Happy Love Day: Show Love Today and Everyday

Showing Love today and everyday to everyone you come across is what makes a difference. Love is kind and selfless… Live a life filled with love…… Share with someone if you agree! . #Showlovetodayandeveryday Happy Valentine’s Day from FAB 00

Is Your Relationship not Going Nowhere?

Roadblocks in any relationship are normal. It helps both the parties understand their love for each other is stronger regardless of problems. But, sometimes, this may not be the case. Here are some ways to find out if your relationship is going nowhere. You no longer care Every successful relationship is built on unconditional love

What No One Tells You about Life After Marriage

Getting married is relatively easy when compared to working on it and making it work. You and the people around you spend a lot of time and effort planning the wedding that seldom do you get any advice or tips on what to expect in the days and years that follow the wedding. Even if

Lady surprises her boyfriend with $3,146 in a bouquet 

People are getting more creative and and the ladies are taking bolder steps these days. From ladies proposing to the guys and now lavishing the guys with luxurious and expensive gifts including cash gifts For those of you looking for ideas on how to package those singlets and boxers you want to give to your

Are You Single? Then Do This On Valentine’s Day

I know it’s easy to get jealous and frustrated if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, since all the happy couples you know could be sharing cute photos and lovey-dovey status updates all day. Also, if you’re brave enough to go to a bar/restaurant/or movie, you will be surrounded by public displays of affection. I know it’s

FAB Woman Crush: Love OAP, Oreka Godis

Oreka Godis, was born into a royal family in Kogi State, Nigeria. Her father served in the Nigerian military and her mum was a nurse in England and America. Due to her parents schedule, she lived in various parts of Nigeria and England. She studied Clinical Sciences in England but she is clearly and artistic

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples

Valentine is just a few days away and couples are holding their breath. On this day, the uncontrollable blushing, the tears of joy, the overwhelming smile, the depth of gratitude and the gripping affection guarantees you a special place in the heart of the person you love. If you are searching for creative ways to

How  To Propose To A Man (Be Sure He’ll Say Yes)

When it comes down to who should propose, men have always been attached with playing the role of being the one to kneel with a ring in front of his lady. But  it shouldn’t always be the man to propose, if you love him enough and you are ready to spend the rest of your

Just a moment is all it Takes by Chinyere Uwechi

“Will you marry me” Kunle asked on his knees. As she stood over him, a myriad of emotions coursed through her: anger, pain, sadness, joy and relief. She was torn because she could not decide on what answer to give him. The love she used to feel towards him, absent in this very moment. She


It is widely said that “Love is blind” and often times I wonder if this is really true, and if yes, to what extent is it true. What most people call love is just a feeling or emotion which clouds their reasoning or sense of judgement. Which is why you see a young lady being

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