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Celebrating Successful Career Man: Mr. Tolu Ojo

Mr Tolu Ojo is the Founder/CEO of TAMY Consulting (TCN). He is an experienced business manager with over 25 years of working experience in Telecoms, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals and Consulting.

In Nigeria, he has worked as MD of Telec Nigeria ( a Telecoms wholesale & Retail Services);  Chief Operations Officer (COO)  of Airtel Nigeria, Director in Etisalat Nigeria and a Programme Manager for MTN Nigeria.


In the UK, he worked as a Senior Consultant for Ernst & Young and a Regional Business Manager for Pfizer UK. He has a BSC from University of Ibadan in Agricultural Sciences and an MBA from Henley Business School UK. He is also a Fellow of the UK Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

Has played sports at a very high level, playing hockey for Nigeria but now plays only Golf.

He is happily married with two lovely kids.

Do read below the short exclusive interview with Mr. Tolu Ojo

 What are you passionate about that keeps you going no matter what? 

I am Passionate about success and excellence. I identify the picture of success which I want to achieve and I benchmark my achievements against that. I will always continue striving until I attain what I have seen.

 How have you been able to successfully balance your career and family life?

I have done the most important thing, which is to determine my priorities in life. This has enabled me to channel my efforts effectively.  There are many other aspects of life that also has to be put in consideration e.g. social engagements, sporting activities and spiritual activities.  I have come to realise that there is some work that can wait till the next day and also that there are some deadlines that can be negotiated. I am also not quick to accept responsibilities; I make sure that I assess the implications on every aspect of my life before I do so.

What was the greatest challenge you may have gone through in your career, business if any?

In career and business, there are so many great challenges that it is difficult to mention the greatest ones but there are few that fall into that category. In career, there are times that the Employer expects one to achieve a goal that you both know that it is not achievable, probably due to lack of business potential or adequate resources. In times like this, you make sure that you state your thoughts and promise to do your best. At this stage, there are only two options, work hard and trust God for the outcome. In business, it is the demand from some Vendors for backhanders.

 What are your secrets for your youthful looks?

I am not aware that I have youthful looks because I see some people of my age that look even younger than I do. Although I have also noticed some that look older than I do. With looks, three things contribute, the genes, the diet, the exercise and the sleep. I have no control on the first one but make an effort on the last three.

What are the top 3 advice that you want to pass to every youth, man for a successful career and business life?

Plan, work hard and pray

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