child after 32 years of childlessness  

It takes a lot to wait to have a child for 5, 10 years not to talk of over 30 years.
It really  takes strength, courage, faith, bravery and the grace of God as the journey can be long and traumatic.
Its a joyous celebration when eventually couples have a child or children after a long childless period
Rev Michael and his wife Christiana Ewache welcomed a beautiful baby girl after 32 years of marriage.  Rev. Ewache is the founder of the Glory of of His Majesty Ministry, Markurdi, Benue State. The child was born on Monday, 5th of June at the National Hospital, Abuja.
The evangelist posted the photos on his Facebook page and wrote:
 "God comes late when He wants to come big, He is never too late. He visited my family"
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The journey and happy ending after 9 miscarriages

Surogacy: Woman delivers her sister's twins babies

A woman desperately wanting to become a mother suffered nine miscarriages. She was devastated, yet her sister decided to step in and help her. Melissa Kayser, 33, had unsuccessfully tried to carry a baby to term for over three years. It was then when doctors recommended fertility treatments and IVF. TGBB The issue was to find a surrogate –and her sister, Lisa Auten, offered to be one! “I didn’t know if I could emotionally handle another woman being able to carry my child,” Kayser commented on a recent Inside Edition report. She had always had very strong maternal instincts, and it was very hard for her to deal with the fact that she was unable to have her own child. Solidarity between sisters. TW Lisa proved a more than acceptable alternative. “I couldn't stand watching Melissa go through loss after loss," she said, adding that “if I could help give her a family, then I was going to do it." As with standard IVF procedures, two embryos were implanted in Lisa. Most of the times one is lost, but this time around, both embryos developed perfectly well. TEEEEE Baby girls, Tierney and Ashlynn, were born in perfect health 6 weeks ago. Ironically, their real mother will have to adopt them, due to a specific law from Nebraska, the U.S. state they live in. Twin girls, Tierney and Ashlynn. Kayser is very grateful for her sister’s gift. “There are never any words that I can say to thank her for what she did. She gave up a year of her life so that we could have a family. I could never repay,” she said.


Woman welcomes quintuplets 10 years after marriage

A Nigerian woman living in Cross River finally welcomes quintuplets after 10 years of marriage - The proud mother revealed that her mom's elder sister gave birth to twins. The case of another beautiful lady has been made public, as she welcomed five beautiful daughters after 10 years of been childless. Leadership newspaper revealed that after 10 years of marriage without the fruit of the womb, Mrs Ekpo Edet, a civil servant in Cross River state civil service was gifted with quintuplets and given all that she is passing through, she says she wants no more. It was gathered that Mrs Edet did not bargain for it but a woman who couldn’t conceive 10 years after marriage was shell-shocked as gets fruits of the womb five times in one fell- quintuplets in her first and only pregnancy in a decade. edet So, was the case of Mrs Ekpo Edet, a civil servant in Cross River state civil service, who recently gave birth to five bouncing babies consisting of three males and two females at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), Calabar. According to the man who shared this story, Olanrewaju Rotimi, who further explained that: “Despite the daunting challenge of nursing five babies in a harsh economy, the middle-aged mother and administrative officer had since accepted her fate, describing the babies as marvelous and previous gifts from God. Mrs Ekpo disclosed that she didn’t pray to have quintuplets, but has a family tree that has a record of a delivery of a twin babies. She said at that conception she was only interested in having just a baby, and not babies, especially having been unable to have one after 10 years of marriage.” However, the proud mother also recounts her experience revealing that she, alongside her husband, Dr Edet Effiong Ekpo, had been full of praises to God Almighty for blessing them with a set of quintuplets, after waiting upon God over the past 10 years, amidst persecution from different quarters that demand a child from her. She reaffirmed that the babies, who are now four months old, were a reward for her waiting upon the God over the years, adding that it pays to be steadfast when trusting God for a child. Mrs Edet said: “It was marvelous having those babies. Even though I didn’t pray for it, and it just came, I give God the praise. But I wouldn’t want to have another experience. I won’t. The stress is much with this present economic situation. I won’t. Remember that we are all civil servants. I don’t have help from anywhere, except God. Finance has been the major challenge at the moment, but I believe that with God all things are possible. God will always take care of them.” The woman further added saying: "Actually, my mom’s elder sister had twins. Since after delivery, I have not had any course to take them to the hospital, though I treat them of malaria, every two month. In the course of all these things, I never had high BP, except on the day of delivery, my BP rose a little out of anxiety. I was scared as a human being. But, in the whole, we all have not had any health issue, so far. We are hale and hearty.” Congratulations to the couple


