Conception tactics: Woman enslaved a woman for two years

A Florida woman enslaved a woman for two years and tried to impregnate her with boyfriend’s sperm. Esthela Clark, 47, paid $3,000 to bring another woman, 22, from Mexico, she held her captive in her home in Jacksonville, Florida and then tried to impregnate her with her boyfriend’s sperm. The Mexican woman, whose name was

Infertility: Woman welcomes baby after 21 years of marriage

The menance of Childlessness The agony of childlessness of couples is a traumatic experience especially for women. No matter the number of years or how long you have been waiting for, the journey is not one you would want to go through. Unfortunately, childlessness is very common amongst couples these days. Infertility is the term used

UK Scientists working on making babies

Scientists in UK have been given the go-ahead to carry out a treatment that will make it possible for babies to be made from two women and a man.  The UK’s fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority, gave the green light to the technique in December 2016 and has now agreed to its

Barren Woman gives birth TWICE in ONE WEEK

– A woman literally gives birth twice in seven days. Her son arrived on Tuesday, February 21, then her angelic twin daughters followed their brother on Tuesday, February 28 – The happy-looking mother reportedly struggled to get pregnant and had to seek medical help. She conceived the triplets in August 2016, and now they are

Amazing! Bipaternal Twins from different fathers in one womb

Siblings can have different fathers; can twins born of a woman have two fathers? The straight answer is yes. Twins could be “bipaternal.” This phenomenon occurs quite rarely (1 in a billion to be exact), but several pairs of non-identical twins have been born, tested and found  to be the products of one womb, one

African male celebrity gets PREGNANT

Doctors claim to have for the first time in HUMAN HISTORY, transplanted a uterus into a male. The implications of this procedure are GROUNDBREAKING. First off, now transgenders may be able to get pregnant. And second . . . well we’re not sure what else doctors are planning on doing with this. A famous radio

Woman gives birth after 19years, 9 miscarraiges, 4 IVF’s

The journey to becoming a mother or daddy is never easy sometimes couples experience delay in giving birth for various reasons: medical and sometimes unexplained. This journey is emotional, painfully and challenging. In the african culture, Children are critical in any marriage and expecations is that within two years, a new born should have arrived.

Woman desperate to be a mum told she was too fat for IVF

A woman who had been trying for a baby for six years was told she was too fat for IVF after tipping the scales at 19 stone. Tasha Frampton, 33, and husband, Ross, 34, from Farnborough, Hampshire, turned to the fertility treatment after she struggled to conceive. But weighing in at 19 stone, Tasha’s dreams hung in

Mom expecting quadruplets after years of miscarriages

After two heartbreaking miscarriages and several failed cycles of IVF, Carla and Paul Crozier knew it was their last chance to complete their family. The couple, who had wiped out their savings trying for a little brother or sister for daughter Darcie, took out an £8,000 loan for one last roll of the dice at

How to know if you need help with your fertility

Fertility issues are very sensitive, especially for women. The sad reality is that many people delay getting fertility help for far too long, even though they know that they have a problem. You know that something’s not right, and it shouldn’t be taking this long. After all, everyone else seems to be popping babies out

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