Tunde and Wunmi Obe celebrate 19 years of marriage

Celebrating  29 years of friendship and 19 years of marriage

In the midst of celebrity marriage separation and breakup its still also good to celebrate couples who are still happily married with a fantastic friendship.
Every potential marital union starts with friendship and hence they need to always emphasize having a great friendship is one of the important prerequisite.
Singers Wunmi and Tude Obe are celebrating 29 years of Friendship and 19 years of marriage today. On twitter, Tunde took out time to appreciate his wife and the mother of his children. He wrote;
Happy anniversary, my queen!! @WunmiObe  As we rock & celebrate 29yrs of friendship & 19yrs of marriage. We must first give credit to Baba God for giving us the grace to recognize true love, when we found it, many years ago.. For keeping us in good health. For our beautiful children... For all we've been able to achieve.. If I had to do it all again, I'd choose u over & over again,sweetheart!".
Congrats to them!

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50-year-old woman who has never been married weds

When it comes to relationship and marriage there is no doubt that there is more pressure on ladies and women.

Firstly our society encourages marriage at certain age and when it doesn't happen there is usually a lot of family pressure even from friend.
Also remember the biological clock of ladies ticking when it comes to having kids.
However in my experience in the last few years, i have observed that age is just a number as a lot of unexplained situation happens despite these 'age' limitations.
The truth is that its never too late to achieve your dreams and aspirations.
A 50 year-old Omolayo Oyeyemi Oyewole, an ordained Deaconess of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) of Fountain of Living Water Parish, Tudun Wada, Abuja, who has never been married, got married to Pastor Mike Gbade Adetutu, who is a widower, in Abuja, over the weekend. While she waited for her man, Omolara got involved in religious activities and was ordained a Deaconess. Their wedding took place at RCCG Resurrection Parish, Babangida area of Lugbe in FCT on Saturday June 24th. Congrats to them! This is to encourage all the single ladies and men out there not to give up no matter the situation.


Keep your marriage off the Internet- Uche Ogbodo

Elegant and about-the-town Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, as some people may argue, does not really qualify as a marriage counsellor. Their argument may be valid, given the fact that the actress went into the sacred institution and didn’t last six months become she came running out of it. But then, who is better positioned to speak on an issue than one who has been scathed by it? uche-ogbodo-latest4 So, in a recent chat with Potpourri and vanguard, the fair-skinned actress gave her candid advice to couples, especially celebrities, to keep their marriage off the social media. Uche Ogbodo “When one is hurt, you will think you need to vent it for the whole to feel your pain. It’s like if you don’t, you are going to die. I have been there. It takes the grace of God,” she explained when asked why celebrities feel the need to take their relationship issues to the social media. “I’ve been there and I had the grace of God. That’s why I never voiced out my fears and problems with my ex. There are so many stories the media wanted me to talk about, but I wasn’t ready. And so I just put a name to it ‘He’s a liar’. I didn’t give details or anything. If I ventured, Oh my God! The internet would have broken for my sake! Why would the internet break for my sake? I have millions of fans who are following me. I have a lot of people emulating me. Why would one mistake destroy me? Why would one mistake that I made destroy the lives of so many people in their marriages? Because of what I say about a man? So you need help. So many people don’t know God and so when these things happen, they are broken. They think the internet is their God. The internet will only destroy you further. And as your marriage is crashing, you’re crashing hundreds of marriages of your fans because they are believing every word that comes out of your mouth,” she added


Funke Akindele and husband JJC Skillz reportedly expecting twins?