When waiting for children becomes too long …….

Inspiring cases of childlessness journey

When couples are doing all the can to have children and the years roll by from 5 years  to 10 years to 15 years and more. It can be a traumatic experience. When really does the waiting become too long? is it in the number of years or the status of your mind when you are still relatively stable, hoping and acting

Waiting for too long is a relative term that is dependent on the individuals involved.

Here are two cases of couples that have just ended their childlessness journey of 18 years and 21 years respectively.

Pastor Daniel Unongo, the Chaplain Benue State Government House/Senior Special Assistant to Governor Samuel Ortom on Religion, welcomed a set of twins with his wife, after 18 years of marriage. The governor is pictured cradling the twins yesterday evening during a visit to the new parents.


A trader, Mrs Chinyere Ogbonnaya who waited for 21 years before having her first child on March 24, 2017.

What was the experience waiting for 21 years before having a child? I waited for 21 years before having my child who I call my angel. Many people who hear or read my story would not know the amount of pain I passed through. Many times I was humiliated and mocked but I thank God for His grace and love upon my life. He strengthened me through the years. I don’t know how I managed to remain strong through the years. It can only be God who helped me. Were there times you felt like giving up on becoming a mother? There were many times I felt that way but God helped me. My husband too has been supportive. He is a wonderful man. I have never met anyone like him.  There were times when I felt discouraged and he would try to liven up my mood. Did you at anytime conceive during the 21 years of waiting? Yes, I did but had miscarriages – I had about two or three miscarriages. I felt extremely sad; words fail me to express how I felt those times. You know how one feels when one is about to have something one always dreams about and just as that thing is finally to become yours, it is taken away. That is how I felt during those times.   How did you feel when you finally held your son in your arms? I kept shedding tears; the feeling can be described as ‘heaven on earth.’ I didn’t sleep that night; I just kept staring at him. I spent hours singing praises to God. What is your advice to women who are on the verge of giving up after waiting for some years to give birth? They should trust God. He is able to do all things. They should not allow themselves to be discouraged; people will mock them and say all sorts about their situation. They must remain strong and hold their heads up high. I always say that if I can wait for 21 years, anyone can. I don’t know how I managed to put up a smile on my face throughout the 21 years. It was indeed a tough task for me. Famous quote I realised when you look at your mother; you are looking at the purest love you will ever know — American author, journalist, screenwriter, Mitch Albom


