Dealing with single motherhood

In fairness, the challenges of caring for kids alone are innumerable. But there are some hardships unique to the individual, and others that are hard time and time again from our single-mum friends. So this list is an overview of those common single mum struggles, along with some encouragements and suggestions to help you deal

Why I’m still single’ – Rita Dominic opens up 

 The pressure on men and especially women to marry when you get to a certain age can be unbearable. People should not be put under undue pressure when it comes to choosing your life partner. Sometimes marriage is not how fast you go into it but how well. Rita Dominic is a Nigerian actress. In

Mrs. Right! How to know if she is “the one”

You met someone who laughs at your jokes, has interests similar to yours and always has your back. But how do you know she’s the one to marry? Deciding to spend the rest of your life (theoretically) with another person is a major decision, and you want to do everything you can to avoid screwing

California woman jailed over fake Chinese marriage

A California woman was sentenced to six months in prison on Monday for running a fake marriage scam with her father to enable Chinese nationals to obtain immigration visas. Federal officials said Lynn Leung, 44, and her 67-year-old father, Jason Shiao, over nearly a decade organized more than 70 phony marriages for Chinese nationals who

Sad story! Female graduate died while hunting for job

A Nigerian graduate of Chemistry named Fatimah Funmike Oyawoye is dead – She died while still hunting to get a nice job for herself in Nigeria – Fatimah is the only female child of her family and she died with her marital status still single The dream of Fatimah Funmike Oyawoye when she was young

Celibate: We waited for 60 days to have sex – Tyrese Gibson

Celibate Dating means to go without sex, either willingly or not. Reasons include personal, religious, social, or bad luck.  American actor, Tyrese Gibson and his wife Samantha Lee have revealed that they were celibate before getting married The ‘Fast and Furious’ actor who had gone on a radio tour in NYC, to promote his movie ‘Fate

Simple things guys notice first in ladies

Ever wondered about the things guys notice first about ladies? Men are not so difficult to understand since they are actually straightforward so it can be easy to find out what things guys notice first by watching them carefully each time they meet a woman. Here are few interesting and even surprising things men notice

Card machine now used in weddings for couples gift

A Zimbabwe weddings resort to card machines for guests to swipe their gifts due to cash crunch. Due to a severe shortage of cash in Zimbabwe, wedding planners have taken to hiring card machines to allow guests to swipe their gifts. Banks have recently been forced to reduce individual daily withdrawal limits to just $30

Man arrested with drugs: Submits to desires of life

  The pleasures of life can vary from person to person however the desire for money is synonymous in most cases. The pressure mounted on young men and women these days can be overwhelming and totally unnecessary. From young ladies to get married and have kids to young men to be successful, have a house,

When a Bride or groom fails to show up on wedding day

You may have heard stories of that bride who didn’t show up on her wedding day. It happens and i have personally witnessed one some years ago. After all her emotional and financial investments; after all the countless conversations with family members, bridesmaids and wedding planners; after several months of planning, preparing and positioning herself

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