FA JCC Nollywood couple Funke Akindele Bello and her husband Abdulrasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz are reportedly expecting twins. Days ago,it was  reported that Nollywood actress Funke Akindele was praying for a child during one of Nathaniel Bassey's Hallelujah challenge sessions. Now it seem that her prayers have been answered. Jjc posted a photo on his Instagram which read: To God be the glory, Amen. Jjc's Instagram post. He captioned the photo: "Amen amen amen. God, I receive your wonderful news in praise. To God be the glory you will be called a mother by your beautiful miraculous twins Funke Akindele, my queen and wonderful mother of my children to be." Funke Akindele and husband Jjc Skillz Jjc has since deleted the post but their fans are happy for them and have been congratulating them on social media since. What do you think? Is it real or is it a publicity stunt


Nigerian man proposes to his girlfriend during flight

June is thriving with romantic proposals this year. Just days after a man proposed to his girlfriend during a helicopter ride, another Nigerian man just proposed during airplane flight to Lagos. A Nigerian man named Elvis Iwuji decided to be extremely creative when proposing to his girlfriend. READ ALSO: Mercy Johnson's husband shares new photo of him and his lovely wife, it's every couple's goal He planned the proposal during a local Air Peace flight they planned from Owerri to Lagos. prop The unsuspecting and beautiful girlfriend had no idea she would take-off at Owerri as a woman in a relationship and by the time she would land in Lagos, she would be engaged to be married.

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  • The happy groom-to-be
Nigerian man Elvis Iwuji proposed to his girlfriend during a local Air peace flight. Elvis found time during the short flight and once he proposed, she accepted and they became engaged thousands of feet in the air. Last year, another Nigerian couple also got engaged during an Air peace flight. How romantic!    


Are Separate Bedrooms A Healthy Marriage Trend?

When most people picture married life, it usually includes a nice large bed for two. While this is commonly the case, more and more married couples are starting to sleep separately. There are a number of reasons for this, and they may not be what you think they are. This is not only happening among people who have been married for over 30 years, but couples are spending their nights in separate beds early on in marriage. Is it healthy for couples to separate from the “marriage bed?” Why do couples do this? black-couple-in-bed-600x400 Three reasons that some couples separate at night are sex issues, children, and other marital problems. Sometimes one partner wants to have sex more than the other. Other times, couples choose to abstain from sexual activity because of their first difficult child. New mothers sometimes sleep closer to their infant, who wakes up in the middle of the night, to allow their husband to sleep. Heated arguments might send the husband to the couch. A lack of emotional intimacy might make it so difficult to sleep together, that couples drift apart and feel more comfortable in separate rooms at night. While these can be the reason why some couples now sleep in different rooms, these are far from being to only reasons. Smiling couple laying on bed Couples are often composed of complete opposites. She might be the morning person and he might be the night owl. Different sleeping patterns and conflicting schedules can make it difficult to get the proper rest. Sometimes people separate just to get a good night’s rest. Light sleepers in particular might develop issues with snoring, bed cover stealing, tossing and turning, or getting up at different times. In this case, sleeping separately might actually help the relationship, because it may alleviate stress and the silent animosity that may come about from having a partner that ruins your sleep cycle. black-couple-in-bedroom Another reason why married couples decide to sleep separately is because they just want their own room. Some men just can’t stand pink comforter sets and flowery surroundings. A marriage should consist of two complete individuals, and that might create a bit of a clash when it comes to bedroom design, and what environment is necessary for one to wind down for the night. One might like music or television, and the other might want total darkness and silence. There can usually be a compromise in this situation (and that is necessary if you don’t have an extra room in the house). Maintaining a sense of individuality can come from having your own bedroom, even when married. Be careful, however, because too much separation can cause you to drift apart. Make sure that there is time to cuddle, talk, kiss, and connect outside of bedtime. The other exciting part of having separate bedrooms is the “dating game” you can play. Will it be your place other theirs?

Is it good or bad to sleep separately?