Woman born with two vaginas is now pregnant

A woman who was born with two sets of reproductive organs and had been told by doctors that she was infertile is now expecting a child. Krista Schwab, 32, was diagnosed with uterus didelphys, meaning she has two vaginas, one right next to the other. She was diagnosed at age 12 and has two vaginas, two cervixes and two wombs.  Because of complications resulting from her rare condition, doctors told Krista that she would never get pregnant. In spite of that, she tried to have a baby with her husband Courtney, 33, resulting in a couple of miscarriages. The couple eventually gave up hope of having a baby via a natural birth. She considered trying IVF but soon discovered she was expecting a child.  Krista is now five months pregnant and expecting a baby boy which is growing in her left womb. Krista from Washington, US, said:
 "After being diagnosed with uterine didelphys at 12 years old, I knew I had two uteruses and two cervixes. But when I was 30 I found out that I also have two vaginas that are side by side. I always felt the separate sections during intercourse and smear tests but I just thought that feeling was a normal thing every woman had.”
Speaking on how she found out she was pregnant, Krista said she had lost all hope and when she eventually did a test and it turned out positive she fell to the floor crying
"For so many years my husband and I cried, prayed and dreamed of having a child. We both had so many breakdowns because we wanted one so much. After probably 1,000 negative pregnancy tests – it got to the point where I gave up wishing anymore. Last December I put on weight so I bought my billionth pregnancy test which my husband and I thought was just now a waste of money. I normally pray and hope whilst I wait, but this time I lost all hope and didn't bother. Then I saw it – it was positive. I hit the floor crying."
AT just 13 years, doctors had warned Krista that she could never have children. Then at the age of 30, she learned she also had two vaginas as part of the condition. She added:
 "It was a massive shock, especially for my husband! Doctors and I couldn't see it because it was too far inside. Sex is extremely sensitive and can hurt – it affects my sex life and my self-confidence. However, my husband and I joke around about it all the time. There's so many prude comments I get about my vaginas, but what is the upsetting is the link to my infertility.
"The year I was diagnosed, every single doctor told me that it would be impossible for me to have kids. All the way up to 30 I was told I couldn't have them. The only ovary that was functioning was on that right side with that very shallow opening there was no connection for the left to get an egg through it. I actually got pregnant when I was 15 and 20, but I had miscarriages for both. When I met my husband at 20 years old, I told him I couldn't have kids. So the whole time I've been together with my husband we didn't use protection."
Most women with uterine didelphys have to have C-section but Krista is hopeful she might not need one.
"Because of my two vaginas, the baby will have to come down the left side vagina," she added. "Doctors think I'll have to have a C-section but I'm dreaming of a natural water birth. It's incredible because doctors still don't understand it. The fact that I'm pregnant on the left side and it's impossible for the egg to get there. I am scared that he will get stuck, one vagina is much smaller, if they were both one vagina it'd be a normal size. Ten years of trying to have a baby it just happened. I want women with uterine didelphys to never let anyone tell them miracles can't happen because they do."
Dr Nick Raine-Fenning, spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said:
"The uterus forms in utero by the fusion of two tubes, which are called the Mullerian ducts. The wall between the tubes breaks down before birth in its lower aspect leaving one womb and one cervix whilst the upper parts stay separate and form the two fallopian tubes. The process can go wrong at any time leaving two completely separate tubes and therefore two uteri and two cervixes, as well as two vaginas, known as uterine didelphys or double uterus, at one extreme or one uterus separated by a muscular wall which is a septate uterus. "Uterine anomalies, as they are called, have been associated with infertility, miscarriage, and preterm delivery."


Experimental treatment that could reverse menopause

Greek lawyer, 40, is expecting twins after experimental treatment that could reverse the menopause

A Greek lawyer who doctors said was a 'lost cause' has revealed she is expecting twins after having experimental treatment that could reverse the menopause.

Natalia endured six failed rounds of hormone therapy and was looking to adopt after she was diagnosed with congenital ovarian failure.

But the 40-year-old 'dived right in' when she learned about the technique, which is said to rejuvenate the reproductive organs by injecting blood plasma into the ovaries and womb.

 She was ecstatic to discover that she had conceived just nine days after the PRP injection and is now ten weeks pregnant.
Greek lawyer Natalia, who doctors said was a 'lost cause', has revealed she is expecting twins after having experimental treatment that could reverse the menopause (stock photo)

'I had nothing to lose. Doctors had already told me I was a lost cause. But then a miracle followed,' Natalie told The Times.

She is the first woman to become pregnant naturally after having the therapy, doctors said.

It comes after two women who were thought to be infertile became pregnant through a technique said to rejuvenate the reproductive organs.

