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16-year-old offered scholarship to any college in the US

A scholarship is an award of financial aid  for a student to further his or her education. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. Scholarship money is not required to be repaid. Scholarships are good but they are not easy to get, the student has to be outstanding in most cases. Here is an interesting story of a 16-year-old Nigerian girl who was offered a scholarship to any college of her choosing in the USA. 16-year-old Deborah Ekwale, was recently offered a scholarship which will see her through any college she decides to go to, for advanced studies. Deborah whose dream is to go to the Bryn Mawr College (an all girls school) to study women's rights combined with public health, was honoured by the National Association of Coloured People (NACP) in Chester, Pennsylvania, after graduating with honours from the Chester High School. girl o After relocating to the US from Nigeria where she was already a student, Deborah also started pursuing a few credits at the Delaware County Community College. Deborah will finish from the Chester High school at the age of Deborah who was attending a private school in Lagos prior to her relocation, said: “My motivation is to see women build empires, that means everything to me.” She moved with her mother who married a longtime friend, got a green card and settled into her new life. She said: “Moving around was too much and I was already in 11th grade, schools in Nigeria are very expensive.” Deborah's mother, a stylist, and her father who owns a small business, had worked very hard to raise her and her five siblings (three also live abroad), spending up to N2 Million Naira every year, just to pay her school fees at her Lagos school. She is now the vice president of the student government, and also hosts cultural days at the Chester High School, where she showcases Nigerian foods and clothing. She said: “It’s kept me ahead, students were curious about other countries,” she said. “Most of them were willing to try my mother’s food — I had the best food around.” gil 6 “When I got here people had stereotypes about Africa, they thought we all lived in jungles, I just try to keep people informed, to make sure there’s not an ignorance of other cultures.” Deborah is the vice president of the student government of Chester High School Deborah has been concerned about women's rights even while she was in Lagos, as she would donate her schoolbooks and even host soup kitchens where she served displaced people during Christmas and Easter breaks. She said: “Women’s rights are my number one issue, especially through my mom. Nigeria is made of different tribes with different cultural norm. Women can’t hold property, they stay at home as a housewife. Women aren’t given access to educational opportunities.” On her reactions after hearing about the Chibok girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram, Deborah said: “We all got so scared when the Chibok girls were kidnapped. We thought, ‘What if it happens to us?" Deborah now wants to draw everyone's attention to the plight of the Nigerian woman. She said: “I want to be a role model for fellow students here, and I think other students are picking up on that. (In Nigeria) everybody at school knows how much our parents suffer to give us an education, I want to give back to my mom to see the fruit of her labor.”

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 Nigerian Youths are the country’s secret weapon” – CNN’s Richard Quest

Popular CNN presenter, Richard Quest of Quest Means Business has been in Lagos, Nigeria on a media tour for the past few days. In some tweets shared via his page, he described Nigerian Youths in glowing terms and how people are succeeding despite the government's shortcomings. According to him;
"There's no shortage of entrepreneurs in Nigeria. No shortage of drive or ambition. People are succeeding inspite of the government not because of it. The youth of Nigeria are the country's secret weapon. I've been impressed with the young people I've met here. Nigeria will have the largest, most intelligent work force in the world, but needs to get its act together."


