Help!!! I want to get married but can’t cook!

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but what if you can’t cook? Back in the day, women were taught to believe that their place was in the kitchen and girls had to learn their way around pots and pans from a very young age, but those rules don’t apply

Waiting before marriage: Confessions of real women

Though we’re living in a time where pre-marital sex is widely accepted, there are still many men and women who choose to stay virgins until the wedding night. Some consider waiting one of the best decisions they’ve made, while others look back on the choice as a major source of regret.I was able to get

The gift of forgiveness in marriage

Marriage can bring such joy and excitement in a person’s life. It’s such a thrilling experience to be able to share your life with someone else. At some point, however, you will experience feelings of hurt, anger or disappointment in varying degrees about something your partner has done or said. Hopefully, these feelings are far

Best ways to spend your First Wedding Anniversary

Is your first wedding anniversary approaching, and you don’t know how to spend it? Wedding anniversaries are such a great opportunity to break the routine, and truly reignite the flames of your love! Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or not, you’ll love these romantic ways to spend your first wedding anniversary.   We know that

Practical and easy ways to catch a cheating wife

There are many things that can lead to a marriage dissolving, but by far the most common is cheating. Despite the fact that marriage is held in high in this part of the world, many people do not honor their vows. And it’s not just husbands, but also wives. Catching your wife cheating can be

The Invisible Victims: Men and abusive relationships

If we asked you to picture a domestic abuser, what do they look like? And, more importantly, what gender are they? Society still follows an outdated narrative of domestic abuse, based on pejorative terms like ‘wife beater’ and ‘battered wife’. There are two main things wrong with these phrases – they assume that all abuse

The issue of loneliness in Marriage

In Nigeria, marriage is very sacred. Elders in the family advise us, “Get married, and you will have a lifetime companion to share your joys, secrets, pains and woes,” But what if that very companion is a reason for our loneliness? What if your marriage leaves you with nobody to share your life? For many,

Setting Boundaries in Relationships, marriage

Look at this scenario critically. “Babarinde and Wuraola have been married for 5 years now. Babarinde is highly critical of whatever Wuraola does or says. In spite of the effort she put into her work, attitude, and behavior, he always criticized and nitpicked on her. The truth is that Wuraola let that happen to her.

My Boss is Hitting on me, What do i do?

Not again, i have had it up to my head, why cant a girl just be left alone. These constant sexual harassment is  getting out of hand. If its not touching inappropriately, its continuous request of hanging out and going for official functions together In these days with issues of unemployment, keeping a good job

Mistakes to avoid when marrying from another Tribe

Once upon a time in Nigeria, marrying from a different ethnic group was a big deal. If people didn’t insist on marrying from their own ethnic groups, their parents did. Nowadays, things have changed a whole lot. Sure, there are still families which frown at or even heatedly oppose inter-tribal marriage; marriage has enough challenges

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