Reasons he doesn’t want to get married to you

Imagine this scenario. You’ve been with this man for years and anytime the topic of marriage comes up, he brushes it aside as if it’s a plague to be avoided. He doesn’t even talk about you to his family or friends. Heck, he doesn’t talk about settling down anytime soon. What do you do? Many

Derailed Relationship: Man’s inhumanity to man

You hear of horrific stories of abuse, attack and murder in a relationship and you wonder what could have gone wrong? In what seems to be a loving, wonderful relationship then suddenly turns horrific. You now try to remember if there were any warning signs that were neglected. When does a relationship start derailing and

Money issues that can kill your marriage

Getting married is one of the happiest experiences in this life. Whether young or old, newlywed couples are excited to start a new life and look forward to the good times they will have together. They expect that there will be times of disagreement. But they rarely expect money, which is one of the biggest

Relationships: He cheated, now what?

When your husband cheats on you, you get depressed and sad. He cheated and now you know the truth. What are you going to do? You wanted to believe him, to trust that he was faithful, to forgive him for neglecting you, letting you down, and disappointing you because you felt his intentions were true.

Considering adopting a child? Read this!

In this part of the world, adoption is still frowned at. This may be due to our traditional beliefs and culture. Regardless of this some people understand that adoption of a child could mean, given home to the homeless and succor to the barren. Earlier in the year, former LUX beauty queen, Ibidun Ighodalo took

Secrets to a Happy fulfilling Marriage Relationship

Barack and Michelle Obama 25th Wedding anniversary Whao! 25 years seems to be a long and big number these days especially when you see couples that have been happily married for that long. Yes it gives a ray of hope and assurance that happy and wonderful marriages does exist and you can make yours one

couple goals

Making your marriage romance sizzling hot

Being in a relationship and finally getting married are part of the achievement of life. Sometimes this achievement is not smooth sailing and people can experience challenges. Getting married is one step in the right direction but being and staying happily married is another journey. We cannot but emphasize a the importance of a good

Marriage: The Eternal Learning Curve

“Marriage is the union of two forgivers”, someone once said. However, I would like to tweak that a bit by saying, “Marriage should be the union of two people who really need to learn to be very patient with each other”. Marriage is a school that’s for a lifetime where you are ever a student

Moving on from a failed marriage

Love is beautiful. One of the greatest experiences of man is to love and be loved back. Love can be a beautiful exchange. Love is the reason why a lot of things still stand today. So, it’s always a beautiful sight to see two love birds joined in Holy matrimony called marriage; the sights and

Help! My husband wants me to quit my job!

Managing Finances in the home is one of the challenges that comes up in the life of a  married couple. Its not new and will always happen and hence the need for couples to be practical, open and realistic when it comes to finances. Here is a typical example of an issue from a wife,