It depends. On the positive side, a little space can make your heart race when you see them again. Having a chance to miss your partner and relax can be a healthy activity for you and your partner. Obviously, if the reasons are simply personal preference or schedule conflicts, it might not be such a bad idea. If you spend too much time together, sleeping apart will give you a chance to refresh your feelings for each other. Having a separate bedroom can allow you to see your partner’s interests and preferences in a different way, and it can help you remember who you are. bigstock-Unhappy-couple-lying-on-bed-no-69332407-1024x682 On the negative end, a strong desire to sleep apart because of intimacy problems or even personal preference might do damage. If you simply push away from your partner because of your issues, and don’t deal with the conflict, the problems will still be there in the morning. Sleeping apart as an escape from dealing with problems will only create an emotional distance in addition to the physical one, and that can be a path to divorce. Even if the separation is made to maintain or recapture a sense on individuality (which can be good) it can cause you to grow apart. To avoid this problem, make sure that there are certain things that you always do together on a regular basis. Connect with each other and talk everyday so that you are involved in each others lives. You don’t want to become roommates, so keep the “married feeling” alive with quality time, and don’t keep each other from ever visiting the other’s room. A little space is good for marriage. Even if you sleep separately once in a while, it can give you an appreciation for the nightly company when you sleep together again. Sleeping apart is not right for every marriage, however. If the two of you lead separate and busy lives, that bedtime might be what keeps you in touch. Sleeping in the same bed when you are married is a special opportunity to hold hands, talk, or just be near each other. Communication is the key, so talk it over with your spouse before you decide to move out of the bedroom. If you already sleep away from your spouse (voluntarily), reevaluate the reasons, and make sure you are doing the right thing. Married couples don’t have to sleep together all the time. Every couple is different, and it does work for some people. Different strokes for different folks, you know!    


Reasons why women gain weight after marriage

Do you sometimes wonder why most newly-weds, suddenly put on weight (especially the wives)? The wedding is over and it s time to settle down in your new home, learn new rules of the house and adjust living with a new set of people. Though most brides-to-be go on a weight loss diet to look stunning on D-Day, they often tend to put on weight post marriage. In fact, some scientific research also supports the claim that couples put on weight once they tie the knot. If you are newly-wed and wondering what the cause of your expanding waistline is, here are a few answers. black-couple-sleeping Your diet goes for a toss Weddings take a toll on your body as you eat meals made in bulk for hundreds of people and at weird hours. Right after the exhausting two or sometimes three-day long affair you go for your honeymoon trip where you again eat outside food. Not just this, since it s a new house, you have to adjust to the daily schedule which adds to the stress. A bad diet combined with stress means loss of nutrition. So, essentially, you gorge on calories but do not give your body the essential nutrients. This results in deficiency of vitaman B, calcium, etc. leading to cravings at odd hours and lack of energy. And you wonder why you have suddenly put on 5 kilos.   Your eating habits change Perhaps the first thing a newly married woman has to do is to cook for her new family. Your body is used to a certain style of cooking in terms of the spices used, the taste, etc. But you are likely to change this to impress your in-laws and hubby and adopt their cooking methods. Your body reacts to this by altering your digestive pattern. And if it is an inter-cultural marriage, you perhaps have to change your food habits completely. A Yoruba woman married to an Igbo man would suddenly have to start eating more soups like “ofe nsala”, “oha soup”, and a whole lot of solid foods post marriage. All these changes cause weight gain because they contain heavy amount of calories. NWC You eat out more often The newly married tag means you have the freedom to go out and binge every weekend, sometimes weekdays too! Not just that, you have several dinner parties to attend to get to know the extended family, friends, relatives, family friends, etc. So more often than not, at least one of your meals is outside food which is often rich in calories and low in nutrition. And saying no to these invites is usually not an option. All these soon reflect on your waistline. NWC2 Your priorities change Admit it, when you were single you could easily get your way but after marriage, you often have to step down and let go of your choices. Your priorities change and you are often last on your own list. So you are either cooking your hubby s favourite dish or eating leftovers because you don't want to waste food. Managing work, household chores, kids, etc. coupled with a hazy eating pattern can leave you feeling exhausted. You are likely to indulge in cravings for the lack of satisfaction from your meals and put on weight. You care less Before the wedding, it is all about looking stunning which means hours in the gym, portion control, and so on. But once the wedding is over and responsibility strikes, your health takes a backseat. Women often let go and do not bother much about their bodies or fitness. Gym hour is replaced by cooking hour and diet as we mentioned goes for a toss. All these changes make you put on weight post marriage. So, there you have it! If you ever wondered why women gain weight right after marriage, some of your answers lie above.    