When your daughter starts her period

Girls are beginning puberty earlier than a generation ago, so talking to your daughter about her first period sooner rather than later can help her develop strong body confidence as she enters this time of change. Before raising the subject of menstruation, it’s a good idea for you to be clear on the basics. For most girls, the signs of their first period appear between the ages of eight and 14. The average length of menstruation is five days but this can vary widely. A typical monthly cycle is 28 days but it can last anywhere between 22 and 40 days; however, the first few years of menstruation usually don’t follow a regular pattern. Every girl is different and it’s normal if your daughter doesn’t fall exactly into these timelines. What’s important to understand is that this will all be new for her, and this ‘coming of age’ can have an impact on her self-esteem and body confidence, especially if she feels alone or unaware. By being informed yourself, you’ll have a better chance of helping her navigate these changes and be comfortable in her changing body. TNNN Your daughter’s first period may happen when she starts to develop breasts, grow pubic or underarm hair or experience white or yellowish vaginal discharge. You may also notice changes in her behavior, such as increased moodiness or argumentativeness. These changes are often the result of her body producing reproductive hormones, preparing her body for the possibility of pregnancy. Talk with your daughter about these signs before she starts her period. Some girls aren’t aware of the pre-cursors to menstruation, and it can be disconcerting if she doesn’t know what to expect. By discussing these first period symptoms, she can be prepared for what’s to come, which can help her feel more in control. For some parents, raising the issue is the hardest part, but starting the conversation early can help your daughter manage these changes with minimal impact to her self-esteem. Your first instinct may be to sit your daughter down for a serious discussion about getting her first period. However, it  easier for your girl to digest the information – if you weave the topic into day-to-day conversations. It’s always wise for parents to prepare their girls for puberty by having many conversations about it before menstruation occurs, so they are emotionally prepared as well as practically prepared 171572917 There is no right way to launch the discussion, but one good place to start is by asking your daughter if she knows what ‘a period’ is. If she already knows, you might try asking whether she knows any girls who have had their first period. Enquire about what she has heard in school or through her friends. Explore what she knows about potential first period symptoms. Mothers could also share their own experience of starting menstruation. Ensuring your daughter has a good grasp of the physical and emotional changes that happen during puberty, and how they are connected, can help her develop a healthy relationship with her body. Being educated allows her to be more prepared for what lies ahead. Helping girls understand that sometimes how they feel is related to the changes in their bodies prepares them to understand their reproductive health throughout the lifespan. It can also help them be kinder toward themselves at certain times during the month. This is planting the seeds for self-care. 1 (20) For example, if she’s been feeling particularly emotional for a few days, or encountering a bad break-out of spots, help her understand that this is probably connected to her hormones and isn’t something she should judge herself for. Instead, over time, she can learn to anticipate mood swings or skin changes and come up with ways to manage them. For girls who have had their first period, mothers and daughters should track the menstrual cycle, since it can be sporadic at first. Tracking the days in the cycle also helps girls with body awareness – being connected with their physical and emotional experiences and understanding patterns. Tracking helps predict days when girls may be more sensitive, or chatty, lethargic, or crave comfort food. By monitoring, listening to and understanding her body, your daughter is likely to find it easier to manage her monthly cycle and feel confident in her maturing body.  


 Nigerian teen accepted to 8 Ivy League schools!

The son of Nigerian immigrants, Jude Okonkwo was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools, joining a growing club of Nigerian teens who have achieved the distinction....Ifeoma White-Thorpe (class of 2017) Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna(class of 2016) Obinna Igbokwe, Harold Eke (class of 2015) The 17-year-old Chaminade High School will have his pick of the elite schools — Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University — and must decide where to enroll by May, 1, 2017.
"I’m so grateful that, after all of the work I’ve put in, I’m able to reap the benefits as well — and that all those who have helped and watched me see that hard work has truly paid off," said Okonkwo, who hopes to set a good example for his four younger siblings. Okonkwo, the son of physicians, aspires to be a neurosurgeon and looked for schools with strong science and medical programs, including those with a combined bachelor’s degree and medical school acceptance. His unweight grade-point average is 98.9.
He also was accepted to Howard University in Washington, D.C.; Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore; Northeast Ohio Medical University’s baccalaureate-medical degree program; Stony Brook University; University of Missouri; Washington University in St. Louis and Wayne State University in Detroit.
He is leaning toward Harvard but received a full scholarship to Wayne State and generous financial aid packages from the other schools, he said, which will factor into his decision.
“It was more of an ‘Oh, shucks’ moment than a boastful moment when he got accepted. He’s a very unassuming person — you almost had to pry the fact that he got into all eight Ivies out of him," said Daniel Petruccio, assistance principal of guidance. Petruccio said this is the first time a Chaminade student has swept the Ivy acceptances since he started working at the school in 1999.
Okonkwo’s parents, Ndubueze and Chinwe, emigrated from Nigeria in the 1990s and settled in New Orleans. They lived in a two-story home in Harvey, in Jefferson Parish, on the west bank of the Mississippi River. In 2005, when Jude Okonkwo was 7, Hurricane Katrina forced them to evacuate.
Okonkwo began second grade on Long Island and remembers the experience well, he said, detailing it in one of two essays he wrote as part of his college applications. The 6-foot-2-inch teenager runs track and is president of the Glee Club, a member of the school’s global chamber ensemble, editor-in-chief of the literary magazine and news editor of the school newspaper. He also has a self-published book of poetry.
"A lot of times, people forget that medicine and healing is a process and it’s about the human experience,” he said. “That’s why I like literature, and I think that’s some of the insight I would bring to medicine.”
Outside of school, Okonkwo plays the piano and clarinet and has been a member of the children’s choir at St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church in Dix Hills for a decade. From time to time, he is pulled into a pickup game of basketball. For the last two summers, Okonkwo worked as a lifeguard at the Town of Huntington pool. His interactions with people in his community, along with his love of humanities, confirmed his desire to pursue health care, he said.
“Jude is a model Chaminade man — a man who does the right thing at the right time because it’s the right thing to do, regardless of who is watching,” Brother Thomas Cleary, Chaminade’s president, said in a statement.
“We cannot wait to see the incredible things Jude will continue to do with his life,”