The women – one aged 40 and one 39 – had blood plasma injected into their ovaries and womb.

It is thought to be the first time a treatment has enabled menopausal women to become pregnant using their own eggs.

It comes after two women who were thought to be infertile became pregnant through a technique said to rejuvenate the reproductive organs 

If the success is confirmed the technique could allow women to remain fertile for longer – and give hope to those who go through early menopause.

One of the women is now six months pregnant. The other miscarried in the first trimester.

The procedure was carried out at the Genesis Athens Clinic in the Greek capital. Dr Kostantinos Sfakianoudis, the clinic's director, said around 180 women had had the treatment – some with the hope of getting pregnant and others to help control symptoms of the menopause, including hot flushes and thinning hair.

Dr Sfakianoudis said yesterday: 'We've had two pregnancies, one is ongoing, the other reached the first trimester. For the moment, these are the first two that have been achieved.'

Many of the women having treatment had stopped having periods – but the technique helped them recover this and also helped their hormone levels to improve, Dr Sfakianoudis said.

'The results so far are very promising,' he added. Dr Sfakianoudis said he is preparing a scientific paper on the results, and also to carry out further controlled trials.

Exactly how the plasma rejuvenates the reproductive organs is unclear. A possible explanation is that it revives stem cells in the ovary, causing it to release more eggs.

A further possibility is that the injection reconfigures the blood supply in the ovary, reviving an egg producing area.

One of the two women, a 40-year-old from Germany, had wanted a second child for more than six years, and had endured six unsuccessful IVF attempts.

She told the New Scientist magazine: 'I had given up on trying to get pregnant. To me, it's a miracle'.

Following the treatment in Athens, she had returned home where she had standard IVF treatment. After stimulation with hormones, she released three eggs, two of which could be fertilised. One egg was successfully implanted.

She added: 'Everything is going well. It's a girl.'

If the success is confirmed the technique could allow women to remain fertile for longer

The other woman, a 39-year-old from the Netherlands, was treated as she had not had a period for four years, and had shown other signs of the menopause.

She had hoped to start a family, and received treatment in December 2016. She began menstruating again after her treatment.

In the Netherlands, she received IVF treatment and also became pregnant. Unfortunately she miscarried last week.

Dr Sfakianoudis said despite the miscarriage, the result was 'extremely encouraging'.

Dr John Randolph at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, who was not involved in the study, said it was too early to draw firm conclusions before rigorous trials had been conducted.

He told New Scientist: 'Anything that might help ovaries regain function would be fabulous. A lot of people have high hopes of doing something like this.'

The oldest woman treated by Dr Sfakianoudis with the technique was 52.

He said it was not for him to judge how old is too old to start a family. He added: 'Some people might not meet their partners until later in life. If there is a treatment that will help them, then why not use it?'

Dr Sfakianoudis plans to carry out trials of his treatment in Greece and the US.

Platelet-rich plasma – the blood product injected into the ovaries – has been used to stimulate the growth of tissue and blood vessels in damaged bones and muscles. But it has not been shown to work in ovaries before.