Lovers drown as car rolls into river during sex

Two lovers who were having sex in the back seat of their car, which was parked near a river, have drowned. Reports say the couple could not escape from their car as it sank, and they tragically drowned while trapped in their vehicle’s back seat. They were reported missing by their families after they failed to return home from an outing.
In the tributes posted by their friends on the social media, it was gathered that their car was lifted out of the river and their bodies were found on the back seat. They were both 22-year-old, and the man was a physical education teacher. PAY-Yana-Kryuchkova-and-Evgeny-Chernov_1_Vkontakte_east2west According to the police, “The couple were making love on the back seat when the car was parked near the lake. “The car had been left in neutral gear, but their passionate movements jolted the car, and it slowly moved forward into the lake. “The lovers were shaking the car and it rolled down to the water. “The young man and his girl failed to get out of the SUV in the water.” A social media posting by one of their friends said: “We will remember you!!! so young! Rest in peace… You are in our hearts forever…” The incident happened in Russia’s Volograd region. Source:mirror

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Woman dates 5,000 men, teaches online course on how to attract rich guys

A woman who claims to have dated over 5,000 rich men has inaugurated an online course designed to guide interested women in catching and keeping rich foreign guys.

Online medium, Coconuts Bangkok, reports that the woman, a Thai citizen, counsels fellow Thai women who want an ATM as boyfriend, has announced via her Facebook page that she was launching a club that recruits eligible Thai women for rich “businessman friends.” For a token fee of about $410 for VIP access, Praiya Suriya promises to set up her club members with either “Caucasian or Middle Eastern” men.
The tutelage comes equipped with online coaching on how to ask men for money and also how the women could be more confident in bed. priya2 (3) The coaching will be done within a private group on the LINE messaging app, she says. Here’s what VIP members will learn:
  • The tricks to asking men for money — Results are guaranteed 100 percent! Ask them for THB100,000 ($2,941.177) – THB300,000 ($8,820.936) to go shopping!
  • A detailed sex strategy! You will feel confident like you’ve never felt before. Have quality sex. Have educated sex. Have sex like Praiya! Have sex like a pro!
  • How to negotiate compensation before you go on a date or holiday with him. How to ask for a salary, house, condo, or car.
  • English or Arabic sentences used to ask for money.
  • Negotiate cash upfront before a date? Is that really dating?
The Facebook account has drawn criticism from online commentators, however; as many Thai women are enraged by how Praiya is seeming to worsen their image; while others say her business is straight-up prostitution. But other women actually idolise Praiya, leaving messages of support on her Facebook page. what do you folks think of this? See Praiya Suriya’s photos: priya5

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Man pays bride price for live-in lover who died during childbirth

A man whose live-in lover died during a complicated childbirth has been asked to pay the traditional bride price, locally known as lobola,  before she could be buried.
The woman had reportedly died due to complications during childbirth, and her relatives have told her young partner to pay the lobola, warning that she would not be buried until he fulfils the tradition. The late woman’s relatives had accused the young man of failing to fulfill his obligations, including being introduced to his partner’s relatives, before the tragedy occurred.
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To ensure that the funeral took place, the young man says he had to buy clothes and shoes for his dead wife, while he also agreed to pay more than N240,000 for the bride price. As reported by Punch, He was also required to hold a symbolic wedding ceremony with his late partner. A brother to the widowed partner, Irmao do Jovem, explained their dilemma: “We tried to raise the money they demanded, but we could only put together about N54,000. So, we had to sign a pledge promising to pay the remaining amount on wedding day.” While the man’s family has conceded to the demands, they condemned the behaviour of the dead woman’s relatives. Online medium, myjoyonline, reports that this is a common practice among some ethnic groups in Mozambique, especially if a man decides to live with a woman without going through all the marriage formalities. The incident happened in Mozambique’s southern province of Inhambane.