Jude Okonkwo’s college acceptances

Ivy League schools

Brown University Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth College Harvard University Princeton University University of Pennsylvania Yale University

Other acceptances

Howard University Johns Hopkins University Northeast Ohio Medical University’s baccalaureate-medical degree program Stony Brook University University of Missouri Washington University Wayne State University
Congratulations to him and his proud parents!
Source: Long Island News, Newsday

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Nigerian girl gets admitted into 14 of the best universities in the world 

Olawunmi Akinlemibola, an 18-year-old Nigerian girl got accepted into most ivy league schools - Some of the offers come with scholarships that will cover the entire cost of her 4-year education - The smart Nigerian girl is stuck with deciding which of the schools she would attend - Just like Akinlemibola, a 17-year-old Nigerian-born Ifeoma White-Thorpe also got admitted into 8 top ivy league schools An 18-year-old Nigerian girl has left the world in complete astonishment after getting admitted into fourteen of the top universities in the world. Of these schools, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Duke were listed. girl 24 Olawunmi Akinlemibola, the 18-year-old Nigerian girl who got admitted into 14 ivy league schools. Akinlemibola became a sought-after student as a result of her 4.15 grade-point and the 53 college credits she had taken through the Prince George’s county school system’s dual enrollment program with local colleges. It was gathered that the bright Nigerian girl is not only a geek; she is well-rounded as she was at some point the captain of the school’s soccer team. Of the 300 students at the Lanham Maryland high school, Akinlemibola stood out in the group. girl 14 Wunmi is one of the top students I’ve ever had the privilege of working with,” Kline said. “And I say ‘privilege’ because she’s someone who has taken classes far beyond the ones I’ve taken — even in my master’s programs!” Akinlemibola with Stacy Kline, her counselor. Akinlemibola got admitted into the following universities: 1. Harvard University 2. Brown University 3. Emory University 4. Swarthmore University 5. Grinnell College 6. University of Chicago 7. Amherst College 8. University of Maryland, College park 9. University of Maryland, Baltimore County 10. Princeton University 11. Cornell University 12. Stanford University 13. Duke University 14.University of Pennsylvania Akinlemibola who had always been a voracious reader attributed her success to her curiosity and the climate at Duval. She offers study tips and strategies for tackling the classes that may be difficult with her mates. The remarkably bright girl had a grade point of 4.15. The Nigerian girl said her mother is her source of inspiration and encouragement. girl 142 The brainiac’s mother and her two sisters live in Nigeria so she communicates more with them on the phone. The bright student who lives with her father in Prince George’s county revealed that her mother did not go to college and that her father works as a security officer. She and her two little sisters however enjoy learning. Akinlemibola was the captain of the soccer team at some point. Her mother is most likely to join them soon according to her. The older lady had promised that her two sisters will outshine her as soon as they get to the high school age. Akinlemibola accepted that they are smarter than her. Although the intelligent girl is saddled with the responsibility of making a life changing decision with the schools lined up for her to choose, she is currently bothered about what to wear to prom.


Teenage mum celebrates as she graduates high school

There is no doubt that adolescent or teenage pregnancy is dangerous and risk for the mother and child.

According to WHO, Many adolescent girls between 15 and 19 get pregnant. About 16 million women 15–19 years old give birth each year, about 11% of all births worldwide. Ninety-five per cent of these births occur in low- and middle-income countries. The average adolescent birth rate in middleincome countries is more than twice as high as that in high-income countries, with the rate in low-income countries being five times as high. The proportion of births that take place during adolescence is about 2% in China, 18% in Latin America and the Caribbean and more than 50% in sub-Saharan Africa. Half of all adolescent births occur in just seven countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria and the United States.

Pregnancy among very young adolescents is a significant problem

In low- and middle-income countries, almost 10% of girls become mothers by age 16 years, with the highest rates in sub-Saharan Africa and south-central and south-eastern Asia. The proportion of women who become pregnant before age 15 years varies enormously even within regions – in sub-Saharan Africa, for example, the rate in Rwanda is 0.3% versus 12.2% in Mozambique.

Everyone should embrace if it happens like  this teenager  who had her daughter at 13, celebrates herself for graduating high school a year early

A teenager who had a baby girl while she was 13-year-old, took to social media to celebrate her self for striving hard to still graduate from high school. @QueenLanii shared the photos and captioned them:
 "16 with a 3 year old daughter. Graduating high school a year early. anything is possible."
Another photo below...


