Lady surprises her boyfriend with $3,146 in a bouquet 

People are getting more creative and and the ladies are taking bolder steps these days. From ladies proposing to the guys and now lavishing the guys with luxurious and expensive gifts including cash gifts For those of you looking for ideas on how to package those singlets and boxers you want to give to your

Hurry! Win a Free Weekend Couples Getaway

Is the weekend before Valentine days, How far have you gone with your valentine plans? When last did you take your partner for a getaway weekend? To relax, have fun and rekindle love and romance ? Even couples that have been married for over 20 years will recommend getaway from kids, home affairs and work

What Do When Your Man Doesn’t Believe in Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a great concept and an interesting idea to celebrate and express your love to someone you are interested in or someone you are living with. It is a day when couples exchange gifts, flowers and a lot of other things as a sign of love and appreciation. Not everyone celebrates this day

Are You Single? Then Do This On Valentine’s Day

I know it’s easy to get jealous and frustrated if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, since all the happy couples you know could be sharing cute photos and lovey-dovey status updates all day. Also, if you’re brave enough to go to a bar/restaurant/or movie, you will be surrounded by public displays of affection. I know it’s

Qualities That Make A Man Husband Material

If you’re currently single, there’s a chance you have a list of the important qualities you’re looking for in a man. Tall, dark, and handsome? Sure. But you know that in the grand scheme of things, a thrilling appearance is nowhere near the most important trait a man can have. If you’re ready to settle down and find true love,

Proposing On Valentine’s Day: Pros and Cons

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. Happy couples are celebrating all around you and you’re surrounded by displays of affection. Many couples get engaged on this special day, but is it unoriginal and overdone? Here, we discuss the pros and cons of getting engaged on Valentine’s Day: Pros  You’ll

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples

Valentine is just a few days away and couples are holding their breath. On this day, the uncontrollable blushing, the tears of joy, the overwhelming smile, the depth of gratitude and the gripping affection guarantees you a special place in the heart of the person you love. If you are searching for creative ways to

What Married People Don’t Miss About The Single Life

My single friends often complain about things like lonely Friday nights. My married friends (I have few married friends) often complain about how hard it is to be married. The grass is always greener on the other side they say. For those of you who are married, we thought we would remind you why you

Reigniting The Spark In Your Relationship

Have you come to a point in your relationship where you feel the spark is gone? Isn’t it so sad when you come to a point in your relationship that you feel that the flame and spark of love that used to be so strong and fiery has died down? As sad as this may seem, know it is

FAB Free Valentine Weekend Getaway for Couples

Hey Folks, Good news ! We have extended particpation from 13th to 20th February..2018. So, dont be left out, post your video . Its as simple as thats and stand a chance to win a Free weekend Getaaway in 2 extotic hotels/Resorts in Lagos. When last did you take your partner for a getaway weekend?

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