Yellow Sunflower By Ajani Oyindamola

Papa jam packed us into his bettle car, mama sat in front with my junior brother has he sat chewing mama’s nipples, i and Adana and chukuemeka my junior brother hugged tightly to the belt of the rusty crippled car. I sat in my favourite ball gown with silver lining which fell on my toes,


The relevance of Marriage in our modern society by Tawakalitu Onabule

Marriage,they say is the legally or formally,socially or ritually recognised union between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them.The act of marriage usually creates normative or legal obligations between the individuals involved and any offspring they may produce or adopt.Marriage is more than a physical Union,it is also an emotional and spiritual union.   Why marry? Marriage

“Hatred a Day, Keeps Mother Away.” by Anesi Igebu

Late that night, I found myself amidst five other children. We had all being caught one way or the other. We were three girls and two boys, all tied up. Later on, a woman who looked like she was in her late forties came in. I admired her outfit so much, even though that was

Only love can heal the wound of love By Bilkis Umar

Mustapha and I have been in a relationship for 4 years. He was the love of my life and he mean the world to me. He loved me but unfortunately I loved him more. In the third year of our relationship, we started having problems and I’ll always run to my bestfriend (Mubarak) for advice.

The awakening By Oluwadunni ogunsanya

“One apple a day, keeps one away from the doctor” these were my daughter’s first words to me as I picked her up from the school yard, my Amy was that five year old refreshing mix of bubbles, colour, joy, laughter, sweetness, wits and strong will, she was every mothers’ dream girl, of course I

My mirror conversation by Ellen-Janet Adelakin

Stared blankly into my eyes trying to understand the fact that whatever decisions I made would have a lasting effect. When going into a new relationship just before I headed out, I begin to examine my values, morals and principles. What do I believe in? What should believe in? What is most important to me?

The Relevance of Marriage in Our Society by Chukwuemeka Azubuike

Marriage as an institution is the coming together two consenting adults to build a home, raise a family and contribute to the procreation, development, contribution and most importantly add value to the society. The marriage institution of course, in Africa, involves the coming together of two families (extended) to support the couples to build a

I love sex too by Sandra T. Adeyeye

“You are not listening to me Kunle” Martha was trying to retain her calm but he kept mumbling words that made him look like the victim, ”I am a woman that loves to have great sex,” she vented finally and time stopped. She had been so loud and did not even know neither did she

The Greatest Punishment To A Child Is Broken Home by Habib Zakawanu

Ozozahuwa the smart young mesmerizing teenager of 14yrs. With her beautiful and alluring faces you can tell she was given birth to by one of the most beautiful couple. She was nicknamed in the community as “Ozozahuwa” which means the Most Beautiful. As young as she is,she is always free with everyone in the community.In

Love is the stronghold of a successful relationship By Nnenna Amagwula

Sola and I have been in a relationship for the past seven years. I had just celebrated my 26th birthday and it was really the best I can remember. The surprises and birthday gifts from the love of my life were just more than I could imagine. I couldn’t help but look back at all

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