Quadruplets brothers accepted at Ivy League universities

Quadruplet brothers have all gained acceptance into Ivy League universities in the US

A set of quadruplet brothers in Ohio, US have made a remarkable achievement. They have all gained acceptance into Ivy League universities, including Yale and Harvard. The quadruplet brothers—Nick, Nigel, Zachary, and Aaron Wade (left to right). Recently, four brothers identified as Nick, Nigel, Zachary and Aaron Wade, received notifications from some of top universities in the US informing them of their eligibility to study in their institutions if they so desire. They studied at Lakota East High School, where their principal, Suzanna Davis, praised their academic focus and well-rounded abilities. QUAD The brothers have been praised for their academic focus QUAD 2 The brothers haven't decided which universities to choose, although Aaron says he prefers Stanford University, while his three brothers are more inclined towards Yale. Sponsorships will also help them make their choices. Speaking about their achievement, the brothers thanked their parents as well as their high school for their support, noting that it wasn't easy. Nick said: "It's really something we couldn't have done on our own without all the support we have had through our lives. It has been awesome. There parents must be so proud. Congratulations to them!


18-year-old girl to sell her virginity to pay for education

An 18-year-old woman has put her virginity for sale to buy a house for her parents and pay for her education - She advertised her first sex experience on an online escort agency and a businessman has offered N679,260,000 - Despite her parents' fury and promises to disown her the bikini model plans to finish the deal The young lady announced in March that she intend to sell her virginity to the highest bidder N767,067,976 (£2 million) from a wealthy businessman, has finally sold it Aleexandra Kefren, an 18-year-old woman is planning to sell probably the most precious a woman has - her virginity. TEEN 1 Aleexandra Khefren, 18, from Bucharest, Romania The young woman is chasing noble goals -- she wants to save her parents from leading a life of homeless people and to fund a place in the university of Oxford. The duo who will be evicted form their home in Bucharest, Romania capital, in February next year if nothing is done. She raises money to buy a house Despite her family's disapproval and father's threat to disown her, Ms Khefren stands her ground and says she is not going to loose an opportunity. Cinderella Escorts, a Germany-based website, gave some details of the deal between the model and the wealthy businessman, who offered £1.7m (about N N679,260,000) for sex: TEEN 2 Aleexandra with her dad and mom "The date takes place in Germany. The buyer can choose a hotel here, where Aleexandra will visit him for a night." TEEN 3 However, the girl is not pursuing only for money, she wants her first time being romantic with dinner and flowers before going to bed. She has already had an offer from a rich businessman of £1.7million She said: "We have many offers up to €2million. We search even bigger offers and we will choose a gentleman. We will not go to choose somebody just for the money. We will go to a hotel in Germany, have dinner and then it will happen. I am very curious about how sex is. I have not experimented. Her real name is Oana Raducu I don't know what is it. I will not become a whore. I am intelligent. In February I will have sex. This is an opportunity and I take it." Is this a new survival tactics of the new generation X? What do you think of this,  do share your thoughts in the comment box  

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16-year-old girl accused of killing her newborn baby 

Being a mother as a teenager and having a newborn baby can be overwehlming at this young age. In a case where there is no family support for the young teenager from pregnancy period till the arrival of the newborn is even worse.

Parents and family members need to support any young teenage that find themselves in this position no matter how painful or hurt they may be.

A Nebraska 16-year-old, Antonia Lopez, who admitted to throwing her newborn out a second-floor window right after the baby was born last year, has been sentenced to probation.
The teen who was supposed to be tried as an adult for killing her child and faced up to 20 years in jail, received clemency from the judge after her lawyer, claimed that the teen mum threw the newborn baby away because she thought the child was stillborn. Apart from the probation, she would be sent to a group home for causing the baby's death. The Omaha World-Herald reports that, Juvenile Court Judge, Christopher Kelly after accessing her mental state, told the girl Friday, March 24th that she must undergo therapy, delete her Facebook account and perform only 50 hours of community service. The girl had pleaded guilty. Police say Lopez, gave birth Sept. 30 at her mother's apartment in Omaha, Nebraska, tossed the child out the window, then told her mom. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine also said that what the girl did wasn't planned, that "it was more of a panicked reaction." An autopsy determined the baby was in her seventh month of development.


78 graduates gets first class in the University of Port Harcourt

78 graduates of the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State, have recorded a great milestone as they will be conferred with First Class degrees at this year’s convocation of the institution.
Speaking at a media parley ahead of the convocation scheduled for Saturday next week, Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Ndowa Lale, made the revelation.
He said it's the first time the university will produce first class graduates in these numbers and that the overall best graduating student of the university, Mr Uzoma Chinomso of the Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology, in the Faculty of Science, had a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.82, adding that he would plant the Convocation Tree at the University Park.
According to him, a total of 5,473 would graduate from various programmes of the university, adding that he will continue to drive the vision of a university where research results should solve practical problems and create wealth.
However,  Professor Lale also promised to have dinner with all the first class graduates and graduates with distinction from the College of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.