Lagos investigates Portuguese wife’s death after childbirth 

The Lagos State Government has begun investigation into the death of a 24-year-old make-up artist, Mrs. Chiamaka de Freitas, at the Medical Art Centre, Onigbongbo, Lagos State. On Tuesday, March 28, the news about how a young lady married to a Portuguese man, Chiamaka De Freitas, went viral on the internet on how she died during delivery at the Medical Arts Center (MART). After, the news hit the internet the medical team at MART immediately released a press statement revealing that, it was not their fault. In their statement, they also revealed how the lady undergone IVF at their hospital, how she missed about 4 weeks of her antenatal and how the baby was born till she gave up on Sunday, March 26, at the hospital. It is gathered that in a new development Chimaka’s husband, Arlindo De Freitas, has reported the case to the Lagos state government, who have promised to begin proper investigation about the death of the 24-year-old makeup artist. chiamaka The Director of the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender, Mrs Salami Olubukola, said the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem, had directed that the allegation of the victim’s husband, Arlindo that the hospital had a hand in the death of his wife, be duly investigated. Olubukola disclosed that: “I took her to the hospital on Thursday evening and we did the necessary scans. They said she would have to go through a surgery the following day by 8am. When we got there the following day, I signed the necessary papers and she was taken into the theatre. chia The baby was born by 8.37am and everybody was happy. Around 7pm, my wife started bleeding. I noticed that the blood was coming out from different parts of her body, including her private parts. I called the doctors’ attention to it and asked if the bleeding was normal. They said I should not worry that everything was fine. She bled till the following day. They called me and said they wanted to do a blood test. After two hours, they said her blood pressure was low. They took my wife again into the theatre to see what was wrong. They said they didn’t see anything. They said they needed to do blood transfusion. She continued to bleed until she died on Sunday morning.” Arlindo, who said his late wife conceived through in vitro fertilisation at the hospital, blamed some of the facility workers whom he said handled the delivery carelessly. Chiamaka and her husband, Arlindo De Freitas He said: “When she was bleeding, they were injecting her with one pain killer after the other. And at a point, she stopped reacting to it. She bled from 7pm on Friday to 12pm on Saturday, until she lost all her blood. When they were transfusing blood into her, it was passing out from her body until she died. They had been talking about the C-section since she was 20 weeks pregnant. They said when the pregnancy got to week 37, they would do the operation. Although she was normal, they insisted on a C-section because it is big money in Nigeria. They charged N1.1m for the C-section. With other costs, including accommodation, we were charged N1.4m.” He said his lawyer would petition the National Assembly over the matter, saying he would follow the case to the end. However, the hospital, in a statement, said it had no hand in the death of the victim, as they noted that it was saddened by the development because in its four years of existence, Chiamaka’s death was the first mortality recorded at the hospital.  


Kim Kardashian to undergo uterus surgery for a third child

Guess she loves the attention that comes from pregnancy and having a baby which is why she has changed her mind after saying she will never have another baby. Asides making a decision on her own not to have babies anymore, Kim had been warned by doctors that it was risky for her to conceive and have another child but she's determined to try and revealed to her family that she will be having surgery on her uterus to make that possible.
The 36-year-old mother-of-two revealed this in a sneak peek from Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashian and succeeded in making her family look worried for her.
"I have to go in and repair my uterus because I decided I'm going to try to have one more baby," she said to her mom and sisters at dinner. "Isn't that exciting?"
But her family did not seem excited at all and they tried to talk her out of it. Kendal said: "Oh my god, I thought you were for sure done." Cory Gamble, Kris' boyfriend also warned her about the risk, saying, "I don't want you to, like, do anything risky." Everyone pitched in to try to discourage her, but Kourtney was simply dumbfounded and continued to stare at her, worry evident in her features. Khloe, who has made no secret of the fact that she will love to have babies too, seemed both interested and confused and asked her big sister:
"What surgery are we having? I have to have a surgery on my uterus to kind of repair this hole, so they need to like clean that out and then there's scar tissue. It will still be a really high-risk pregnancy, just you'd be able to get pregnant." Kim clarified.
"So, why do you want to do it again?" Khloe asked
"Having more kids is definitely going to be a struggle," Kim admits in her confessional. "I've gone through so much with really bad deliveries that the doctors don't feel like it's safe for me to conceive again myself. This surgery is really the one last thing I can try."
Kim went on to reveal that she's doing it because she wants to give her kids siblings just like she has for herself. Another clip showed Kris and Kim at the doctors where they were taken through the process and the risks involved in the surgery.


