Advice for marriage-minded singles

Whether you’re dating for the first time or experiencing re-entry, remember that no one is an expert – everyone struggles with matters of the heart. Most singles above thirty are always marriage minded for different reasons. They forget what they truly want because all that’s on their mind is to get married.   What’s more,

WCW: Presenter and Producer, Kemi Adetiba

Born in Lagos on January 8, 1980, Kemi Adetiba started her journey into the media as a young child where she headlined two national television commercials for the iconic detergent brand OMO, Towing the path of her father, Dele Adetiba, a veteran in the advertising and broadcast industries who played a pivotal role in the

Sex before Marriage by Priscilla Johnson

It was only a day to Ese’s eighteenth birthday, sparks of excitement filled her whole body, she was finally going to be an adult. ‘now I get to make decisions for myself, in a few hours I’ll be an adult’ she thought to herself sitting in the hostel room of a renowned university in the

Sex: How big a deal is it to Females By Akinsemoyin Balikis

Sex: How big a deal is it to Females?? By Akinsemoyin Balikis As a lady in the university, I know lots of girls with different perspectives on the issue of sex. To some set of girls; I like to call them the “Types A”. They see sex as a sacred thing, romantic by heart.They want

Your Fiance doesn’t care about the wedding? Here’s why!

There’s something that is spoken of far too often nowadays in the wedding bells department – “my fiance doesn’t care about the wedding planning”, “he won’t help at all with the wedding”, “it’s like he doesn’t care about our wedding day”, “he refuses to make an effort in what’s supposed to be OUR day.” No

A single’s Story: Blink by Maggie Smart

A story of abuse in a single relationship by Maggie Smart Love could be a terrible and frightening thing. It is a state of mind that could render one incapable of rational thoughts; it is a chain that could hold one captive. I met Ejiro at a club and it seemed like I stumbled into

Preparing to become a wife: Tips for single women

Are you engaged to be married soon? Do you have the desire to be someone’s wife? If your answer is affirmative, then you’re in the right place. Although there’s no hard and fast rule into how exactly to become a good wife, but there are basic things you should know. Some are; Develop an intimate

My mother is pressurizing me to get married! What do I do?

I have been through all sorts of pressure in my entire life, but nothing beats the “parental marriage pressure”. This pressure is getting too much for me, please! Most especially from my mother. Can a guy not have some peace?  Its supposed to be a relaxing weekend after a hectic work week! And all I

Simple and easy ways to enjoy being single

Being single is awesome. Whether you just got out of a relationship or have lived the single life for a prolonged period of time, being single has its advantages and disadvantages. But no matter what you’re feeling on your single status, one thing remains true: you are free. And if you are like most people,

Bridesman? When guys become your braidesmen

A bride and her male bridesmaids or bridesmen In contemporary western culture a bridesman is a close male relative and/or friend of the bride, one who walks down the aisle in the bridal ceremony in the traditional place of a bridesmaid. The term, however, has an ancient and obscure, possibly confabulated origin. Again, there are

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