Smiling Masks By Irene Fidler

I learned to hate quick. Faster than the other children in school. Faster than any child should. Because when you start to see how easy these other children have it in life with their smiling faces of contentment and the parents (the reasons behind those smiles) showering them with love and affection, and you compare

Trust: The pillar of the Family By Alamin Tukur

TRUST: THE PILLAR OF THE FAMILY. Primary schools social studies textbooks might disagree with me on what/who the pillar of the family is? Written in bold text on their pages is that, the father is the pillar of the family without him the family can’t stand. But as we grow we realize that those duties

The Richer wife By Adedeji Rianat

He sat away from her,at the far end of the living room,he had chosen that chair,not because it was their favourite chair of making out but because it was the chair that was far away from where she sat. He did not want to look into her eyes, no, he could not afford to look

The mind and the thinker By Chisom Onyekwelu

“Stella!! Stella!!!” Mrs. Johnson called her from downstairs “I’m coming Ma” Stella replied “I would be going out soon. Make sure Grace finishes her food takes her drugs this morning and afternoon, you hear?” She looked at Stella and Stella nodded. I’m not sure Grace has enough strength to wash up in this afternoon, so

Divorce 2.0 By Mary Fadare

Marian paced up and down for the umpteenth time. She sighed as she took her seat in front of the huge wedding photograph in which she was smiling broadly with her childhood lover. Her memory went back to how blissful it was when it all started at Command Secondary school. He was then the Head

Hurry and submit your articles and stories today

Hey, have you submitted your short story or article? what are you waiting for, Today is the last day of submission, you can still submit before 11:59pm this evening. So dont be left out share with your love ones and friends and participate in the competition This is to mark the first-year anniversary of Family

An unequivocal letter to my Father By Joseph O. Boyle

Dear Father, It’s been four years since I heard or saw you. Guess what? I’m now grown up, well, at least a bit. And I took heed to all your advice, I never clicked with the cliques, The only pressure I ever experienced was from a math test, My peers couldn’t protest. Dad, I’ve been

Love; The only way to Freedom By Chinyere Uwechi

Staring at her reflection in the mirror, Shreya felt the world closing in on her. She was already on the brink of tears for the second time that morning and for the life of her did not know how she came into such a situation. Her husband of 10 years lay on their bed with

The revelance of marriage in our modern society Ayodeji Awosanya

Truth is and it has been officially for several decades now that marriage is a gift of God in creation and a means of His grace as well as a holy mystery in which man and woman become one flesh.It is given that they may have children and be blessed in caring for them and


The story I never told anyone

When I turned three, my parents got divorced. My parents had a huge argument one day although so much had happened before that day, that was the day my mother packed her clothes and left the house when she suspected our dad would be out, she came back for us. You see, when you are

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