Conception tactics: Woman enslaved a woman for two years

A Florida woman enslaved a woman for two years and tried to impregnate her with boyfriend's sperm. Esthela Clark, 47, paid $3,000 to bring another woman, 22, from Mexico, she held her captive in her home in Jacksonville, Florida and then tried to impregnate her with her boyfriend's sperm. The Mexican woman, whose name was not given, revealed to federal agents that Esthela did all sorts of horrible things to her. She said that Esthela forbade her from leaving her one-bedroom condominium, telling her that the neighborhood was dangerous and she would most likely get killed if she went out. She also told her that she would find out if she tried to hide anything from her because she reads Tarot cards. 000 The victim was subjected to forced domestic labor and made to sleep on a mattress in the dining room. Soon after she arrived the United States, Esthela tried to get her pregnant with syringes containing sperm retrieved from used condoms. She continued this way, sometimes injecting her with sperm up to four times a day and when the victim did not get pregnant Esthela got angry and became physically and psychologically abusive. Believing the reason she couldn't conceive was because she was overweight, Esthela starved her victim and fed her only beans to the extent that she lost 65lbs. It was also heard in court that Esthela forced her victim to have sex with two complete strangers and threatened to hurt her family if she tries to escape. At a point, Esthela forced her to work in a local restaurant and collected all her earnings. An acquaintance of the victim found out about the abuse and reported to the authorities and that led to the arrest of the 47-year-old. She was indicted in 2015 on charges of bringing in and harboring aliens, sex trafficking of children, forced labor and furthering slave traffic. She pled guilty to the forced labor charge on Monday. Couples should seek advice from experts and do the right things medically and not take laws into their hands in an act of desperation.

unnamed (47)

Infertility: Woman welcomes baby after 21 years of marriage

The menance of Childlessness

The agony of childlessness of couples is a traumatic experience especially for women. No matter the number of years or how long you have been waiting for, the journey is not one you would want to go through. Unfortunately, childlessness is very common amongst couples these days.

Infertility is the term used to describe a couple’s failure to conceive, despite having engaged in regular and unprotected intercourse for a year. The problem affects around one in seven couples in the U.K, which translates as approximately 3.5 million people.

Infertility can be caused by various different problems and sometimes it is not possible to establish the cause. There may be a single cause in either partner or a combination of problems that may prevent conception occurring or a pregnancy continuing. Both men and women can have a problem with their fertility, which is the case in about 20% of infertile couples. In around 15% of cases, no cause of infertility is identified in either partner and this is referred to as “unexplained” infertility.

However, when causes are identified among women, they most commonly include irregular ovulation, endometriosis and obstructed fallopian tubes, while among men, the most common cause is sperm disorders.

Infertility is a common problem. In the U.S, 10 to 15% of couples are infertile. However, infertility is not the same as sterility, where there is no possibility of conception. Up to 15% of couples can be infertile, but only 1 to 2% of those are sterile and 50% of infertile couples who seek help, eventually conceive, either naturally or with medical assistance.

The prevalence of infertility in Nigeria is put at between 20 - 25% among married couples, according to experts. However, 40 - 45 % of all consultations in gynaecological clinics are infertility-related.

Many infertile women in developing countries consider that, without children, their lives are without hope. However, there is usually a good news at the end of this wait. Couples need to be hopefully, get help and support, pray and try available Doctors recommendations. The wonders of God will never end! It can only be delayed but never denied. unnamed (47) A woman finally welcomes baby after 21 years of marriage On Sunday, March 26, as people were celebrating Mother’s Day a young lady took to her Facebook account to thank God for how her aunt has been blessed with a bouncing baby boy after being married for several years of marriage The girl identified as Iwuafor Juliet, posted her sister’s picture with the baby and the caption: “Biko UMUNNEM…. Praise God with me. My Anty got married since 1996 and have not had any child since then…… later on she took in and carried the pregnancy for 3years and 2 months. Just yesterday she gave birth to the long awaited baby (boy)…. Two days to Mothering Sunday after TWENTY ONE YEARS. My Anty will be called a Mother this year. God of miracle TAHNK YOU Congratulations